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Varanus's XY Breeding, Shiny, and Event Trade Shop

Hello Varanus,

In response to your answer I've added your friend code. When do you think you can do the trade?
Btw, I don't know if this will be a fair trade, but would you be willing to add a Manectite to the Nidoran? I'll trade regardless, but it would be cool if you would:)
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Well-Known Member
Hi Varanus,

I'm in need of a Houndoominite; I can offer you a shiny Lapras (Lv 30, Net Ball, Modest Nature, IVs in Hp and Speed, nicknameable).
Also, could you trade me an Aggronite for a PP Max or an Ability Capsule (or both)?
Let me know if you're interested!


New Member
I can do Impish Stealth Rock Skarmory easily. I won't take a shiny for it because that would be unfair on your part :) I'll accept a PP Max for it.
Sorry but I found one somewhere else while I was waiting. Would I be able to trade you one of my shinies for the Tyranitarite though since I'm here? As a reminder my shinies are Vullaby, Pickachu, Tentacool, Magneton or Muk.
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New Member
for japanese 6IV ditto and cloned event legendary
what do you want it return ?
5-6IV pokemon? cloned legendary ? mega stones ?
tell me so i can give you a specific pokemon/items you want if i have


Shiny Hunter
Hi, so any update on what you are interested in??


keeper of elements
Hi I'm In need of a heracronite would you be willing to trade for a jap. Managua and volt tackle pichu or a adamant fancy or pokeball vivillion
What are the IVs, nature, ability, and Egg Moves on Wooper? I might also trade it for the Vivillon.

Wooper (lv. 30)
Nature: Lonely
Ability: Damp
IV's: -/31/-/-/31/-
Egg moves: none
Awesomeness level: pink

The Vivillon is fine too. Due to vacation until the 29th I won't be able to check my inbox very often, but if you are still interested let me know in PM.


This War Is Ours!
Hello I was going through your wants and I have a couple of the things in your high Priority lists, these are:
Larvesta: Modest with good IVs~~~~> I have a 6 IV Female Modest Larvesta Lvl.1 UT
Ability Capsules~~~~> I have around 4 or 5 of them currently from battling in the Battle Maison
PP Max~~~~> I have around 6 From trades and 3 obtained myself from the lottery draw
Masterball~~~~> I have 3 from my previous game play troughs and current one I never used

Let me know if you are interested in anything of this and if so what you would be willing to trade for them,


New Member
To keep you updated, I'm going to start looking at other sources, though my last offer (Y-exclusive mega stones for any previous-gen legendary) is still open if I have mega stones left. It seems like you're starting to get a bit bogged down with requests here, and I'm hoping to do a reset before the mega-evolving bug event ends.

Lord Fighting

Bank Ball Collector
Hi VK, long time since my last request :)

I would like this please:

Talonflame, lv 80, female
Gale Wings
80 HP/252 Atk/252 Spe
Roost/U-Turn/Brave Bird/Flare Blitz

Is there anything in particular I can get you for it? I can clone something if need be.


New Member
I'd really like one of your Japanese flawless Ditto's.
I have some megastones in return: Pinsirite, Tyranitarite, Manectite, Charizardite X or Y, Mewtonite X, or maybe a Masterball or PP Max, or a combination? I don't have any interesting pokémon, unless you'd like a shiny Venomoth.

I'm also interested in all three special berries: Lansat, Starf and Enigma.
I can get you: PP Up, Rare Candy, most Evolutionary Items or Held Items. Let me know what you want!
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New Member
Hi can you breed me a Modest Deino (Iv's not necessary) with Dark Pulse and Fire Fang?
This is really my first time ever looking for pokemon in a shop so I can really only offer Y exclusive Megastones. Thanks!

J.J. Knight

Well-Known Member
I'd be willing to trade you the Tentacool and the Enigma Berry for the Moon Ball Magikarp and the Latios.

Awesome. Like you, I also work a full time schedule and work weekends (night shift). I am available to trade all day Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and other days 8:00 am - 10:00 am, 3:00 pm - 7:30 pm Central. Drop me a pm of your FC and what times you're available, and we'll set it up.


Pokemon Collector
Hello, I would be interested in one of your Arceus. What would you like to have in return?


Is Back Finally!
Hello I'm very interested in for dex completion:

Rattata, Ekans, Kangaskhan, Porygon, Omanyte, Kabuto
Sudowoodo, Houndour, Stantler
Aron, Lileep, Anorith, Feebas, Clamperl

Mostly the Bold ones

Legendary I really reallyyyyyy still need too are
Celebi Mew Victini

Your list is supper long. haha So i'm not sure what you would want. I have lots of 5iv poke but I donno if i'm blind I just didn't see anything that you wanted there. Hasty Cresselia? And I have plenty of shiny's I could offer:
Eevee, Dialga, Rapidash, Druddigon, Shinx, Rotom, Gyarados, Alakazam, Cyndaquil...

Well. Have a great day :)


Espeon Enthusiast
Hello there! I managed to stumble upon this thread (mainly in a fit of desperation) and noticed that you are offering up certain Event Pokemon.

I've read your terms and I can oblige to them.

May I request one of your Victini in return for my Aggronite? If you had Meloetta I would honestly offer you 2 other Mega Stones for it. But she is sadly not in your list, and is the other of 2 of the last Pokemon I need to complete my Pokedex.

I'm capable of being patient and hope that I may procure a Victini from you. Thank you in advanced. =)
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Sakura Whirlwind
hi varanus!

i would like to make a trade for one of your 6iv japanese dittos. i have a few things that i can trade for it. if you are interested any of these pokemon/items to trade for the 6iv japanese ditto please let me know! thank you for your time!

shiny pokemon:
i have a shiny onix from the friend safari. it's an impish with 31 ivs in attack and special defense. (i also have other shinies, but the natures aren't the best. however, if you are interested in any of them, i will trade them! these are the other shinies i have: floatzel, luxio, abra, panpour, throh, floette (yellow), slugma, pupitar, rhydon and spiritomb. horde shinies: zangoose and wingull.) if you want to know any of the natures or ivs of the ones you're interested in, just let me know!

whipped dream
moon stone
metal coat
king's rock
power bracer
power lens
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New Member
I would like a female prankster sableye and a female shadow tag gothorita with heal pulse. I can trade almost any legendary for them, or maybe something else just let me know what you would like in return.

Thanks to various back-up devices, countless digitally backed up saves, and a Gotta Catch'em all attitude, I can offer most of what you are looking for. I will happily include any item (and I mean ANY...) along with the trade since I am asking for a lot and do not have the time to breed any more than I have. (Stupid real life work.) I can offer baby Johto starters (in every ball flavor thanks to my copy of Pokemon Colosseum, any breed-able Pokemon from Heart Gold/Soul Silver in any apricorn ball, any Gen 5 released Hidden Ability (including a whole lot of Japanese-event starters), and most Dream World babies. (Lots of other stuff too but I have lost track what can be traded.)

I am in need of:
:659: Bunnelby w/Huge Power
:664: Scatterbug (will be MODERN pattern) w/Friend Guard
:672: Skiddo w/Grass Pelt
:686: Inkay w/Infiltrator
:688: Binacle w/Pickpocket
:694: Helioptile w/Solar Power
:701: Hawlucha w/Mold Breaker

Just let me know what 7 Pokemon that I can hook you up with. I will need a few days if you are in need of any IV breeding. My breeding pairs will have all 5+ IV's at max. I have only just started breeding for 4 bred moves + IV's so I am lacking in the move department. If they are in the Field Group, I can take requests for bred moves and natures since I have a set of 14 (competitive nature'd Japanese Smeargles.) If I end up producing a shiny at random, I will happily pass it on since this Pokemon Bank project of mine is beyond time consuming.

THANK-YOU in advance for this! The Friend Safari has been so inefficient at this point (with the amount of missing Slot 3 Friend Safari Pokemon that I have in my list.) This will be a huge time saver.
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