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Veneno Oscuridad

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stop trying to be god ☆
no it's me
Hey guys. Thanks for electing me, Meliekpi, as your new leader!


Because I'm Happy.
PO/PS Name?: Crystalninetales
Wi-Fi Friend Code?: don't do wifi
Why do you want to join?: so i can post here again without sena infracting me
Number of badges of Serebii Leagues?: i beat mcdoodoo in his serebii battle frontier
Battling Experience?: you already know
Referrer?: 00swms


Orderan' Defendan'
Well, everyone, it's no secret i've been gone without word for seemingly no reason. My apologies goes without saying, but you probably want a reason for it to, which is fair, so i'll give one!

At first, it was because of an IRL thing. I had hoped to come back to posting regularly soon within a couple weeks or so but as that particular matter passed, another one arose so I kind of had to sit the clan out, then I had some other matters on my mind regarding the clan itself. Kinda vague, I know, but I was just trying to make sense of it all before I came to a conclusion, and I wanted my next post to be a decisive one. Kind of why I held off replying to anyone here, this was something I needed to think about for myself and yall, so I sincerely apologize for ignoring the casual, worried, and even accusatory messages I got over time.

Yeah, today, im deciding to let you all go! To be free, in this wily world of the internet! I know some of you were awaiting this response with bated breath so here you go! xD So much on and off thinking was done about this clan by me over the course of these last few weeks, I thought about what we've accomplished, the people here, the stuff we did, and our past. Starting from Zero's vision of a fun time to mine, I sincerely hoped we all at least had a little fun in some way. I love competitive Pokemon, but as time goes by, it just might get harder and harder for some of you to keep up. Maybe you got bored of it, maybe it's just plain too hard for you, maybe there just wasn't much benefit? Maybe you just have more important things to take care of!? ^^ Plenty of things that might push you from the game, but lets remember it was the game that brought us all together and I do hope whatever it is you all want to do now is something you can really really enjoy.

I know there's gonna be a few of you who might wanna deconstruct my reasoning for this decision and post with a snappy reply sooner or later, but just know that this is a decision I made after a lot of contemplation, and I mean a LOT, im sure you're aware, so, sorry for the worry if I did make you worry.

You're all big boys and gals nows though! Do whatever you want, stay in the forum, stay in our chats, branch out with other members of the clan to different games and activities, but whatever you do, do it with a smile and keep your head up. Even if your smile may wane from time to time, just dont let it go for too long. I had my fun here! I think i'll vamoos from this place and its affiliates unto the depths of the interwebs. Though, I guess, 8 or so years does warrant a bit more of a personal touch in regards to final goodbyes. I was never too good with being personal on the internet though, so sorry if it feels a bit rushed!

Dew - Thanks for working hard when you had the time, I never really voiced my appreciation for things you did for us, so, thanks! You always seemed like a really hard worker so it stands to reason it'd carry over to here to, just, please, don't work too hard, and give yourself a pat on the back from time to time. Thanks for standing by since the beginning, thanks for being there to help in any way you could, thanks for being you; Dew. I really mean it. Like, really.

Zero - Thanks for bringin it all together, Zero! Every now and again you might say something a little quirky and a tad worrisome, but you also have a lot of wisdom in you to, im grateful you shared it with us and I when you could, and I hope you apply it to your future endeavors. Please be good to yourself.

Nick - A fierce competitior of mine! We had fun in our games I hope, and I so hated to lose to you when I did, I sincerely hope you never lose that flare for competition. Thanks for always being ready for a fight, Nick. You were also always ready to converse and contribute to anything regarding this clan, I feel. Thank you for being the big help you were.

Mc - Hey Mc! I can't thank you enough for being the shining example of the type of member any competitive community would love! Ascending to the top of the clan ranks took a lot of time, I know, but I really do thank you for it. Your battles, your conviction, it really fired me up a lot, it was pretty contagious. You're one of my oldest friends here, for that, I thank you. Don't get into too much trouble though! Don't you ever give up.

melie - You are so friendly, Pi. It's almost unreasonable. Also very competitive when you want to be! Thanks for being with us till the end of this thread, melie. I don't think I ever caught you in a bad mood, but if you were in one, you hid it well. Your good nature is something very endearing, melie. Thanks so much for sharing it with everyone here and please dont ever lose it. Thanks so much for choosing to be here.

Rocxidi - ROCK CITY, you seemed so emotionally driven, you also play a lot of cool games! Both can work out pretty well together, I think. Anytime you chimed in it was always something interesting, but more importantly I noticed you can try really hard when you need to and may even worry more then you let on. Rox, thank you for that. Hope your life and love remains on the up and up. Please don't beat yourself up if things aren't going well and don't you ever give up. Or if you do, be sure to rise back up.

sanae - Gonna miss asking who ur fave 2hu is...and you also intro'd me to some good 2hu music...so thanks! Aside from that, you were also always in an agreeable mood from what I gathered. Your help was always appreciated, and I hope you do well in your schoolins.

chess-z - Hey, chess, we didnt talk much at the tailend of things, but don't ever stop being yourself. You prolly don't need me to tell you this though! Really respected your ability to vocalize yourself thoroughly on matters you took a keen interest in, hope u dont lose that trait! Too many people are afraid to b themselves. ><

ptz - Thanks for being as competitive as you were! You normally kept convos short with few words or an egg plant, but that wasn't so bad in small doses! Thanks for takin part in wars and stuff. But man, can you say some weird stuff sometimes. ^^;

aaaannd, that's it! I got everyone that was active in thread, chat, and contributed till the very end! If I missed you, sorry, but I do really thank all of you as well. Everyone that came into this clan I cannot thank enough. Im sorry for the absense, I know an apology won't be enough, but know I meant no ill. You guys were like, a thing to me...yknow? Like a real big thing...so I am sorry if I let you down, but I do genuinely hope you all do well for yourselves.

And that's that! Thanks for your time everyone. And I do, really mean that.
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