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Valiant Emblem

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by jireh the provider, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. jireh the provider

    jireh the provider Video Game Designer

    Author Note: If you think I never wrote dark themes in my fanfics, you may wanna think twice. This is a fanfic of mine 2 years ago. But really re polished, updated, and reinvented since my first one is too short, quite disorganized and severely underdeveloped. I hope you appreciate this story. Read and review

    Summary: An angst/tragedy fic of recognizing one's ignorance of one achievements. Follow motto as one Butterfree changed the way he fears bug type pokemon. At the cost of his own friends.

    Chapter 1: Strawberry Butterfree

    Have you ever disliked bug types?

    For once, I was afraid of getting close to one. Or run away at the first sight. I had that ever since I was a kid. The name is Motto, thirty two years old, masculine gender, status: single, Scholarship: Master’s Degree.

    I'm a biology geek and my friends are just like your ordinary rural friends. Let’s just say that I live in a poor country. I had a lot of my younger days escaping my poverty through my studies and dedication. Twelve to sixteen years later, I became influential to my family. Too bad I can't use my geeky side when I'm outside of the university. My region, Hati, is a nature loving country. There aren't a lot of modern cities that are closely related to Goldenrod of Johto. Sure they're nature loving to but Kanto kind of ruins the natural forestry and tourism. It’s just … my place is somewhat undergoing and economical repair after last year’s flood disaster and political burglary of Hati’s natural property.

    Hati, is a natural government respected by other countries by being the most conservative in pokemon and natural biodiversity. Like Hoenn, the laws are strict when the topic is all about the pokemon and their environment. Sometimes, if you are migrating, you had to undergo through foreign registration, even if it means migrating for the sake of education. They always have a port ready for people who rather live the big dreams of whatever they want. I see a lot of kids that are trainer inspired. But me…

    I'm a freelance photography writer.

    My main job was a photojournalist. I recently returned to Hati from the big city of Unova as a 'pokemon environmentalist' and a 'photojournalist' to have a break with my family. That is reason number two. There’s no need for me to write about my family.

    Ever since that experience …

    Why did I return here you ask? What I came here for is that 'Johto biologists' held a certain festival for only thirty six contestants region wide. This unique festival travels worldwide today, but it all began when the Silph Company president built a special festival for those who cannot travel to Hoenn’s or Sinnoh’s Contests, or Unova’s Musicals and Pokestar studios. I decided to check this place out because I received this invitation.

    On the registration, all of us wanted to join in this festival. I'm a naturalist like person. The kind who is okay walking on the muddy roads of the countryside. This was my life before; eating wild berries with pokemon when I’m too famished to even buy a human meal.

    One of my old pals thought that it would be a new pokemon discovery. Quite surprising eh…

    My best friend, he thought that this year, it would be new bugs. Just my luck, arachnophobia is what I learned from Unova University. "Hey Motto, is that…?" one of my pals saw a shadow of sorts struggling in the forest nearby the road we were crossing.

    "Pal. What does it look like? I can't see well without my glasses. Tell me!" Biology geek again kicking me.


    "Great! I forgot to buy a new one from that store!" Sigh this is a problem.

    "But you said that it is broken Motto! You even apologized to the store owner herself!" My other pals, to what I could see in a blur, would be a lavender-like thing. It was kind of straight looking too with somewhat curvy look at the back. I couldn't outline it enough that all I could see would be my two pals carrying towards me. I hope that whatever pokemon it was would be okay.

    "WE got it! We got it! This thing seems to be bleeding a bit but not serious." My second pal said.

    "Does it have any pokerus?" I asked

    "Poke-what? Simple English please!" Ughh. I hate my pals for not pursuing such a knowledgeable opportunity.

    "Is that creature sick? Is it affected with a virus?" I asked again.

    "I think. We have to bring this fella to a hospital." My best friend acting like a dramatized person? Oh I’m not falling twice to that old bag of his.

    “Why?!” I demand to others whenever I’m not wearing glasses.

    “I’m afraid … it must be struck by something that knocked this pokemon our cold. We found this pokemon stuck and pierced by a small pointed wood from a fallen tree branch.” Just great, I got slapped to the face again. It’s okay since I get used to this if my pals are truthful. Not being truthful acting.

    'Oh just great! Either a wild chansey, or audino would help us now. Unless we are near the river, alomomola works too.' I thought as to what pokemon it could be. ‘If it’s a venonat then arceus please don’t. Moths, and worms would be the last thing I’d rather not see.’

    "Are there any pokemon clinics near our location?" knowing that I said clinic instead of center, is that they are not that informative with the latest technology. Hati is a country that barely changes, very respectable ever since the human population began to rise excessively elsewhere. Maybe genocide of the poor people who are lazy; NOT the poor who are determined to become someone worthy and escape poverty like myself. That helps too though I could get killed if that were to happen.

    "Fine," I said sternly, “Just place it on top of my head if it is a flying type and lightweight.”

    “But … but … uhhh.” Are my pals just idling there? Geesh!

    “Just do it!”

    Oh my gosh! My hair feels like being dumped by something juicy or squishy. “Eeeeeewwwwww! This is gross! If only I could move it out of my head.”

    "Sorry that this creature is quite blood stained and squishy but we've got to-" I hated my friends too at times. They gave me some miserable pranks before.

    "If I can interrupt your emergency, how 'bout you come with us?" A man of somewhere in the forty's was talking to us. "You, the cameraman, use this shades. Don't look up on your head. Or we will lose a pokemon's life. We have no F.A.K. (first aid kit)" A pokemon on top of my head. Well that was adorable. If it is just NOT gooey!

    "Sigh…Sure." From facing forward, I can feel the older man wearing me his shades that are black. Nice for now. But during the journey, it is creeping toward my face. Freaky, but I'd said, 'note my phobia'. Oh Jirachi please this better not be a bug.

    After a long walk to the main road, we entered their house and picked ourselves a break. The old forty's guy picked up the pokemon hanging in my head. I was glad it was out of my head. When I scratched it, I hooked something like a string. I just dumped it in the floor. Just too gross! Sleeping for a bit will relieve my head.

    Hearing the chime hanging on the nearby door some minutes later was the man who led me to this very place. A hospital tent of sort that hikers and travelers use out of civilization; not that I mind about it though. He removed my glasses and gave me a clearer one.

    "My apologies for disturbing your time. But we're thankful for your help." Now that I can see him properly, he must be a sort of modest rich guy doing whatever he can living a simple life. Unlike many fancy pants way back in Unova.

    "No problem. Just doin' what I think was right. The name's Motto Lokomo anyway." I said.

    "Wait a minute. You are our thirtysixth competitor!" Me? A competitor?

    "What! Hold your tongue Sir? What do you mean I’m a competitor? I never registered to this!" This is absolutely a random day for me.

    "Welcome Mr. Motto! We've been waiting for you to join this biodiversity contest! Oh where are my manners, I'm Professor Zark Landmore; producer and manager of the contest." We enjoyed our hand shaking for a while. Wow. I never expected this kind of course to meet. He turned around to an open window tent and spoke to me as to how I became a contestant. It seems the moment I took that letter, my profile was automatically registered.

    Unlike pokemon trainers, you don’t need any pokedex if you can’t afford it. But Pokedexes are optional if you want to have a full study of the species you’re studying.

    "Professor Zark? What's this contest all about?" I asked him with mild sugar cane.

    "This show would be to show the natural behavior of bug type pokemon." Oh no! "And this pink bug you rescued, Is a kinder version of Agehunt (A-ge-hun-te). You are an environmentalist right?" And with that, I fainted like a pokemon beaten up in battle. Eyes are twirled dizzy in fear and shock. Bugs EVERYWHERE!

    "Freeee…" Oh god. What? I woke at a presence of a butterfree; lying on my forehead as I tried to regain my composure. I’m glad that humans are not bug food. Beedrills says otherwise.

    "Free?" It flaps away from my head when the old guy stood up. Something tells me that its playing like a little kid above me

    "Oh dear. You have arachnophobia." Professor Zark said to me in a grimly voice.

    "Oh my Gosh. A butterfree. A shiny one too. Like Grovyle's loved one. Why me little butterfly? I’m no Grovyle quality for you. I’m not pro beastiality" I am so grimed today. I swear I’ll give them a smack if I have the chance.

    "Freeee…" I just dodged it. No way I’m letting it lay on top of my head twice.

    "It seems to trust you; you know what? This should be your contest pokemon." he gave an advertisement paper of his contest.

    "Contest pokemon? I don’t get the point of it." I sighed.

    "WE are planning to make professional pokemon trainers from around the world appreciate bug type pokemon. Specifically, barely used bug types." Geesh, he’s like a breeder, a fan and a trainer rolled into one. Not that its bad. It’s not my cup of Moomilk.

    "For pokemon battles?" Oh no way I’m ever fighting. I never EVER have a pokemon battle.

    "Yes. Encountering a shiny one is amazing. You could win our special prize."

    "What price?" I wasn't reading the ad he gave me.

    "Check it again."

    I looked once again at the ad. 'Want to test your skills as a bug type user? Come join the Valiant Contest! For a limited time only! You could win 50000 Pokedollars. Show to the world the potential of under-appreciated bug type pokemon!' "Why not just apply an ordinary battle instead?"

    "I won't answer that. It’s merely about business." thanks prof. "I'll test your knowledge though. How many fully-evolved bug type pokemon are recently discovered?" Quite easy.

    "Thirty six Adult aged pokemon."

    "Correct." Alright. "Second, who are Johto's most popular bug duo used by expert pokemon trainers?"

    "Heracross and Scizor." Too easy. I dropped my guard this time and it landed on top if my head again. “I give up. This bug just turned me to a nest.”

    "Correct again." Yeah. It's obvious that their secondary types aid them than giving them trouble. "Final Question. What's the species name of the sun pokemon?"

    "Volcarona. The moth like being." really? I just felt butterfree go off my head; flying in the nearby garden of flowers. 'My, that thing's fast.'

    "Let's follow that Butterfree for a while. Wouldn't you mind?" He runs along the road in pursuit of the bug I've rescued. As nervous as I was to bug types, I forced myself to follow him.

    Once I found Zark near the river, I called to him. "Professor Zark!-" I heard him only sigh. On his left was the pink butterfree. It sheds some tears.

    “Tears? It's crying? What happened? It better not be me the reason I’ve hurt it.” I rambled inside my head "Professor, why are you silent? And why is it crying?"

    "Watch the buterfree's eyes as I ask you this," I look at this weeping bug. It took me a while since I’m afraid of butterfree. "Remember when you said the word Volcarona?" Immediately, the butterfly sheds more tears facing me.

    "How does that word hurt this one? It’s not like it could fry her."

    “Oh Show some sympathy contestant!” Crap. Bad way to introduce yourself to him. "This one must be a female Motto. Plus, on the biological pattern of its movements, a Volcarona must have burned its home. Maybe it flew away too far that it landed exhausted where you and your pals are going."


    "Why are you looking at me in the eye?" I asked the little butterfly with a puzzled look. That is her eyes glowed and my mind just felt invaded. I couldn’t move.

    "butter…..freee…." my mind says that I should stay away from it. My arachnophobia instincts are supposed to drive now. But my mind felt like, seeing things instead. Visions are blowing up in my view. What is this girl showing me? A Volcarona?

    “Butterfree, is this, your tale? Don’t’ manipulate me!” Everything went so fast, I could see a burning forest and pokemon running everywhere trying to escape the flames. Some of them are horrifying to the bone. Dead pokemon bodies; even a group of Bellossom turning to ashes. Until, I could see none other … than a volcarona burning everything in its path.

    “Motto! MOTTO!!” my world just went shaking wild until everything falls apart. "What did this butterfree show you?" As I snapped out of my mind, I could see the forest again. Butterfree was looking away from me while I gaze in shock; recalling nearly everything this BUG induced inside my mind.

    "Whew. I just have to check on ya. Sometimes, there could be cases where even harmless bugs like butterfree become harmful to those who are helping it." What? Not only in parenting? But innocent ones too? How does Zark know this?

    "I thought … only beautifly have that tendency. It's the opposite of butterfree. Gentle, caring, easy to approach, you know the details. There is NO WAY a butterfree will suck up my blood!" I said to him

    "Hhmmmm. That's a possibility…."His expression is mixes with confusion and misunderstanding.

    "Possibility?" Then this butterfree flapped close to me to get my attention.

    "Freee? buutterfree!" it does sure look confident when it was next to him. Maybe it was me.

    Startled by this pinky bug, I almost tripped backwards on my left. Professor Zark raised his right arm as our shiny bug guest roosts. "I see…hmm…" Is he doing poke talk? Only if I'm a mew though, I would understand everything it said.

    "Motto, How about we give her a name?" Name this butterfree?

    "Me? I'm not a trainer! I don't have any experience as a trainer! Oh nononononononononnonno. No. Nnoooo! I didn’t return here in Hati to become a trainer. I only came here because of your invitation! Please don’t-" and not again. I fell for it. This pokemon LOVES TO LAY on top of my head. I wanna cry.

    "You only did study, picture, and perform autopsies?" he asked.

    "S-sort of, on the autopsy. But never on bugs at all!" The last subjects I remembered are Leavanny and Politoed autopsy. Weird huh? But my environmentalist course applied me a bit of surgical studies for a physical look on internal organs. One of the grossest things I've ever done. "Maybe only on leavanny since it's more like a grass type to me." thinking of a name is quite an okay thing. Right?

    "Any ideas already? Maybe in a Fable?" Fable huh? Well, I can’t get out of this one day and pokemon huh? Arceus must be getting cruel to me now. After a thoughtful debate, I accepted defeat and … brrr… raise a bug type pokemon.

    "I'll call our guest…Cybele." I read this from a legendary encyclopedia. A possible origin name from the legendary guardian of Johto rumored to have followed Johto’s hero.

    "Cybele," he mutters to himself, "Where did you get that name?" Guess he's pondering about that.

    "A pokemon with an onion head." I said with a 'snivy smug’. The snivy smug for me is very manly. But I’d find it weird that they named that smug where a lot of idiots procreate with its family evolution; just like the Ralts and Buneary family. Anyway back on my arachnophobia trial.

    "Freeee! Frrreeeeee!" she flaps happily as she flew over my head again. She seems to be happy with that name I gave her.

    "I guess she agrees. No need for poke speech." I said to Zark. He nodded to me.

    We decided to head back to head back to Professor Zark's camp to meet up with my friends. But I noticed that they are not here.

    "Hello there Mr. Motto. You too professor." this must be one of Zark's members in his project. "I have a letter for you Motto. It's from your friends." he passed me the letter. Opening the paper, the message was fairly written.

    Dear Motto,
    I know that you must have been busy with the professor. We gotta go now pal! Harvestin time for us. Don't worry pal! We will see ya Butterfree gardening that camp. Hope to see ya again after a week. Rainy season's comin' up close yo man!

    -from: best pals Siete and Sais

    "What are your plans today Motto?" I'm not sure on how am I supposed to help him. "If you got no ideas, Can you do a favor for me?" A favor?
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2012
  2. ESPNfanatic35

    ESPNfanatic35 Catcher of Ubers

    This is a very good story so far. I really like Motto's character, as you really get to know a lot about him right off the bat and the passion that he has for not just a specific aspect of Pokemon, but Pokemon in general. It's interesting to see the viewpoint of a photojournalist instead of a trainer (as we've seen in so many other fics). I also like how we get to see Pokemon a bit from a biological standpoint, as well. The writing and grammar are great though here are a couple of minor mistakes I saw:

    This came after quotations, I believe there should be a comma after the word "sigh" and this might be better as something the character is actually saying, not something coming after quotations.

    Chansey and Audino are not capitalized but Venonat and Arceus are.

    Very minor mistakes but outside of that the writing and story are terrific so far. Well done!
  3. jireh the provider

    jireh the provider Video Game Designer

    Chapter 2: Vampire Beautifly

    AN: apologies for the delay but getting this idea done is much harder than what you would've thought. Read and Review. My darkest pokefanfic. Valiant emblem. Trivia, this will have a fun reference to Rango.

    "I guess…I'm okay for now." Yippee! Finally he accepts me! "Please don't get too close to me little Cybele. I'm not your Grovyle. Importantly, you are not my Celebi." Oh come on scaredy guy. I don’t suck on your blood.

    “Okay then mister Motto. Could you bring me to a caffeine shop? I’ll discuss the favor for you there.” Oh mister. That’s nice of you. Who knows? I could get something for me to eat.

    “ … Alright big guy. Just don’t make me pay or all the coffee you will drink.” Oh how my cowardly human treats him. He didn’t let me even rest on his head. He just sways with his hands. I whined with disappointment. “No butterfree! NNNooooh!” when will he quit being a whiny about me?

    Walking through did give me relief. Well IT’S supposed to make me relax. But with my Cybele, … Oh Arceus, why are you so cruel to me? I HATE BUGS! YES! Even that Scizor, Heracross, Volcarona, and Escavalier who are said to be COOL! Every time I had a chance to continue our conservation, she ALWAYS roosts on top of my head! When will she ever learn?! I never used a pokeball at all in my life! Or even consider owning a pokeball.

    “You’re an anti-bug type person huh?” I’m tired of this statement about myself. First, a lot of people. Then mister old guy.

    “Once we arrive, I AM buying a cap!” Will this day just get any worse?

    “Buuter … Freeee!”

    Oh at last some hours later, we arrived at a coffee shop. Most likely, a Unova Coffee Shop brand at best. At least she’s leaving me alone for now according to my host. He had an order of one coffee. I had three cups! Don’t ask why. Blame it on Cybele.

    “Something tells my gut that you are not gonna have a good start the moment you participate in my contest.” He was writing stuff onto his notebook. Must be an attending schedule stuff of his festival contest. “In return, will you be our contest photographer?”
    I’m relief that the least he could give me is something from my profession,

    “Maybe. Tell me more …”

    “All of the thirty six contestants, including you, will participate for this contest to win the Valiant Emblem. But since you won’t join the contest, thirty five will.”

    “An emblem huh?” This could not be interesting; unless it’s something expensive.

    “I’m sure this could be something interesting for you to take a picture. This artifact was once held by a classified tribe from the southern tribe in between the regions of Fiore and Sinnoh. It was said that whoever could read the mind and heart of an underappreciated bug type pokemon will be able to learn a sacred bug move. Super powerful bug type moves believed to be created by Arceus itself that are as devastating, or stronger, than an Arceus’ bug Judgement.” Historically amazed huh? I’m not a believer in an instant. But its background, sure is nice to know.

    “Freeeeeeehhehe.” What?!

    “AHHHH! GET YOURSELF OFF OF ME!!!” I ran and ran as she clings to my head AGAIN! Too bad I took a slam to the nearby sign post. I swear that she must be laughing hard now before I passed out black. Curse you butterfree curse you!

    Oh master. You just can’t accept me yet huh? I wonder if he’s gonna be okay? I was here on the café garden since Zark told me to relax here while my cowardly companion recovers. Here I am talking to a small group of pokemon. Mostly, a masquerain, three wormadams with every form, cherrim, and belossom.

    “What brings? What brings? What brings you here?” Those wormadam make me laugh. Try as the speak things our lyrically, they just play so bad.

    “Well. I’m just hanging out here. I like your forests here.” I replied.

    “Heard about your racket to that human. And Arceus that is hilarious!” though this masquerain makes me laugh, he sounds like also pranking about my master. “Really maam. Why is your master such a coward to you?! He’s like the dumbest human I’ve ever known to have a pokemon he gets easily scared!”

    Belossom and Cherrim otherwise are not amused to masquerain. “Like you’re so dumb to even eat a petal off of me last time.” The cherry flower tried to slap him in his little face. But he flew away with ease.

    ”OOWWW! Hey hula flower! I demand ya let go of my right wing RIGHTNOW!” I giggled for a while laughing as to how hilarious this masquerain looked like when drooping. “And stop laughing at me you laughin butterfree. Help me out with these ladies! OOOWWWWWW!”

    Oh how did Cherrim followed by weighing down his other wing “Gotcha Sucker! We got you sucker punched.”

    “Right down the hall the two plants heavy slams the moth with his spooky eye in agonizing mercy!!!!” (singing wormadams)

    “You three ain’t makin things any better!!” he kept his very angsty act to my recently met flower guests.

    “It’s nice to hang out with you guys. I better get going. Gotta get back to my ‘afraid of my happy go lucky butterfree’ master.” As I turned around, the two girls call back.

    “Aww cmon Butterfree! Hang out with us a little more!” As she said that, I heard poor grumpy masquerain in pain when both of them stomped him a bit down on his wing.

    “If ya don’t do something to me now missy, I’ll be hunting you down until you’ll be the one feeling my pain.” As much as he tried these grass pokemon are surprisingly tough on him.

    “Why should I?” I asked. Both girls giggled. Something tells me it is good.

    “We got a plan for your master.” When Cherrim happily said that, she glared at masquerain with something very naughty.
    Oh masquerain.

    “With a look to their eyes, and a glare of mischief now we get a scene where he’ll be shamed for daaaaays. What will they and how they will do it now it gives the gills to them an in a world of iron fist girls.” (singing wormadams).

    “Ehh … what are YOU THREE GOIN TO DO with me?” Did I just see him get so soft?

    “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Cherim asked me as she giggles.

    “I … uhh don’t know.” My response.

    “What’s your trainer’s most hated bug pokemon?” As belossom said ‘bug’, masquerain quite gave up of flying away from these girls.

    “Why ask?”

    “Before you came hanging here, your trainer was holding a rolled white stick and swings it over his head.” Great. Now these two girls told me about me not being able to rest on top of his head. “He REALLY hates bug types. As if, he over exaggerates about it over and over.”

    Now I get what they will do with him. As I look at masquerain’s face, I pretend looking like a naïve butterfree that recently evolved yesterday. “I think … his most hated bug would be … moths.”

    “M..moths?” I only giggled. “Please tell me this isn’t happening.”


    “Cybele. Use stun spore.” I played and act like I am following a command. It giggles to me while he screams in panic. “My master will have his freak time for real! Hehehehehehe.”

    For about a minute or two, Motto and Zark came out of the café for their return to the festival location. But it did not take long enough for him to feel his butterfly’s weight on top of his “capped head”. As usual he is carrying his high lens camera (strapped at his shoulder) and checks all of his taken photos. For a photojournalist though, he used a very efficient camera suited for his job.

    “At least this is not so gross this time.” He sighed in relief.

    “Freeeeehh. Freeeehehe.” Even if he hated bug type pokemon with a passion, he still takes pictures of them. A lot of his pictures with bug types were not bad quality. More like class B pictures when his phobia of bugs are involved.

    “Oh arceus. What now?” annoyed by his ‘buggy companion’, he swayed his rolled newspaper in case she wanted to ‘nest his head nest’ again. Oh how gullible he was to fall to her mischievous trap.

    Just as he passed through the nearby house, Cherrim and Belossom sways up to the sky that one ‘mean bug type pokemon’ like a kite. Poor masquerain is tied to butterfree’s string shot held by the two floral pokemon above the house roof.

    “Motto. Look above there.” Zark pointed his finger to both masquerain and the two grass pokemon above. “I wonder how they got it done?”

    Perked with interest, the photojournalist could only snap a picture of this unlikely case of pokemon activity. “Just amazing. Grass type that aren’t part bug pokemon can’t learn string shot. I wonder how they did it.” Intently, he focuses on the grass types.

    Unknowingly to him, Cybele just got herself another lucky time to roost on top of his head. All she did was look at them and give them a success.
    “I’ll just keep quiet about this. Maybe he’ll grow comfortable to her.” Zark thought.

    Oh how wrong am I? Just as I finished taking the pictures, I turned a bit to my right and see a masquerain eye to eye. It freaks me out that I dropped myself to the ground. Surprisingly, that familiar butterfree flaps away and it GIGGLES at me.

    “WHY IS THAT BUG TYPE POKEMON ARE ALLURED TO ME?!!” I can’t resist shouting out. Gosh! Just smacking this masquerain is my auto command. I tightened my newspaper and I am playing the game “Whack a Bug Pokemon”. It took a sleep powder from Cybele to induce me out cold.

    Many years ago at Sinnoh, year 1611, a lot of humans and people feared the vampire pokemon. They were pokemon believed to hold so much power that can easily fight any of the Lake Guardians head on. These vampiric pokemon love blood, all kinds of blood. Many humans and pokemon worked together to defeat the vampire pokemon. But there is one pokemon that many still failed to defeat. This is the era of the Vampire Beautifly. Unlike an ordinary beautifly, they can feed on both flora and fauna altogether. Witnesses claimed that these beautifly do strange types of rituals that many called frightening. These beautifly undergo, for psychic type pokemon owners called, spirit corrosion. Whenever any human or pokemon interferes a beautifly pollinating or feeding a flower, all of their blood will be sapped out like a Cofagrigus’ corpse. This is also normal for the average beautifly. But for vampire pokemon, they still have much more to do. They do a horrifying ritual where they can use this unknown attack that rusts their prey’s corpse and these vampire pokemon absorb their power. Battlers of the vampire pokemon shared witness about vampire pokemon being able to change their types completely. Most rock type experts also died at the vampire pokemon’s hands. But majority of them were ended by the vampire beautifly. Others believed that the only way that a Vampire Pokemon can be beaten would be using sacred emblems that one’s belonged to the previous hunters of the vampire pokemon. The 16 types of vampire pokemon were down. Yet only one emblem has not finished its duty. The Valiant emblem is the one thing that can kill the Vampire beautifly, being the origin of the vampire pokemon. Many bug type elites fought valiantly along with their fellow bug types. And in the end, it was slain. Three hundred and eleven years later, believers of this tale believe that the Vampire beautifly will be reborn in the next century. To keep the Valiant Emblem out of publicity’s eyes, they hid themselves in an unknown place as they find who will be the next successor. Where they are living though, we do not know at all. But it is sure, the vampire beautifly will rise again.

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