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VGCats Addresses the Tough Issues of D/P!


Pippi! Pi!
Lol. I love this comic. xD



Well-Known Member
its.....so....true...D and P are just like ever over game....well they have Wi-Fi but thats nothin much.......... well...and a more 3-Dish world. Oh well D and P are still good games. but ya that a real funny comic lol.


I saw this back when it was first up, but I still love it. I gotta agree with most points... Especially the Ginga Dan grunts' bowl cuts. What dorks. X3 The GTS thing is oh-so true too.


Pachirisu sucks.
Wasn't quite done with enough hilarious ignorance as the other couple of Pokemon comics but still funny. VG Cats rocks my bed. <3