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Version Favorites

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Skaisdead, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. Skaisdead

    Skaisdead Movers and Shakers

    Whenever I start a new game, there's always one or two Pokemon that I must always capture at the start. I'm sure many fans do this very same thing.
    RBY: Pikachu, Caterpie
    GSC: Zubat, Geodude
    RSE: Ralts, Shroomish
    DPPt: Shinx, Drifloon

    What are your beginning Pokemon of choice?
  2. JQ2ujrx

    JQ2ujrx Burned By Passion

    Well after my starter, these are the first two I usually wanted and succeeded in obtaining
    RBY-Nidoran M, Mankey
    GSC-Poliwag, Bellsprout
    RSE-Shroomish(i really wanted breloom)
    DPPt-Shinx, Starly
  3. cptmyname

    cptmyname Well-Known Member

    i do this for every game, only one specific team, not pokemon

    Blaziken - Blaziturqy
    Swampert - Skippy
    Skarmory - Bird
    Relicanth - Old fish
    Kyogre - Fee Whilwy (if you know john pinnette you'll get this)
    Rayquaza - Sky high

    Charizard - Cham-Cham
    Victreebel - Tooths
    Articuno - Ice Storm
    Persian - Mr. Kitty (if female) or Mrs. Kitty (if male) (not a typo)
    Garridos - Garrison
    Rhydon - Rhyperior (my nickname before i even knew of the actual Rhyperior)

    Sceptile - Meta gecko
    Peliper - meta gull
    hariyama - Meta sumo
    Sharpedo - Meta shark
    Torkoal - Meta shell
    Groudon - MetaZilla

    Empoleon - Empy
    Roserade - Destructor
    Rampardos - Mr./Mrs. Head
    Dialga - Timesaurus
    Giratina - Demento

    Feraligatr - chompy
    Noctowl - Cpt. evil
    Golem - Mr./mrs. rock
    pinsir - Mr./mrs. Spikey
    Arbok - Kobra
    Lugia - Birdthingy

    Pikachu - pikamans
    Charizard - Lizardon
    Mew - Everything
    Butterfree - Fingers
    Onix - Iwark
    Moltres - Forestfire

    Empoleon - Capt'n
    Lucario - aurajackal
    Crubat - Bat-Bat
    Giratina - Mr. scary
    Porygon-Z - ERROR
    Carnivine - Frito

    Jolteon - sparky
    I only use 5 pokemon in XD
  4. RukarioX

    RukarioX Lucario Trainer

    RBY-Pidgey, Pikachu

    GSC-Geodude, Sentret

    RSE-Zigzagoon, Ralts

    DPPt-Shinx, Starly
  5. Zonn13

    Zonn13 87% Indubitable.

    Nidoran male, Weedle

    Hoothoot, Sentret (HM slave)

    Zigzagoon (HM slave), Ralts

    Starly, Drifloon
  6. granbull guy

    granbull guy Vasoline

    R,B,Y: Poliwag
    G,S,C: Hoot Hoot
    S,R,E: Wingull
    D,P,Plt : Starly

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