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Okay, I have a Youtube channel (as you can see from my signature). Only my friends really watch it, and I post videos every single week. The problems is that I don't get any criticism or real feedback from them because they are all too polite. I need real criticism. Even if you hate my videos in the end, I want people to tell me exactly why. I want to begin taking this seriously as an art discipline, and I need as much growth and help as I can get. So please just check out the channel and give any honest feedback, good or bad. It would mean the world to me.

Also, I want you to bare in mind that this is NOT a Pokemon or gaming channel. This is essentially a sketch comedy channel. It's there for comedy purposes. So don't go in expecting a gaming channel. Also, I know that there is a water mark in many of the videos and it looks tacky. That is the one thing I'm going to sincerely ask you to ignore.

Here is the link, and thank you very much to those who give me feedback.