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VGC 10 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by Yeti, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. TR_Jessie

    TR_Jessie Adventure Seeker

    This is a win
    lol, actually, the guy had 514 EV's. (I think).

    Anyone out there going to Dallas? Anyone at all from any website that any of you know?
  2. Yeti

    Yeti Banned

    One Duck had 512 EVs.

    One skarmbliss had 514 EVs and got dq'd.
    One skarmbliss tried to rejoin after losing for good reason.

    So yeah, kindly shut up and go back to skarmbliss when one of your drones got disqualified for more EVs than a Duck.

    If you want people going to Dallas check smogon's thread about it, they say who there. Unless you're too upset about smogon to even venture there ?_?
  3. Misaki-chi

    Misaki-chi loves Rutger

    I can't believe you're even bringing that up when the same thing happened to you guys.

    At least you'd never catch a Duck pulling something so low as to eliminate other people by joining after losing and then arguing that what they did was justified. You'd never catch a Duck being told to leave by security.

    I think the fact that the Ducks have won so consistently in the VGC is indicative that they are pretty superior in battling... which, y'know, is what this thread is about, rather than you guys trying to pick a 'clan war' or whatever.
  4. mattj

    mattj .

    So it's cool that Huy hacked too many EVs, cuz it was less than other people. Gocha.
    I've never once seen For54years on #Skarmbliss. If he's there it's when I'm not around.

    Won so consistently? How many ducks went to Worlds 09? 1? There have only been 2 Qualifiers so far. I don't know what you mean "consistently". That's not much of a sample yet.

    And I am not one of "those guys". I might have posted maybe 5 times on Skarmbliss in the past year. The only reason I hang out on #Skarmbliss is because none of the ducks battle anyone else, and nobody on #Smogonwifi is ever up for VGC.

    And please, keep briging it.
  5. Misaki-chi

    Misaki-chi loves Rutger

    The Ducks won both qualifiers in the US so far in 2010. Then look at 2009 and 2008, lol.

    And 'those guys'? I was referring directly to you, since you have been attempting to pick a fight in this thread. As a former RMT mod, I can assure you that I would definitely have infracted you for trying to provoke a flame war in this thread.
  6. zerowing

    zerowing I forgot burn heal

    Little known fact, I just helped 2 people yesterday! You don't need to be a Duck to get my help, its just us Ducks work together with cohesion and have chemistry like no other. There are no secrets between us and we share everything between each other, forming our dominant Regional record so far. We're a group of friends and we help each other before others, but we do help others out, we're not evil.

    And secondly Huy ****ed up, and he admitted it, it is a shame it happened, but he fessed up. Unlike one of your admins, PBB, who loses, hops in line again, gets caught, makes a scene then deletes mentions of it on his forum, nice job there Skarmbliss.
  7. DBK

    DBK Renegade Trainer

    Wow....so who are the Hatfields and who are the McCoys? :)

    Anyways, the list isn't up yet on the site, guess I'll check back later. Any Ducks going to be at Newark? I want to test my mettle against both warring factions. :)

    To those who attended thus far, may I ask how bad the weather fest was?
    Last edited: May 21, 2010
  8. TTS

    TTS New Member

    I'll be there. Quack quack quack. Crazily enough, I'll be wearing a ducks shirt(and a JAA medal, and probably a backpack..)
  9. godudette

    godudette /me cresselias

    Do we have to continue this 'war' on every forum guys? =P

    Idk what this huge conflict is... I'm a Duck... and a Skarmonite. =X It's possible.
  10. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan Old Fogey

    I happen to be a neutral smogonite in all of this as I don't mind being an honorary duck at least even though I'm also a registered skarmblisser. Well folks of this green forum, I invite you to stand next to me in line in Newark, NJ so we can all hang out and chill.
  11. Yeti

    Yeti Banned

    Oh, hey, mattj, would you like me to add more to skarmbliss' list of screw-ups?

    How about when they have HolyChipmunk ask to battle someone, then give a skarmblisser's FC and have another person battle them?
    That's really straight-up honest right there, MAN am I ever TRUCKING GLAD that TRUCKING SKARMBLISS plays SO GREAT they have to try and lie to trick people into battling them.

    Shut up and go back to your garbage forum mattj. Even an ex-CRMT mod told you you're being obnoxious.

    PS Hey genius, 2009 VGC is an entirely different metagame from 2010. And the Ducks are sweeping 2010. Last year's competition isn't really relevant to this one's because they are so different.
    But thanks for trying to bring up a point that still doesn't prove anything!!

    Skarmbliss is a noob forum who have nothing from VGC 10 to back up their claims against the Ducks.
    Even if they did, PBB would probably delete it like everything else incriminating.

    Nice try mattj. Think you got the smackdown though. I await your irrelevant, incensed reply.

    It is good to see this thread more active though! SPPf really needs to step it UP VGC-wise since you can actually earn money off of it. And be the very best.

    If any of you guys are going to Newark, well, you know what smogoners are going!
  12. drcossack

    drcossack Banned

    How many times did I ask you to battle me, only for you to refuse? When that battle finally happened, what happened? You lost, then made excuses - you "brought the wrong team", then claimed I counterteamed you. Maybe you should fix your weakness to Trick Room teams.

    btw, I'll be more than happy to battle you again, if you'd like. I'll also take it seriously.

    I seem to remember you calling him a hacking *** on IRC for using an AR Code that allows Gira-O use on WiFi (which I gave to him and many others), then blamed the use of that code for your DS breaking. Sadly, I no longer have the chat log.

    Haven't you also accused people of hacking for other things? I recall a battle in a #smogonwifi live tournament, where you had to face a Shedinja - you kept trying to Sucker Punch it; it failed every time because Shadow Sneak moves before Sucker Punch. You then accused the person of hacking because you "lost every speed tie." Oh, and remember the time you didn't know that Shadow Force broke Protect? I do.

    Zerowing does the same thing. Let's face it, you're allowed to get away with murder on Smogon's forums and IRC channels. Must be nice to have zerowing to protect you if people say anything about you; at the same time, if you say anything, and a person retorts, the person's post gets deleted, and there's a chance they get infracted. I had to complain to another smogon moderator to get a post of yours infracted (when my infracted post even mentioned that you had quote-edited one of my posts. Zerowing failed to do anything, because he "didn't notice.")

    Let's see. Matt made it to worlds last year. How many ducks did? Uhh, was it one?

    That aside, at least people from Skarmbliss don't make excuses when they lose. I recall a battle with Zerowing where he lost 1-0, then claims I got lucky because of a 1-turn sleep.
  13. TR_Jessie

    TR_Jessie Adventure Seeker

    Um... I'm not really on against smogon (they're pretty cool :))... I acutally wanted someone from Serebii to win, that's all.
    I'll have to check that forums thing, though. Thanks for telling me where I can look! :D

    Ducks sounds like a fun idea! I wish I had some cool group, too.

    Does anyone happen to know how old these guys that are winning are?
    Last edited: May 21, 2010
  14. Okay, I'm ****** here for a reason that is MOSTLY unrelated to what everyone here is talking about.

    About two weeks ago I got infracted for simply telling people to go where my siggy says to go, without actually mentioning any other forums in my specific post. I'm guessing from what I'm reading in this thread so far, this group of "I'm better than you are" RMT people aren't going to have jack done to them.

    EVERYBODY in this thread that has posted about outside forums or chats is going to get reported if something isn't promptly done to clean up this thread. I'll probably get banned unfairly, like some others in this thread already have, but I'm bringing some thunder with me as I go.

    For those that I have spoken to in this thread, and am on favorable terms with, I apologize in advance.
  15. aspitfire90

    aspitfire90 Member

    Does anyone know if you can get disqualified if a ball a pokemon is caught in is hacked? I traded for a Shuckle on the GTS because it was holding a Master Ball and I needed one to catch a Zapdos that has a good nature IVs easier, but after talking with my brother I'm worried what would happen if the Master Ball was hacked.

    I've never hacked, and none of the pokemon on my game are hacked. I'm just worried what would happen if this Master Ball was hacked, and I don't want to drive all the way to New Jersey from Ohio only to be disqualified because of something like that.
    Last edited: May 22, 2010
  16. DBK

    DBK Renegade Trainer

    @aspitfire90: It seems that they only check the pokemon's EVs, IVs, Stats, Natures, and Abilities to make sure they are all within legal limits. Unless you have a pokemon in a cherish ball that is not supposed to be in one, you should be fine.

    @jeyrey80: This goes against my better judgment, but I have to agree with you. How is it that only a few of the ranters on this thread got banned? Not only were the non-banned ranters posts just as bad, but one of them basically instigated this mini-war. This just makes no sense.

    On that note, I want to say that unless you want this thread closed, let's keep to the topic and leave any outside hostilities out of it. I have yet to see anyone post how the tournament was run, the registration process, tips for attending, when the shiny eevee was given out, how long that took, etc...

    That info would be welcome for those of us who have yet to attend the tournament.

    If anyone wants to meet me at the NJ tournament, I will be the one wearing a name tag with "DBK" on it in big letters and a black Team Rocket cap. :)
  17. Yeti

    Yeti Banned

    Too old to still play Pokemon -_-
    SF winner is 19
    Seattle winner is 22

    This forum needs to step up its VGC/competitive spirit before people who come exclusively here will ever win any of these. Like there's just no life or actual knowledge of VGC on these forums and nobody really understands the strategies/metagame in CRMT.

    They only check EVs and maybe IVs I think. I don't believe they can tell the ball has been hacked and even if they can they're not checking for that.

    Ok, don't spam this thread with your petty complaints then. If it's unrelated to VGC then you are spamming and off-topic and will be infracted.
    Good game?

    Nobody here is telling people where to go, we are mentioning forums. It's not against the rules to talk about other Pokemon forums in conversation - you shouldn't promote the visitation of these sites but we can freely talk about VGC matters on smogon/skarmbliss without there being a shred of just cause for infracting.

    You don't have any right or grounds to demand the one mod in this section clean up the thread when he's already solved the problem and nothing against the rules is taking place now.

    "Banned unfairly".. how about not? One user made an account specifically to post inflamatory remarks in this thread, one user only posted here trying to instigate a disagreement. Why? They act like 5 year olds. So they got banned.

    You're not doing anything except spamming and bringing onto yourself a justly-deserved infraction. What you are talking about are two entirely different aspects - you told people to visit a site, we brought up a site in relevant discussion.

    tl;dr shove it bro.
  18. aspitfire90

    aspitfire90 Member

    Thanks, I've been really worried about that. Also, I'll be attending the one in NJ too. I'll be wearing a black shirt that says "Cobra Starship - Get Awesome!" on it. lol

    And is it just me, or do the final matches for the other regionals that have been posted look kind of bad? I was watching them with my brother earlier and they just didn't look that tough.
  19. TR_Jessie

    TR_Jessie Adventure Seeker

    Whoa. I was just laughin' at a comment. ^^'
    Um, anyway, does anyone know what the best set for an Abomasnow with leech seed is? Or even a Ludicolo one? I don't want them to be totally defencive, but just have good moves that go with leech seed.
  20. DBK

    DBK Renegade Trainer

    Lol see you there :)

    I agree. I watched the matches, too. They were your typical weather teams. The fact that those teams won those regionals makes me wonder how much of the victories were luck rather than skill. And not just in battles but selection of opponents as well. I have faced similar teams on PBR wifi and ds wifi (with VGC rules, of course) and have won more often than not. I hope that the competition is a little more diverse in NJ.

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