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Valuable Experience for All! (929)


Your Big Buff Bro
Yeah it should have that cut on its tail.

That's what threw me off. Guess it was a sight overlooked when dubbing. But you know, its not really worth thinking too hard about.

Great battle, and animation, for Tierno and Sawyer's battle. Love the word Todd put into Tierno up to now; he's really brought the character to life. Ludicolo, Blastoise and Raichu all got some sick moves.

And we're already in the semi-finals... just feels wrong after two episodes.

Yay, Goodra's back. Nothing too exciting, really. Glad there was mention of Prof. Oak about using a reserved Pokemon.

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
This one was okay as well, it was nice to see Goodra again (I hadn't realized until this episode he only had five Pokemon, haha oh well), I thought Ash would have least battled Sawyer and Tierno like most Leagues have been too, I can sorta agree with the others here, this one isn't looking as exciting as the others were. I love seeing Ash battle everyone and see how he gets through each one. (I can't recall if I got to watch the Unova League, pretty sure I saw Sinnoh but don't remember much of it, hoping all of Pokemon gets on Netflix just so I can watch it that way, so far Kalos/Kanto are the only accessible ones.).


Bonnie stan
Wow, the battle vs MegaAbsol lasted a whole 15 seconds. The writers really outdid themselves.

What's gen 7 going to be like, the whole league offscreen?

No league

That's a nice excuse but they probably knew about S/M for a long time which begs the question: what the hell was the point of all those fillers? If they're on countdown why waste time on crap like the lockpicking episode? The Trick House episode? Why? Why? Why? Why not simply invest more time in the League?

I think the Scary House because it's a game location they wanted to show

the Pikachu line tends to be overglorified in the anime anyway.

Not really, just Pikachu. It would have been nice for Raichu to get something

And how did Ash know the semi-finals would use six-on-six?


The same way he learned the dance for Breakneck Blitz between SM009 and 10: offscreen research


Satoshi's Luchabull defeating Ayaka's Mega Absol was impressive, yet I wish that match had lasted much longer. Tierno versus Shota was the main event of course, but other than watching Jukain and Gillguard in action, it was a very by-the-numbers match.
I understand that the writers just wanted to get to Ash's matches against Sawyer and Alain as fast as possible, but doing it like this just makes the whole Ash getting to the semi-finals feel so anti-climactic and rushed. Disappointing that we didn't get to see Ash's battle against Astrid in its entirety too. Hawlucha beating Mega Absol could have been awesome if we actually got to see it.