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Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by Saint_Plague, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Saint_Plague

    Saint_Plague New Member

    I need some tips on how I can improve this deck. I plan on trading out most of the trainers, because I pretty much only have older ones. Other than that, give me some tips, please? :3

    Pokemon (7)
    1 x Victini EX
    1 x Articuno EX
    2 x Delibird
    2 x White Kyurem
    1 x Manaphy

    Trainers (26)
    2 x Maintenance
    1 x Good Manners
    2 x Gust of Wind
    1 x Energy Retrieval
    1 x Recycle
    2 x Energy Removal
    1 x Professor Oak's New Theory
    1 x Potion
    1 x Switch
    1 x Challenge
    3 x Skyla
    1 x Here Comes Team Rocket!
    2 x Poke Ball
    2 x Gambler
    1 x Bill
    2 x Eviolite
    1 x Energy Search
    1 x Pokedex

    Energy (27)
    13 x Fire
    14 x Water

    Pretty much my game plan is to get Victini and Articuno ASAP. I use Delibird for present, and Manaphy for his ability Final Wish. Victini has the attack Turbo Energize, so I can setup Articuno as quickly as possible. I have Here Comes Team Rocket! so if either are in the prizes, I can find out which one. Thanks in advance for the tips!
  2. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    Do you want to play this as a format deck or unlimited deck?
  3. Saint_Plague

    Saint_Plague New Member

    I just recently started playing, so I'm not really sure what the differences are between those.
  4. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    Format decks are ones you can take with you to league events such as battle roads, cities, provs/states, regionals, nationals and worlds, these deck's must abide by the format which is made up of current non-rotated card sets such as b/w to plasma storm (which is our current format), If you need a list of set's we are currently using I don't mind to drum that up, unlimited cards are not bound by which set you can play with however you cannot go to any of the pokemon events I listed with an unlimited decklist and play (again you cannot, just in case you forgot).
  5. Saint_Plague

    Saint_Plague New Member

    Well, I'm probably not going to go to leagues for a while, so I'd probably go with unlimited.
  6. Swagsire

    Swagsire Well-Known Member

    Energy count is way too high. And way too many 1 ofs and 2 ofs. Pick a few solid trainers that get you where you need and go for it. If you arent going to league and youre doing unlimited my guess is Ven knows alot more about that style than I do. Qwaa ;195;
  7. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    I do, but swagsire does have a point, you're lines are to inconsistent to play, and the reason behind this is, you have 60 cards in you're deck, when you have a 1 of card you only get to play it once, and the chances of being able to play that same card everytime you play against the same or different opponent's becomes rare so we would like to widen you're trianer/supporter and stadium lines so you can use more of the one card that is more needed. But first do you have colress machine and plasma energy?

    3-4 Gust of Wind (I play 2 gust of wind because I'm crazy, I don't expcet people out there to do the same as me so I would suggest 3-4, even having that extra catcher on you're first or second turn by bring one of you're opponents bench techs forward and they can't do anything is a great setup strategy that will work in you're favor giving you that extra turn before you're opponent attacks)
    2 super rod (now I got rid of both e. retrieval and recycle because they don't always seem to work with victini in mind, I play victini EX and the use of cards that can get the energy back into you're deck really help that one card out, even by a little bit
    2 Energy Removal (great card play more of)
    3-4 Professor Oak's New Theory (playing more shuffle supporter's always help players get better hands, so let's say you start the game off and have a terrible hand, well lets get a better had and use pont, and I bet you even if you use it once or twice that will happen)
    3-4 Switch (even if you play against unlimited decks or format decks we will gust of wind/catcher you, and even if you experience things like status lock switch helps because as soon as you're active goes to the bench they are cured of all status aliments)
    3-4 prof oak (I'm not going to lie, having the option of a supporter card that you can use as much as you want makes me hate playing with format decks so much, if you don't like you're hand, or have no hand use oak, hes the boss)
    3 x Skyla (perfect)
    1 luxury ball best card ever made in pokemon, even if you have to proxy it, best card ever made.
    2 twins (this is a great card to, lets say you're delibird gets ko'd first np you can now search you're deck for any 2 cards, what a boss of a card)
    2-3 item finder (it's a great card, from base set and they still can't make a better card for the discard pile as great as this one, because all T/S/S cards are trainers)
    1-2 roseannes reaserch (EX pokemon are basic as well and you can get energy if you want to setup victini the same turn)

    3-4 colress machine and 3-4 plasma energy (so articuno's second attack becomes gruesome and you have the option to setup articuno for turn 1 and attack with 60.

    Yes the list is a hack and slash of you're t/s/s list and I do apologize if you get offended by it, I just wanted to show you what I would recommend playing for the pokemon you have, less energy as well, relying on a well made T/S/S line makes you're pokemon play faster and to have a better flow with the games because those cards are supposed to work for you're pokemon and you're energy. I hope you like my suggestions.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2013
  8. Saint_Plague

    Saint_Plague New Member

    Thanks for the tips! I have made some changes to my deck, including cutting out a lot of the energies, adding some better trainers that I had, and removing some useless ones. I also put in 2 plasma energy and 2 colress machine. While I was testing this new setup, I actually got a turn 3 Frost Prison with Victini's Turbo Energize, manually adding 1 water energy, and using colress machine for the plasma. I might add in another Victini/Articuno, just in case they're prized. I also added a Keldeo with Hydro Pump, just in case I run into a Sigilyph/Klinklang. Usually, I can get Articuno setup in the first 3 turns for at least a Blizzard. I'll play around with the deck a bit later, see what I can add, and post an updated deck list.
  9. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    I'd say benchtini is a slightly better play, fire type, 70 hp, does 100 dmg for 2 energy but you have to have 4 or more pokemon on you're bench to attack with it ohko's both cobalion decks and sigilyph, not to many people are gonna wanna play sigilyph/klink considering that cobalion EX's second attack goes right through sigilyphs attack and plasma klink is sigilyph in theory. I'd say playing 2/2 victini/benchtini and 3 articuno, from playing my darkrai victini deck, you don't want to have victini EX out for to long so I liked the extra added tech of super scoop up so you can just put victini back to you're hand after you used energy accelerate because by turn 2-3 regardless if articuno is a threat and they can only deal 110-120 at best, will try to find a way to ohko victini, considering the fact that it's not much hp for 2 prizes. Hydro pump is not bad with victini, nice play.
  10. jwalquis0388

    jwalquis0388 Alastair

    Many of your trainers are out of the format....

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