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[Variant] Jund Monsters - MTG Standard


God of Monsters
An update to my Gruul Monsters list. I got tired of my mediocre removal (ie. only Mizzium Mortars) and my dread at facing down Desecration Demon and Master of Waves. I was worried for a while about excluding Ghor-Clan Rampager from the list, but I'm not sure Jund is the shell for him. Straight Gruul? Sure. But probably not here. I think Reaper of the Wilds is more where we want to be...AND HE IS!!!

Reaper is SO GOOD. The amount of good removal in this format is staggering. And the amount of times creatures die? Even better. You get to scry so much! As it was put:

Supreme Verdict. "Resolve all my Reaper scry triggers." *Scry until I hit a Stormbreath Dragon* "Cast Stormbreath Dragon." *dragon flaps wings* "Hit you."

This variant of the Monsters deck has much better removal, and then has a much better post-board game against UW Control or Mono Black/Mono Blue.



God of Monsters
So this deck has been incredibly good to me. I've taken first at a few FNMs and 2nd at a GPT a few weeks ago, losing only a single match before dropping in the finals (since I wouldn't actually be able to go to the GPT and make use of the byes).

I've updated my initial post with my new list.

Regarding many of the differentiations between my list and some of the stock lists:

I don't think Mistcutter Hydra is where this deck wants to be. You have to treat your creatures almost as burn spells against Control, knowing that they can be removed/swept/sphered either right after you play them or next turn. Many UWx decks are now bringing in Blind Obedience and splashing black for cards like Doom Blade. Plus, Elspeth can block the Mistcutter all day. What I've essentially done is substitute one X spell (hydra) for another: Rakdos's Return, which is backbreaking in more than just the control matchup. It's devastating in the mirror.

The Monsters mirror is devastating if you force your opponent into topdeck mode when you aren't. Especially if you're running the higher-removal version of Jund.

Regarding my creature #s. It's something I'm still struggling with. Polukranos was a 4-of in GR because it was one of the only ways to interact with Master of Waves. But with cards like Ultimate Price, Golgari Charm, and Putrefy, Jund doesn't have that problem. It's still a solid 5/5 for 4 in other matches, but having 3 doesn't seem bad, especially because it's Legendary.

Courser was more difficult to determine. 1 is awesome. 2 is less-so. Especially because that makes it so tempting to D-Sphere. All the same, against Aggro I'd love to be gaining 2 life per land drop or just playing the equivalent of ABUR duals and taking no damage. 3 is my concession to that.

As for Reaper of the Wilds: god, she's been SO good. Having that extra 2 mana when you cast her is the stone cold nuts. But that also makes her a 6-mana spell. People are intensely aware of how good she is, so if you play her without protection mana, you can expect them to remove her. She's similar to Olivia Voldaren from last-season's Jund lists in that way. Though she doesn't get as big or take over so quickly. The fact that she's generally a 6-mana play led me to cut her to a 3-of.

All of those 3-of cuts, in turn, gave me room to play all 4 Domri, 3 Xenagos in the 75, 5 solid removal spells maindeck, and (what I feel is) a very powerful sideboard.

My match with MonoBlue at the GPT proved that, since I was run-over in G1, but handily dominated Games 2 & 3.