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Vanity Affair! (378)


Wow, this was a good episode. I just hope Ash learns from it. Brock shows at the beginning that he knows when Ash is getting cocky. And as Max said, Ash had a type advantage in the opening battle.

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I thought Ash's Hoenn team was brilliant here. They didn't win but they put up a good fight against Drake which is a step up from how fast Lorelei whooped Ash in the Orange Islands.

Well sure I won't deny that Ash vs Drake was much more balanced than when Ash fought Prima. He had obviously improved alot since then and his main downfall in this episode's battle was his rather sudden arrogance. ^^;


It was nice to see Cotoise defeat that one guy's Hassam, although the win seemed to inflate Satoshi's ego. Him battling Genji on the ship was great since it showed how far Satoshi had come since arriving in Houen. Tyltalis versus Juptile gave me déjà vu, but I chuckled when Genji's Bohmander dispatched of the Rocket-dan.


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Ash vs. Drake was exciting and Drake's team was in touch with his game counterpart's. I'm so relieved that 4Kids didn't dub Drake as a pirate. Salamence's voice could've used a boost though.


Frankly out of Houen's Four Heavenly Kings, Genji is probably my least favorite member. So while him showing up was entertaining, I wish that we had seen Kagetsu debut in this episode in place of Genji.


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For a battle between Ash and a Hoenn E4 member this episode didn't feel so great and also it was a copy of the episode where Ash and Misty met Prima. Ash got a big ego out of nowhere just so Drake could teach him a lesson.
I love Drake and the lesson that was taught in this episode: never get too cocky. Drake saying that Ash has potential has me wondering if there was an episode Ash had received training from an Elite 4 member