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VGC Special! Breloom Analysis

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Hey everybody! Here's PokeMaster366 with another VGC pokemon analysis. After going through Smogon, I noticed they didn't do an analysis on him there, so I decided to make one here mainly to kill boredom. Today's pokemon is Breloom, a popular pokemon in the regular OU metagame.


Effect Spore: Gives you a 10% chance of poising, paralyzing, or putting your opponent to sleep. A bit situational, but could be handy against the common physical pokemon.
Poison Heal: When Poisoned, you recover 1/8 of your total health every turn. Breloom's regular ability of choice since it makes him immune to status while making him harder to kill.
Technician: Breloom's DW Ability. All moves with a base power of 60 or less get a 1.5x boost in power. Boosted Bullet Seed and Mach Punch would be cool, but it isn't out yet. Don't give up hope yet. It could still happen before Nationals.


A few pages from OU:

Breloom @ Toxic Orb
Ability: Poison Heal
Nature: Adamant/Jolly
EVs: 244 HP/252 Atk/12 Spd or 252 Spd/252 Atk/4 HP
  • Spore
  • Protect
  • Drain Punch
  • Seed Bomb
A variation of the typical OU set. Spore is Breloom's staple and probably the only reason you'll ever use it. Protect is in place of Substitute since it isn't too viable in doubles and Protect gives you a turn for the Toxic Orb to activate. Drain Punch just adds to his overall bulk by restoring his health whenever he uses it. Seed Bomb lets him hit Water types for SE damage. You can run the Max HP set if your only concern is outrunning 4 EV Base 70 Speed pokes like Politoed and Hitmontop, but if you need the speed that badly, run the other EV spread.

Choice Loom!? Are you ki...ZZZ.

Breloom @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Effect Spore/Technician
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 252 Atk/252 Spd/4 HP
  • Spore
  • Seed Bomb/Bullet Seed
  • Drain Punch/Mach Punch
  • Rock Slide/Stone Edge
My personal set for Breloom on my team minus Effect Spore. This set focuses on the one thing Breloom does best: spamming the living **** out of Spore until your opponent ragequits. Bullet Seed gives you a solid STAB to use. Mach Punch is there so you can throw off your opponent and make him believe he's holding another item while giving you something to use if you're ever stuck in Trick Room. If you're not running the non-existent Technician ability even after it comes out, replace Mach Punch and Bullet Seed with Drain Punch and Seed Bomb. Rock Slide is filler since his movepool isn't very diverse in the Doubles realm, but you can run Stone Miss if that's what you prefer.


Since Breloom is normally going to be spamming Spore, Fake Out support will be very nice. You can use Infernape if you want Speed and hate Steel types or Hariyama if you want more power and don't want the opponent to try the same strategy against you. It would also be nice.

Checks and Counters

This might be the part I'll need help with. The only guaranteed counters that I can think of right now for Breloom are faster Scarfed pokemon and Swift Swim pokemon that know Ice Beam. The Defensive TOrb variants are the easiest to handle since all it takes is a powerful SE move to 0HKO it, but the real issue is the Scarfed set. Let me explain. With a Jolly nature and a Scarf, Breloom outruns even Base 130 Speed pokemon. The only real way to beat that is with Prankster Tailwind/Taunt or a lucky Trick Room since Breloom can just put regular pokes to sleep before they set up, and stopping him is doubly difficult if he has Fake Out support. All you can really do if he has Fake Out support and don't have anything listed above is A.) Have a Lum Berry ready to activate, B.) Use combos such as Hariyama + Flame Orb + Guts to resist Spore, C.) Take out Breloom with your Scarfed pokemon before he causes too much damage by putting your whole team to sleep, D.) Outpredict the opponent with Protect so you don't have to deal with the other half of the problem: Fake Out support, or E.) Pray you wake up early or bait him into going offensive. Simply put, if you go against a Scarfed Breloom w/o any scarfed pokemon of your own, be ready for a tough and annoying fight. If you have any other idea's for countering Scarfed Breloom that you know about, feel free to post them because I. Am. Stumped.


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One of my personal favorites is:
Breloom @ Toxic Orb
4 Hp/252 Attack/252 Speed
- Drain Punch
- Seed Bomb
- Spore
- Mach Punch

This set won so many battles. Drain Punch is STAB and keeps you alive. Seed Bomb is also STAB, and takes out the evile Jellicent. If you predict correctly, Spore can change the tide and disable big threats. Mach Punch to finish of pokemon.

Gundam Leafeon

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I've been playing around with scarfed breloom and I find it works very well as a lead with kangaskhan. Throw in a jolteon for volt switch support and you've got yourself a nice little offense.

Check out this video: 66-52221-54226

I hope I made you proud TC
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Umm, sleep clause? Fodder something to sleep, then bring in an appropriate counter. Like infernape, scizor with acrobatics, poison heal gliscor, skarmory, gengar, reuniclus, mandibuzz, anything with access to a flying move...
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