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Video of a real, live "manaphy!"

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Now I wanna poach those things. Anything related to Manaphy=crap that the world doesn't need.


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Clearly, they mignioned the 'sea angel' so that it is more appealing to children. It is fascinating though on how the pokemon company bases their pokemon off from anything. Imagine Max sleeping with one of these things, lol.



Lol so cute in the biggining but creepy when it ate the sea snail o_O
Also did the overvoice say anything about pokemon?

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lol the music in the background is like what you hear in a horror movie:
*Little girl sitting on chair in an abandoned house*
"la la la lala la"
*main character approaches little girl*
"Are you okay? Where's your mom?"
*little girl turns around*
"I have no mom..."
*main character* "What? What do you mean?"
"I have no mom... BECAUSE I ATE HER ALIVE (Deep, evil voice)!!!!!"
*scream* *Tentacles and other spiky bloodsucking objects sprout from the girl's face and start trying to suck the main character dry*

I will never look at manaphy/phione the same way again.


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So the blue puny little thingy "evolved" into that horrible hentai-tentacle monster-except it's N16 for violence, not sexual-reference one :eek:


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o_O I'm gonna have nightmares tonight.​

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Manaphy is not a sea angel. It is a sea VAMPIRE!

Explains why Omanyte is a fossil, though.


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Manaphy is not a sea angel. It is a sea VAMPIRE!

Explains why Omanyte is a fossil, though.

Lol... it sure does...

But really, what were the guys over at gamefreak smoking when they decided to base a pokemon off this... thing...


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I looked this creature up. It is called a clione. Now I understand where the name phione came from. It bears more resemblance to phione with the one leg "tip" thing.

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I just imagined this thing on Spongebob. On Spongebob. I wonder how they would interpret that. Would it be a serial killer?

Weird thoughts FTW!
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