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Vampire Knight Shipping Thread

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by crisiscore, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. crisiscore

    crisiscore ZAP CANNON

    Hey guys!

    Welcome to the Vampire Knight shipping thread. I didn't see any shipping thread for this so I thought I'd start one. This is a really great anime/manga and ALL shippings from the anime/manga are welcomed.

    credit goes go xx_animeluver_xx

    Some rules:

    * All standard SPPF rules and Shipping Community rules apply
    * There is NO bashing whatsoever
    * No spamming (one liners, double-posting, etc.)
    * Please us the spoiler tags if necessary
    * Please give credit to any pictures, AMV, fan fic, etc. that you post

    I guess I'll start off for this thread. First topic:

    Which pairing from Vampire Knight do you like best and why?
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2009
  2. MyCurrentObsession

    MyCurrentObsession Cool Loser

    Yes! Vampire Knight! (My latest addiction!)

    Which pairing from Vampire Knight do you like best and why?
    Hmm... I spent five minutes pondering it over between my top three, but I just can't choose, so I'll just say them all!

    Akatsuki Kain/Ruka Souen- Yeah, I know this is horribly one-sided (poor Kain), but I love it anyway. In the manga and the anime, Kain is shown on many occasions to care for her a whole lot, even supporting her in her pursuit of Kaname. In chapter 48, we finally learned what we pretty much almost knew- he loves her. I thought the chapter was nicely done, what with all those cute flashbacks and him plucking up the courage to kiss her on the forehead (albeit while she was passed out...). And of course there was that scene in the second season where he became super angry and protective of her when Rido tried to attack her. And it seems now Ruka has realized that her precious 'Kaname-sama' doesn't care all that much for her, so I'm hoping she'll open her eyes and see what's in front of her. Not to mention, the fanfiction is amazing... "One Week", anyone?

    Zero Kiryuu/Yuuki Cross- I'll admit, what with Yuuki's current state and Zero's current mindset, this pairing isn't doing so hot, but I loved it the moment I started the series, and nothing's gonna stop me now! Let's see... in book 1, I found the part where she fed him the only candy she made and he blushed adorable, and his pain at going vampire on her sad. Then in book two, when she offered her blood to him, it was just really intense. I mean, he despised what he was and what he was doing to the only girl he really cared about, but she was actually doing this to help him. And then of course there's the heart-pounding almost-kiss and the tragic (because of what happens right after) real one between the two (which the anime ruined). Yuuki's the only girl Zero really cares for, and, despite her love for Kaname, she's always more at ease and friendly towards Zero, indicating that he's the one she wants underneath it all.

    Hanabusa Aidou/Yuuki Cross- ...What? It's unbearably cute! I mean, I realize it's not happening, but the second season converted me (and only in the span of 2 episodes! ...and a little bit of another one). In episode 9, after Yuuki had that horrible conversation with Zero about how she was now 'Vampire Yuuki' and she ran off, Aidou goes chasing after her just so he can give her shoes back. He spends this run by yelling at her, switching between his usual snide comments at her and the respsectful terms he should now be using on her, considering what she had become. His struggle to adapt to the new her was cute, but when she finally stopped and he ended up putting the shoes on for her, it was downright adorable. A total Cinderella moment! And then of course in the very next episode, her skirt was lifted several times (just to hide her weapon), and he was always around when this happened, and each and every time it happend, he blushed. (Okay, I admit it. One reason I like this pairing so much is just because I love Aidou. So sue me) Finally, in episode 13 (I think... maybe 12?), when Rido's about to attack her, Aidou risks his life to tackle her to the ground and save her.

    And... that's it! :)
  3. crisiscore

    crisiscore ZAP CANNON

    Finally, someone posted on this thread! lol I really enjoyed reading your opinions and insights in each of your favorite shippings and I gotta say, I love them all. There are so many deep and passionate character interactions that it is indeed hard to choose just one. I love how in Vampire Knight, they portray each of the characters vividly so that we know each of (or most of) their past and present, failures and success, and their deepest desires and goals. It's difficult to hate any of the main characters cause of this. Now... to answer my own question:

    Which pairing from Vampire Knight do you like best and why?

    Like MyCurrentObsession, I like multiple shippings, but my all-time favorite pairing would have to be Zero Kiryuu and Yuuki Cross. I love their unending, dying support and concern for each other. It is clearly evident that these two deeply care for one another and it is shown through each of their actions. From Yuuki allowing Zero to drink her blood (especially the bathroom scene in the anime! my favorite scene lol) to Zero going at great lengths to protect Yuuki whenever he can, their relationship has to be a little more than that of friendship. I also loved the bittersweet ending in chapter 46 which displayed Zero finally letting loose of his true feelings towards Yuuki. It was such an intense moment and I gotta agree with MyCurrentObsession when she said that the anime ruined it... guess it can't be helped.

    All in all, I really love this pair, and as much as Yuuki states that she's in love with Kanami, I can't help but think that Yuuki loves and cares for Zero more than anyone else. I just can't imagine Yuuki and Zero with anyone else than with each other.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2009
  4. MyCurrentObsession

    MyCurrentObsession Cool Loser

    Geez, why is it that nobody seems to be posting here? I mean, isn't VK like super popular? But whatever, I'll try to keep it going, along with you, crisiscore! (BTW, is your name based off the FF7 spin-off game? I've been itching to play it, but don't have the proper system...)

    Back on topic now, I'll continue my talk of pairings. Lately, due to fanfiction, I've also started liking Hanabusa Aidou/Ruka Souen. I know that the two seemingly hate each other, but the fic One Week (I'm giving you the link because it's so awesome you have to read it) gave an interesting explanation as to why. What if, some many years ago, the two had been together (as in, courting; which is a good way of thinking of how noble vampires probably work their relationships; I bet their parents first set them up), and one of them (probably Aidou) fell for the other, but the other didn't notice and thought the whole relationship was just a sort of getaway from everything else; that they were still just friends? What if that one broke it off from the other when the idea of marriage was brought forth from his/her parents, and the other, heartbroken, acted snidely towards him/her in an attempt to heal his/her broken heart? This of course would lead to why they argue like cats and dogs now. And I've always kinda liked love-hate relationships.

    And as a little add-on to my Aidou/Yuuki pairing explanation, something I forgot: In the very first episode of season 2, when Aidou walks out the gate towards all the Day Class Fangirls, he says, "Hello ladies! Did I appear in your dreams last night?" They of course say yes, and then he says something rather... odd. "Well then, tonight I'll take a shortcut and appear in Yuuki Cross's dreams!" I mean... really? Also, he mentions on many occasions how good her blood is compared to others'.

    And I agree with crisiscore on what she said about Zero/Yuuki and the intenseness. Their relationship is unlike any other in the series, and I still think that in the end it'll be the one to happen, because in the most recent chapter, when Yuuki was underground with Kaname, he said that he knew that half of her heart was still with him (totally implying she loved Zero, he was), but he didn't mind because she chose him anyway. Yuuki got really upset and said he was lying, that she knew she was still hurting him. She never denied what he said about her still caring for Zero. I also noticed that as the series progressed, Yuuki has begun calling Kaname's bluffs more and more, and telling him that she feels he's changed (and everytime she says this, she means for the worse, it's quite obvious). She repeatedly gets quite angry at him for his treatment of Zero, as well.
  5. crisiscore

    crisiscore ZAP CANNON

    This anime/manga is extremely popular but oh wells. And yes, my name is based on the game. Its really good and you should play it, lol.

    Aidou and Yuuki would indeed be a very fun and interesting pair. They had a lot of cute and funny moments together. And like MyCurrentObsession says, the part when he talks about being in Yuuki's dream is rather strange. But there has been other nice moments between the two like near the end of season 2 when Aidou allowed Yuuki to go do what she needed to do in order to protect the academy. Other fascinating hints between these two are when Aidou blushes when she bared her legs in front of him to sheath Artemis and when Aidou keeps running after Yuuki to beg her to put on her shoes. A relationship between these two would be cute and funny to say the least.

    Also in this anime/manga, I like the pairing of Shiki and Rima. They're really cute together and constantly looking out for each other. There are many cute moments where Rima feeds Shiki and vice versa. I thought it was really funny how Rima kept on stepping on Shiki's shoe on that episode with the ball dance. And also the part near season 2 when Rima almost broke Shiki out of his spell or whatever.

    I also read chapter 49 MyCurrentObsession, and I agree with you that Yuuki never denied Kaname's comment about her and Zero and like you, I also have this strange feeling that Yuuki will be with Zero in the end (hopefully!). I guess we'll just have to wait and see how the next few chapters unfold. Can't wait chapter 50! lol Its suppose to be about 20 pages longer and with some colored pages.

    Oh, and btw, i'm a guy [=
  6. Kiori

    Kiori ♥Tea for Two♥

    I never saw the anime tbh. ^^; When I started reading VK, it was already in the middle of the series ala Shizuka-san's arc in the Shoujo Beat magazine. I thought it was going to end with Zero x Yuuki, but I decided to read it all the way from the first chapter. XD; Somehow, my opinion changed and I grew obessed over Kaname. It kind of pains me to see all the sacrifices he made just so that he can protect Yuuki. I don't think he's selfish but more like selfless for the one he loves the most.

    I adored chapter 49. I honestly think it'd be OOC if Yuuki stopped caring for Zero right after their departure, given that they're at least very close friends. However, I was in moe-land when Yuuki said "I want to go to the furthest depths with you" or something like that after Kaname was all like "It's fine if you hate me after how much horrible things I've done; all I ask of you is to be next to me." Almost unrequited love much ;~; Then again, I go all moe on all Kaname's sadistic & masochistic actions~ X3

    Kain x Ruka is sweet too, even though it's most likely going to be unrequited. XD; Aidou and Kaname = >D I'm pretty sure he's fine with the abuse love he receives from Kaname. <333333 He loves Kaname to death LMAO.
  7. MyCurrentObsession

    MyCurrentObsession Cool Loser

    Again, this thread's lack of popularity astounds me. But I refuse to give up on it that easily!

    Oh my. It seems the inevitable has happened. We've gained a Kaname/Yuuki fan. But, even if our pairings are different, we can get along, no? (I'm only saying this here because I've encountered some heated Zero vs. Kaname debates online and would hate for this thread to turn into one. I prefer Zero, both as a character and with Yuuki, but I understand if others like Kaname and/or K/Y)

    And I've gotta say, Kaname/Aidou would be hilariously funny, considering it basically consists of the former abusing the latter for idolizing him.

    It seems to me like what this thread needs to get it going is a topic. Which episode or chapter of VK best represents you favorite pairing(s)?
    Hmm... Well, Akatsuki/Ruka is easy enough! Chapter 48~! (For those who don't know, the whole chapter is pretty much about how he's in love with her) But I also really like that (completely-filler) part of episode 7 of VKG in which he protects from Rido. He cares so much about her, he instinctively knew she was in danger and shirked his duties to help her!

    Zero/Yuuki has far too many!
    Um... episode 2 of VK (she gives him the only homemade chocolate; he blushes), chapter 8-9 (she willingly gives her blood to him), chapter 24/episode 1 of VKG (he dreams of killing her then wakes up shaken, and almost kisses her, admitting to himself that he does want her more than he should) and whichever chapter corresponds with the last episode (in the anime, he refuses to believe she's a pureblood until she drinks his blood; she does so and discovers he loves her; in the manga, he kisses her as a way to reveal his feelings; in both versions he promises to one day kill her, as she's a pureblood).

    As for Aidou/Yuuki...
    Episodes 1, 3, 9, 10, and 13 of VKG, because he says he wants to appear in her dreams (that doesn't make any sense, but it's cute nonetheless), they bond slightly over the fact that they both care for Kaname so much, they have a Cinderella moment, he blushes at her lifting her skirt to hide Artemis, he risks his life to save her from Rido. Oh, and the very first episode/chapter, because he is so tempted by her blood (and she practically just lets him drink it; seriously, instead of telling him to stop, smack him or something if you don't like it! Wait... I just realized... out of all the people who drink Yuuki's blood, Aidou was first! Hah!).

    That's all for now.

    @crisiscore: O////O I'm sorry, I didn't even think about your gender, I just automatically assumed you were a girl (since most everybody in the shipping area is). My mistake!
  8. crisiscore

    crisiscore ZAP CANNON

    Awesome, one more person in this thread! Welcome Kiori. I hope you have a fun time in this thread.

    Now to answer the new topic:
    Which episode or chapter of VK best represents you favorite pairing(s)?

    Zero/Yuuki: well MyCurrentObsession pretty much said everything but...

    One of my favorite chapter in the manga was 46 when Zero finally confesses his feelings to Yuuki, telling her that he "only desired her blood" and then kisses her, a very bittersweet chapter.

    Also, another scene that I liked (and possibly the best scene in all of the anime) was episode 6, when Yuuki tells him that she would do whatever needed to protect him and gives him her blood (both Zero and Yuuki blushes, and it looked like Yuuki kinda enjoyed the whole moment).

    And Episode 5 when Yuuki's hand is bleeding, Zero takes off his tie to use as a band aid for her.

    And also, throughout the whole anime/manga, I liked their funny/cute bickering scenes lol.

    Episode 8 season 2: Shiki is being controlled by the king of purebloods. But Rima is somehow able to break through that barrier free Shiki for a few moments
    Episode 12: During the dance, Shiki accidentally steps on Rima's shoe and they had a cute/funny interaction, with Shiki saying "aren't you overdoing it?" Also we see Rima feed Shiki (although this happens in other episodes/chapters).
    Episode 11: Shiki is thankful for Rima, thanking her for helping him regain control of his body. We also see the first time Shiki feeding Rima. And also, when Rima asks for Shiki's blood, he willingly accepts.

    well thats my 2 cents
  9. MyCurrentObsession

    MyCurrentObsession Cool Loser

    And I'm back! Here to save the day- and this thread! Unfortunately, there's not much I can think of to say...

    Um, well, I'm in the middle of making an AMV for VK. It's Kain/Ruka/Kaname to the song 'Flavor of the Week', and I'm about halfway through. Once I get it finished and uploaded to YT, would anyone be interested in seeing it?

    And I figure I'll give my own two cents on Senri Shiki/Rima Touya. The two characters are quite... mysterious to me. They're often shown doing completely ridiculous things with completely straight faces (like episode 12 in the first season, in which Rima stamps repeatedly on Shiki's shoe because he carelessly stepped on her foot once, Shiki just doesn't care, only saying she's 'overdoing it', like crisiscore mentioned), which leads to some rather ironic humor. They're often shown together, with very little screentime otherwise (not including the Rido-takes-over-Shiki part). In fact, the only person outside of each other these two have any real interaction with is Ichijou, whom they both seem close to (albeit, not as close to as each other). It's clear that the two are good friends, and try to take care of each other in their own way (Rima feeding Shiki countlessly, Shiki offering her blood when she desperately needs it). From the times they've had together, I'd take a wild guess and say that Rima has slight romantic feelings towards Shiki (mainly shown in the part where she screams at him to care about himself more while Rido is in charge, not caring that her life is in danger), and Shiki might see her as a little more than a friend (he actually temporarily snaps out of it and refuses to let his dad kill her). With two people as odd as they are, it's hard to tell what Hino-sensei is trying to portray between them. My guess is that they're very good friends who care a bit more about each other in the romantic way, but would never show it. They probably will never get together officially in the series, but I could see them ending up together way in the future, just because they'd rather marry each other than some weirdo they don't know. All in all, I'd call it one of the most logical pairs, though not necessarily canon. It's cute at times, though. :)

    Phew! That took a while to type up. So... anybody with a new topic?
  10. crisiscore

    crisiscore ZAP CANNON

    hey peoples....

    This thread seems to be going REALLY slow, so I'll introduce a new topic:

    How would you picture the perfect scenario of your favorite pairing confessing their love for one another?
  11. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    Hey guys! There's no bumping rule in this forum because the threads are kind of inactive anyways, so yeah, just fyi, because as you can see, the last post date is in May, and I'm posting here. ^^;

    I'm a huge VK fan, and that's of course partly due to the shippings. I love most of the VK shippings, I'm not really against any of them, but I just caught up on the four VK chapters I missed, and my inner shipper is so very confused right now.

    See, I was rooting for Zeki since the beginning, but the latest chapter (I think) has converted me to KanaYuki. XD; I'm not so sure how I feel about Zeki anymore. I used to feel like Kaname was a selfish character deep down/had some alterior motivate, but the sacrifices Kaname has been making for Yuki show me just how much he really loves her, and that really got to me/changed my opinion about him. I mean, he's doing everything for her safety, and when he comes home to see her, it's like both of them forget about everything else, and lose focus on everything but each other, especially in the lastest chapter. I really sensed how strong their love is for each other, and it truly does seem like Yuki is trying her hardest to forget about Zero, and if she could, I think she would be a whole lot happier in her relationship with Kaname, as we see in this chapter. Yuki said herself she "finally knows the path she'll be walking on."

    As for Zeki, I guess there needs to be a few more chapters until I can totally give up on it. I want to see what will happen at the ball/party in the next chapter.
  12. Ludi-Cola

    Ludi-Cola Drink Responsibly

    I totally adore this manga.
    Aido x Kain is my main slash pairing. (If Sailor Moon has taught me nothing else, it's that there's no shame in "kissing cousins" ^__~) I know Kain considers it unlucky how he gets roped into bad situations w/ Aido but I bet deep down he wouldn't have it any other way. I don't often ship the canon pairings b/c they usually make is so obvious that Hero x Heroine are gonna get together that I get bored waiting for the Big Reveal. Howev Yuki x Kaname has caught my eye as it's not as clearcut as you'd expect.
  13. MyCurrentObsession

    MyCurrentObsession Cool Loser

    Eheh, I didn't realize there was no bumping rule in the threads on the Alternative Shipping forum; that's the only reason I haven't been posting here! Thanks for telling me, and I can kind of understand what you were saying about Zeki->Yume for your shipping preferences. I've loved Zeki since the beginning, and I will always root for it, but I can't deny the Yume chemistry. I think the main reason I'm able to resist from being converted is that I'm still upset at Kaname manipulating and ruining Zero's life (disliking Kaname will put a damper on his social life in my mind). That last chapter was cute, though. I liked the 'masochist' quips a bunch! Still, I'm hoping for some kind of hint that Zeki could live on at the ball/party/whatever-it-is.

    Eh, to tell the truth, I never really thought about Aidou/Kain, despite the fact that I am a bit of a yaoi fangirl. While they are very close, I've always just interpretted their relationship as that of best friends and, in a way, brothers. Still, from the start, I've been a diehard Kain/Ruka shipper, so if I did see any hints at Aidou/Kain, I probably wouldn't aknowledge them as so. To me, it's obvious that Kain is in love with Ruka, and Aidou is in love with Kaname (XD).

    In fact, despite how slash-able VK gets sometimes, none of the pairings have really caught my interest. Zero/Ichiru is the most obvious one (they took 'brotherly love' to a whole new level; my parents walked in on me watching episode 10 of the first season, and, once I had explained, they thought I was watching gay incest!), and I find it both cute and tragic, but I've never really bothered to get more into it than that. Kaname/Zero is the next big one, but for me, it's just impossible. They hate each other and both love Yuuki, so unless they intend to make it a threesome (lawls), it'd never work. Period. I gotta admit, though, it would be hot, if nothing else.
  14. Hakajin

    Hakajin Obsessive Shipper

    Ah, if there's no bumping rule here, I'm in. I guess I prefer Yuuki/Kaname, but I'm not so into the main characters. My favorite is kind of obscure- Ichijou/Yori. I usually don't get into never-mets, but I had a dream about this one once, and it really worked when I thought about it. They're both quiet and seem lonely, and I think they're both gentle-natured. So yeah, probably not happening, but I think it'd be sweet.
  15. crisiscore

    crisiscore ZAP CANNON

    Hey guys, Its been awhile since the last post... likee almost a month and a half ago? lol anyways I'm here to try to revive this thread a little bit. There were a few chapters that came out and we were able to observe how each of the characters acted towards each other. So here is a new topic:

    How do you think your shippings are coming along, have you found new hints to strengthen your shippings or were you disappointed? How do you believe their relationships will play out in the next few chapters?
  16. MyCurrentObsession

    MyCurrentObsession Cool Loser

    Well, it's about time somebody posted here! And there's finally a new topic, too (thanks crisiscore)!

    How do you think your shippings are coming along, have you found new hints to strengthen your shippings or were you disappointed? How do you believe their relationships will play out in the next few chapters?
    It varies with my ships. Zero/Yuuki is... about the same. They had that awesome "connection" moment, where they were just staring into each others eyes, but the "don't touch me" remark definitely stabbed their romance in the gut.

    Aidou/Yuuki- About the same... kinda. I can't consider it a proper hint, but I really love that he's her personal teacher, and, despite the fact that she's a pureblood, he still treats her the exact same. Kaname would kill him for treating his precious sister like that, but... I just think they're more comfortable that way. It's their thing.

    Kain/Ruka- No change. *sigh...*

    Shiki/Rima- Development here! She basically declared that she's picking him over Kaname (this is a government issue; royalty vs. senate). Originally, Shiki and Ichijou were to only people in the Night Class on the Senate's side, while everyone else backed Kaname (the Royalty side). But, she declared she was on Shiki's side, so she's choosing him over her political beliefs. That's something.

    Aidou/Ruka- Nothing, but that's not surprising...

    Actually, the recent chapters have kinda made me start supporting Zero/Yori, just a bit. I thought she used to be slightly intimidated by him, but she's approached him much more frequently, asking about the vampire world, or Yuuki. The two are semi-friends now, I think. And he geeked out when she played that trick to get into the ball. Then, he basically followed her and guarded her really carefully. I'd support this, if I didn't like Zero/Yuuki so much, or I didn't think Yori supported the aforementioned pairing (Seriously, she's never liked anyone in the Night Class, so Kaname's out for Yuuki in her book, and she's always pestering Zero about if he's actually going to hurt her, and how he feels, and stuff).
  17. Anime_Ej

    Anime_Ej New Member

    I love the Ruka/Kain shipping. I really didn't like her at the start of the anime, but now she's really a favorite. And Kain is just awesome, he loves her and he threatened Kaname. I enjoyed this fanfiction of them a lot:


    I support Zero/Yuuki more than Kaname/Yuuki right now, since Kaname seems like he is more possesive of her than loving her. Zero is a bit the same though.
  18. Azurelight

    Azurelight The Key of Destiny

    Awesome thread you guys got here! Vampire Knight is one of my favorite anime shows, it's got such a beautiful storyline and the artwork is divine! I've been trying to trace Yuuki Cross' eyes for ages and I still end up making what looks like a rotten tomatoe.

    Anyways, my favorite ships of Vampire Knight:

    Kiryuu ZeroXCross Yuuki: My favorite pair of all! First of all, I find it really creepy how Kaname and Yuuki are brother and sister, I know their parents were too, but it just makes my skin crawl no matter what! I love his protectiveness over Yuuki, it's always sweet when a guy stops at nothing to defend his love. Refering to Zero's personality change after Shizuka's attack, it's a perfect attraction. He's all cold and keeps his distance from others while Yuuki's so kind and funny! My favorite shippy part was when he was about to shoot Yuuki, but can't bring himself to and sees the Yuki from his past. It's a beautiful relationship and I have a strong feeling the two will get together!

    Kain AkatsukiX Souen Ruka: My other favorite couple in the anime/manga. However, it's sad how Ruka's feelings are still unrequited! Kain's so good to her and protective ^_^ It's so sweet! I really enjoyed it when they danced at the ball. This couple is probably on its way to canon, I can feel it!

    It's a lovely anime, and I really hope ZeroXYuuki comes through. I like Yori, but I'm getting a bit suspicious of her and Zero. Kaito's assumption sure didn't help ):
  19. MyCurrentObsession

    MyCurrentObsession Cool Loser

    Eh, I've never really had a problem with the brother/sister aspect in Kaname and Yuuki's relationship, actually. My main problem with it is that Kaname's a bit too manipulative. I like him as a character, but after what he put Zero through, I just kind of stopped shipping him. Besides, I honestly think Zero/Yuuki is the logical choice. After all, wouldn't putting the Pureblood Princess and the "Future President" of the vampire hunter society together fix the conflict between the two? Of course, it helps that I do like the pairing personally, just cause of hints and such.

    As for where Yori fits in... To me, it seems more like she's just worried for Yuuki and trying to stay friends. I also kind of think she likes the idea of Zero/Yuuki... As I mentioned in my last post, she's always bugging him about what he'll do about Yuuki, and how he feels, and such. It's quite suspicious... (the ball chapters with him sticking with her to protect her still made me slightly like the pairing, though)
  20. SatoHaruForEver

    SatoHaruForEver New Member

    Shoot me if you guys want... but I support both Yuuki/Zero and Kaname/Yuuki >> Aside from that it's Aidou/Ruka, Kaname/Ruka and Kaname/Aidou
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