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Version Exclusive Trades (& Mew)


Hey there. Looking for Let's Go Pikachu exclusives in Premier Balls. Been having problems getting these trades done, as I'm very late to the. LGPE games. I would like at least 4 Best IVs, as I cannot farm these Pokemon, and Bottle Caps are a tad tough to come by. In return, I offer Let's Go Eevee exclusives in whatever Ball and Nature you want, and will have 4 Best IVs.

Looking For:
  • Jolly Mankey
  • Jolly Scyther
  • Impish K-Sandshrew
  • Adamant A-Sandshrew
  • Sassy K-Grimer
  • Sassy A-Grimer
  • Modest Oddish
  • Adamant Growlithe
I am also looking for a Timid Mew. IVs/Ball doesn't matter. Can offer multiple shinies for one.

I also can do these trades on Home, as long as the Pokemon you trade me can be transferred to Let's Go.