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Video Game Remix Discussion

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Absol6028, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Absol6028

    Absol6028 What did you say...?

    Approved by bobandbill

    This thread breaks off from the Soundtracks thread in GPD. Everyone has music they like from video games, right? Some people prefer remixes over the originals.

    My question is: Do you like remixes? I'm not talking only about Pokemon remixes either. How many of you ever played a game called Banjo Kazooie? Last I remember, it had a couple good soundtracks on it. But a few people made a good remix of it; like ToxicxEternity. As you can tell, it's a metal remix. And even you have to agree that he is pretty good.

    My question to you is do you prefer to listen to remixes of your favorite songs or the originals? Please provide examples also!​
  2. Yad

    Yad Active Member

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