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Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Cameron Oakley, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. Cameron Oakley

    Cameron Oakley Perky Trainer


    RP Produced by: Cameron Oakley
    Rated: PG-13 for language and violence
    Vindex RPG Cafe Thread
    (A list of character profiles are on page 3. It is still being pulled together.)
    Vindex RPG Thread




    They were always defeated by mere children and valiant trainers who could not see the grandness of their ways. Did they not see what they were trying to do? Could they not see that if they would’ve just followed everything would’ve been alright? A world would exist where there wouldn’t been any opposition because everyone would have the same train of thought, but no. They’d rather live in a world too full of variety where worthless emotions could wreck their lives. If there was no feeling, there would be no pain, strife or heartaches. Why could the ignorant people not see it would be perfect? That was the answer. Because they were ignorant or so Cyrus thought as he mulled over the defeat of his organization that happened eight years prior. He understood why the other organizations fell and how they now felt. He hated feelings. It did nothing, except cause confusion. Humans were so foolish and this gave rise to the first emotion he’d felt in a long time. Anger. Cyrus came to the final decision of attempting to show the world how much better it would be under his rule one more time. However, before he would even contact his subordinates, he had his own research to conduct.

    The following year, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn had arrived at the old Galactic Headquarters in Veilstone City that was now in shambles. Neither knew why or who even sent the messages that called for their meeting at the old headquarters. Before they split ways thinking it had been some kind of joke, a Chatot arrived to pass along a message. “From here 28 forward, 40 left, 13 right and stomp,” it repeatedly squawked. Their face formed a look of confusion until Mars figured they could be coordinates with Saturn adding it could be steps. The Chatot repeated the message before flying away. The trio went with Saturn’s guess and took the required steps. Reaching number thirteen of the last set, they stopped only to find themselves in the woods. The Chatot had flown off earlier and they couldn’t remember what the last instruction was. Out of frustration, Jupiter stomped as she stated again that it probably a joke when the space beneath them trembled before descending into the ground. They soon found themselves standing behind three chairs that were a part of many stationed around a large, U shaped table. The familiar voice of their boss welcomed their return and asked them to take a seat so they could be briefed.

    Standing at the head was Cyrus, welcoming the visitors to the Sinnoh Region. Also seated at the table were the bosses of major crime syndicates from the three other regions. Cyrus stated that the reason he summoned them here was for the rebirth of their organizations. The leader of Team Aqua, Archie, laughed at this, saying that each of them had tried twice and failed each time. Maxie, the leader of Team Magma, added that there was always someone to stand in their way for domination because people saw them as evil. After the glum recounts, Cyrus inquired as to whether or not Giovanni had anything to add and the Team Rocket leader merely answered that he was just waiting to see why he was summoned out of hiding. Cyrus continued stating that the answer to their resurrection lied with him. A small cage materialized before him. The feeling of surprise arose as everyone looked closely to see what the cage contained. Lying tiredly on the cage floor was the wish Pokémon, Jirachi.

    Saturn wondered how he came about capturing the Pokémon, but Cyrus only answered that details would be saved for later and that their future will soon take hold. Giovanni questioned as to whether or not he made a wish and Cyrus responded that he had not. He was waiting for them so they could see it happen. They watched questioningly as the Galactic leader made the Jirachi face him. The man requested that everything be destroyed, except the base they were in and that the legendary Pokémon listened only to them. The weakened Pokémon tiredly shook its head, refusing to grant the request. Giovanni told him that the wish was not only a waste, but that Jirachi could not handle such a request as it did not have the needed power, and Maxie put in that unless written on the tags Jirachi can refuse any wish. Cyrus asked what they propose. Maxie suggested something more that will frighten trainers and there was one thing that could do such. Their attention turned to Maxie. His wish? The disappearance of all Pokémon.

    Two weeks later, the news was filled with alarm as Pokémon continued to disappear into thin air. Pokémon as large Steelix were disappearing before trainers’ and breeders’ eyes, even during televised battles. Maxie was pleased with himself as he watched the reporter inform the public of the situation. Archie mentioned, through another monitor, that at first he thought Maxie was crazy for getting rid of all the Pokémon until he had elaborated that all Pokémon should disappear except the ones belonging to their organizations. The Magma leader said that unlike Archie, he had more brain than brawn. Cyrus intervened in the conversation, asking how long more will the disappearances take. Maxie answered three weeks. By spanning such an extreme wish over a course of time, Jirachi would be much more able to fulfill it. The only problem was that the written wishes could not be erased. Suspicious, Cyrus mentioned that he had never heard of such a thing and Archie agreed. Maxie countered that he did not know about writing on the paper tags either, but that it was true and added that if Cyrus wanted to risk destroying two weeks worth of progress to test the theory that it was fine with him. There was a pause as they stared at one another across the screen. Giovanni then interrupted that whether if what Maxie said was true or not, there was no need for erasing the wish as they would soon begin phase two. Cyrus conceded and told them at the end of the third week to begin Operation Wave.

    At the end of the third week, the panic level skyrocketed when evil organizations began rearing their heads in masses. Kanto was swarmed by Team Rocket, Johto by Team Aqua, Hoenn by Magma and Sinnoh by Galactic. What was even worse was that they all had Pokémon in their possessions. Without their own Pokémon, trainers and others could not defend themselves or others from the onslaught. Even the gym leaders and elite four were defenseless. In the blink of an eye, the four regions had become under complete control of the crime syndicates. It wasn’t until later that rumors spread about Jirachi being in the command of evil who requested the disappearance of all the Pokémon except theirs, making it easier for them to take over the regions. Refusing to let the organizations get away with this action, factions rose against them despite not having any Pokémon for protection. It is during this uprising that a faction, while in a vicious fight with Team Aqua, stumbled upon small crystals that contained Pokémon within. It wasn’t until they were about to be defeated that they inadvertently released the contained Pokémon, which resulted in the humans holding the crystals to turn into the Pokémon themselves. Needless to say each one was shocked by this event, but the faction quickly took advantage of this and defeated the grunts.

    The faction attempted to keep them detained, but few got away and reported to their officials what had taken place. Before they even had a chance to retaliate, numerous stones were excavated and passed out to trainers. Messages from both sides were swiftly relayed to Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. It wasn’t long before those teams were being fought against by rising factions as well and the one-sided war turned into a stalemate. Jupiter yelled at the caged Jirachi for what it did, but Cyrus told her to settle down and that the turn of events might prove beneficial while staring expressionlessly at the trembling wish Pokémon.

    Presently: 10 Years after the Wish

    Jirachi had granted Maxie’s written wish, but as a last effort to save its own race, it caused the Pokémon to become trapped within stones and gems. Pulling off this stunt was much easier both mentally and physically than just wiping out its own race. Being in the possession of Team Sinnoh, Jirachi missed its chance to slumber for the next thousand years. Now, the crime organizations’ next step has been put into play and that’s to gather the strongest of the legendary Pokémon. The factions were not far behind in ideas and formed their own organizations: Protectors of Kanto, Guardians of Johto, Defenders of Hoenn and Sentinels of Sinnoh. Each organization has a key Pokémon, which are Pokémon that they look to find and obtain in order to either reverse the mass of affected Pokémon (protagonists) or to make things worse (antagonists).

    The Pokémon trapped within the crystals have become known as Vindex or Vindi (plural). They can be awakened from within the stone by strong emotions or just saying the Pokémon’s name. Unlike Pokémon captured by the use of poké balls, trainers are able to keep over six in their possession. However, since handling more than six may turn out to be a hassle, six is usually the maximum carried on missions. Another unusual thing that occurs is the Pokémon trapped within the stones and crystals are able to merge with humans. This is seemingly the only way for the Pokémon’s power and ability to be utilized. An adverse affect of this is the nature of the Pokémon might overtake human mentality if the human is inexperienced or if the Pokémon is too strong and despite “becoming” a Pokémon, any physical damage sustained while in battle will not disappear when the Vindex has returned to the item.

    As studied, only one Vindex can be used at a time. While a person is merged with a Vindex, he or she is unable to speak human, but can both understand humans and Pokémon. Trading centers are being worked on as where they would only be able to route to certain places via password so Pokémon sent across the lines would not get intercepted.

    About the Vindex

    The longer someone has his or her Vindex out, the better the chance of the Pokémon’s nature influencing them. Vindex are still Pokémon that have a mind and will of their own and as the human mind is worn down by working excessively, theirs is able to take over. They still retain the same strengths and weaknesses. As the Vindi continue to battle, they will grow in strength and new attacks can be learnt. As long as the Pokémon remains a Vindex it cannot breed. It has also been found that the Vindex crystals are able to be sent across the trading networks. Vindi are also able to evolve through leveling up, stones, trading, and tameness. Pokémon that require taming are the toughest to evolve. Evolutions can occur in the midst of battle. Potions are able to be effective while a person has their Vindex out. When a person unleashes the Vindex, they will transform into the Pokémon, clothes and all so when a person transform back into a human they won’t be without clothing.


    • …Type in third person
    • …Follow Serebii.net rules
    • …Respect other members
    • …No guns, swords, weapons in general
    • …Cursing is allowed, but in a controlled state
    • …Violence is allowed, but don’t go getting all gory
    • …Do not act like you and your Pokémon are invincible
    • …You may only begin with three Vindi and will gain more as the story progresses
    • …Do not bunny unless you have gained permission from the other role player and myself. Very small in-character actions are allowed, but not often
    • …I’m not going to request a role playing sample because of all the information here, but do make sure you fill out the forms correctly, though I still could ask
    • …You are able to play as two characters, just as long as (1) you can control more than one character and (2) the other character is in a different organization.
    • …Make and control NPCs as needed. NPCs are not major characters and should be used in minor situations such as fetching you or a very small conversation about the war or perhaps the weather. Kind of like NPCs act on the Pokémon games.
    • ...This is pretty much an open role play, I guess. My character will be in Sinnoh so I won't be participating in the other regions much. The only thing I'll probably post in reference to other regions are missions for the squads and that's it. This way, even if I disappear for a day or two (which I hope I don't), the role play can still move along.
    • ...When posting, please state somewhere at the top of the post the name of the squad, organization, region, and place. This will make it easier to know where characters are and that they won't be teleporting elsewhere unless they are a psychic Pokémon. There are restrictions on this too (be realistic). Hopefully I don't have to go into explanation by what I mean.
    • …Please be a consistent participant. Alert me to when you’re either leaving for a period of time or just want to quit. It’s okay to inform me that you don’t feel like role playing anymore as we all get bored with role plays sometimes, but don’t just join and then after the first post, “ah I wanna quit.”
    • …More rules will probably be added as the role progresses


    For the sake of easy remembrance, the organization and team names are simple. As I’m sure you will notice, the squads are named after their respective games. The protagonists are only allowed to have Vindi and not actual the normal Pokémon until further into the role play. The antagonists can have regular Pokémon, but only one Vindi until later. If the protagonists can occupy places such as Olivine City that has the Battle Tower for example then they would have access to a training facility that could allow their Vindi to level up faster. Sparring with other characters during the role play can also help, but learning attacks will still probably come much slower than using a training facility.


    They have key Pokémon they want to obtain before the evil organizations do in order to stop and reverse the destruction they have caused. There are also primary locations they look to secure once again, namely the cities on the shores because of the water routes. The Pokémon Centers act as the bases if the towns are too small. The regions keep in contact with one another by flying Pokémon taken from various evil teams.

    Protectors of Kanto

    This is the organization that looks to protect and rescue the Kanto region at all costs from Team Rocket. They have managed to take back Celadon City, Fuchsia City and Cerulean City. Their eyes are set on Vermillion because of the port as well as islands. The key Pokémon for them is Mew as they hope that its DNA would contain answers to restoring the Pokémon. The Protectors of Kanto want the Indigo Plateau so they will be able traverse the land into Johto in order to aid the Guardians of Johto.

    Key Pokémon: Mew
    Primary Place(s): Indigo Plateau, Vermillion City, and at least one of the Seveii Islands
    Secured Area(s): Celadon City, Fuchsia City, and Cerulean City

    • Red Squad
      The offensive squad. They are mainly the ones that are on the front lines battling Team Rocket and securing the cities and towns.​
      Red Squad Leader: Ormond Duke played by Tale
      Red Squad Troops
      Star Ryu played by Killer_Squirtle
      Amy Hetfield played by Tempus Fugit
    • Blue Squad
      The locators and excavators of Vindex and the healers.​
      Blue Squad Leader: Victor Hunter played by Stoc15
      Blue Squad Troops
    • Yellow Squad
      The gatherers of information on what Team Rocket is planning and searching for clues that could lead to finding Mew.​
      Yellow Squad Leader: Daniel Sherwin played by The Black Glove
      Yellow Squad Troops
      Jeremy Frost played by Mrmagius
      Jon Tucker played by Gold E Loxi 1
      Larissa Fenti played by JolteonShock

    Guardians of Johto

    This is the organization that looks to protect and rescue the Johto Region at all costs from Team Aqua. Blackthorn City and Ecruteak have been secured. With the help of the gym leader Claire, the guardians have Blackthorn City and with the aid of Morty, Ecruteak as well. They are the first to secure a major port, which is Olivine City. Both ways to Ilex Forest is blocked because Goldenrod City and Azalea Town are still occupied by Team Aqua. With a combined effort from Kanto, Johto is also looking to rid the Indigo Plateau of Team Aqua. Celebi is their key Pokémon and they look to go back in time and hopefully stop the event before it began.

    Key Pokémon: Celebi
    Primary Place(s): Cianwood and Indigo Plateau
    Secured Area(s): Blackthorn City, Ecruteak City, and Olivine City

    • Gold Squad
      The offensive squad. They are mainly the ones that are on the front lines battling Team Aqua and securing the cities and towns.​
      Gold Squad Leader: Jasmine Ailame played by InnerFlame
      Gold Squad Troops
    • Silver Squad
      The locators and excavators of Vindex and the healers.​
      Silver Squad Leader: (Reserved for Kat)
      Silver Squad Troops
      Giuseppe Damasio played by Skeith
    • Crystal Squad
      The gatherers of information on what Team Aqua is planning and searching for clues that could lead to finding Celebi.​
      Crystal Squad Leader: Sumire Rheeds played by .:Lemon Tea:.
      Crystal Squad Troops
      Alexander Valentine played by The Doctor

    Defenders of Hoenn

    This is the organization that looks to protect and rescue the Hoenn Region at all costs from Team Magma. Through harsh battles, Pacifidlog Town, Ever Grande City, and Slateport City managed to fall back into the hands of good. They attempted to take back Route 122 and Lilycove, but found both were heavily secured. They’ve been granted with the task of attempting to retrieve Jirachi. Unfortunately they do not know that the creature is in Sinnoh. Rayquaza is also on this if the events become even worse to where Groudon and Kyogre are awakened, they would at least stand a fighting chance with Rayquaza.

    Key Pokémon: Jirachi and Rayquaza
    Primary Place(s): Mossdeep City, Rustboro City, Route 122 and Lilycove City
    Secured Area(s): Pacifidlog Town, Ever Grande City, and Slateport City

    • Ruby Squad
      The offensive squad. They are mainly the ones that are on the front lines battling Team Magma and securing the cities and towns.​
      Ruby Squad Leader: Derek Hughs played by Moogles4ever
      Ruby Squad Troops
      Mika Andrews played byAiko-chan
      Lena de Le Grange played by Kimichi
    • Sapphire Squad
      The locators and excavators of Vindex and the healers.​
      Sapphire Squad Leader: Kyrin played by Ryuusei
      Sapphire Squad Troops
    • Emerald Squad
      The gatherers of information on what Team Magma is planning and searching for clues that could lead to finding Jirachi and Rayquaza.​
      Emerald Squad Leader: Aaron Naphion played by handymankg2
      Emerald Squad Troops
      Jack Mariner played by Razor Shiftry

    Sentinels of Sinnoh

    This is the organization that looks to protect and rescue the Sinnoh Region at all costs from Team Galactic. The Sentinels of Sinnoh have to put up with much as this is the region where a lot of things happen and end up taking the brunt of Jirachi’s powers. Looking to cripple their communication abilities and transportation to other regions, the sentinels are looking to take Canalave and Jubilife City. They already have Sunyshore which is a major port, but getting Canalave would put a halt to it even more. Following the tale of the original one, they look to find Arceus, hoping that it was the only Pokémon not affected by the power of Jirachi. First and foremost though, they have to locate the Azure Flute.

    Key Pokémon: Arceus
    Primary Place(s): Canalave City and Jubilife City
    Secured Area(s): Snowpoint City and Sunyshore City

    • Diamond Squad
      The offensive squad. They are mainly the ones that are on the front lines battling Team Galactic and securing the cities and towns.​

      Diamond Squad Leader: Tariana Pitman played by Cameron Oakley
      Diamond Troops
      Will Kronis played by Copygoo
      Michael Rhapsody played by TheVicious
    • Pearl Squad
      The locators and excavators of Vindex and the healers.​
      Pearl Squad Leader: Jason Mucmings played by Jason-kun
      Pearl Squad Troops
      Alice Villa played by Ventus3
    • Platinum Squad
      The gatherers of information on what Team Galactic is planning and searching for clues that could lead to finding Arceus.​
      Platinum Squad Leader: Dominic Fernandez played by storymasterb
      Platinum Squad Troops


    Team Rocket

    Team Rocket is a highly organized criminal syndicate "in pursuit of evil" headed by Giovanni and based in Kanto. Once upon a time, its main focus was stealing or capturing, then selling, rare and/or strong Pokémon, but it also conducts cruel experimental research on Pokémon. Some of this still holds true. Originally, Team Rocket's final goal is to take over the world using Pokémon. However, after being in conference with the other notorious teams from their respective regions, Giovanni has settled for the control of Kanto. They are, by far, the largest evil syndicate known. Their key Pokémon is Mewtwo who was their creation and they aim to find the stone it is trapped with in as to control it once again.

    Key Pokémon: Mewtwo
    Secured Area(s): All except Celadon City, Fuchsia City, and Cerulean City
    Base Location: Viridian City
    Admin(s): Charon Jenkins played by Zincspider and (Sir Forget-A-Lot)

    Team Aqua

    Team Aqua is another evil organization that was established in Hoenn beside Team Magma. Their original intention was to raise the level of the oceans by using the power of the legendary Pokémon Kyogre. This is still their intention as the Vindex is in their possession as well as the orb needed to control the Pokémon. However, this has to be held off until the all the evil organizations come to a consensus that they may begin to initiate their personal plans. Currently, they occupy the Johto Region after losing a match to decide which of the two rivals would take over Johto. Archie is still their leader and their base is situated in the Whirl Islands. Their key Pokémon now are: Lugia since it is known as the “guardian of the sea” and Suicune due to its water purifying ability.

    Key Pokémon: Lugia and Suicune
    Secured Area(s): All except Blackthorn City, Ecruteak City, and Olivine City
    Base Location: Whirl Islands

    Team Aqua Grunts
    Fox Harper played by InnerFlame
    Agent Thorn played by handymankg2

    Team Magma

    Team Magma has majority of the Hoenn Region under its control after passing a test to decide which team will relocate to Johto. They look to increase the landmass of the world using Groudon’s power. The legendary Pokémon is already in their possession. The leader is still Maxie. Cyrus keeps rather close tabs on Maxie and his team as Maxie exhibits the most signs of possibly mutinying, which he does plan to as long as Cyrus continues to think that if the wishes are erased then the effects would disappear. Their key Pokémon now are now the Regi trio as they wish to awaken the Regigigas in the Sinnoh Region.

    Key Pokémon: Regirock, Regice, Registeel
    Secured Area(s): All except Pacifidlog Town, Ever Grande City, and Slateport City
    Base Location: Cave on Route 124 and Fallarbor Town as a secondary base

    Team Magma Grunts
    Agnetha Ulvaeus played by Moogles4ever

    Team Galactic

    As the original producers of the contract, Team Galactic is heading the operation. Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are still in their position with Cyrus as their leader. When Jirachi first came into his possession Cyrus wished that it just destroyed the planet and have all the legendary Pokémon under his command. However, the wish Pokémon refused to grant him such. In their possession is Jirachi. This team has multiple key Pokémon they are searching for: the lake trio as to get Diagla and Palkia; and eventually, Arceus. Like the Sentinels of Sinnoh, they are in search for the Azure Flute to awaken the creator Pokémon after which they will destroy and create a new world.

    Key Pokémon: Arceus, Palkia, Dialga, Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie, Giratina
    Secured Area(s): All except Snowpoint City and Sunyshore City
    Base Location: Veilstone City and Eterna City

    Team Galactic Grunts​

    Lucia Villa played by Ventus3

    The form is rather long and has three sections: the basic character form, item information, and Pokémon information. The item information is added because I kind of hate it when characters just pull items out the blue and I’m guilty of this myself. *Smiles sheepishly* Those who would like to be squad leaders also have the opportunity to control the boss characters of their respective region. So if someone would like to be the squad leader of the Red Squad, they can control Giovanni and Team Rocket movements. This is allowed unless I find that it's trailing away from the plot and I will only briefly take control of a boss if I need the role play to go in a certain direction in order to move the plot along.

    I'm going to use Olivine City again for another example. If Team Aqua's base is situated in the Whirl Islands and Olivine City is on the coast, that should mean it would be filled with Team Aqua members. Since the Battle Tower is also near by the grunts might be a lot tougher than the ones staying inland. Think about these things while role playing.

    Character Form

    Nickname: [Optional]
    Age: [16 – 30]
    Appearance: [Minimum of 4 lines]
    Personality: [Minimum of 4 lines]
    History: [Minimum of 5 lines]
    Alliance: [Team, Organization] {Example: Red Squad, Protectors of Kanto} (Don’t put a second part if you’re with one of the antagonist teams, just put Team Rocket, Team Galactic, etc.) [Currently looking for four more squad leaders. If you would like to be a squad leader, put in the other category]
    Other: [Optional]

    Item Information

    Bag/Backpack: [Does your character have a bag? Yes or None. If none, skip type and move to items. I know characters do have pockets so if you don’t have a bag, a character can have up to 6 items]
    Type: [Is it a large hiking pack, duffle bag, purse, waist pouch, etc.]
    Items: [Realistically, it depends upon the size of your bag, but no more than fifteen (15) items. If you put 5x potions, then that leaves you with 10 more items. Poké balls are still available, though hardly used. No rare items like Master balls.]

    Pokémon/Vindex Information

    Number of Vindi: [How many Pokémon crystals do you have? You can have an unlimited number, but currently you cannot start with anymore than three. If you have more than one, copy, paste and fill out the following form again. Please do not have a team consisting of all pseudo-legendary Pokémon and legendaries are not available right now. If you're playing as an antagonist, fill out the same form for the Pokémon (either you can have three Pokémon or two Pokémon and a Vindex. If you have a Vindex, just place that Vindex's name in bold.]

    Specie: [Is it a Pikachu, Cleffa, Piplup, etc.)
    Nature: [Lonely, Adamant, Serious, Jolly, etc. It could affect your personality when merged with the Vindex.]
    Ability: [Torrent, Blaze, Multitype, etc. Must correspond with the Pokémon Vindex chosen]
    Level: [No higher than fifty-five (55) right now]
    Attacks: [Four (4) to start with unless the level is low. Natural moves only. You can begin learning moves classified as TM/HM and tutor moves as the role play goes on.]

    My Form

    Name: Tariana Pitman
    Nickname: Tari or Riana
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Tariana is a sepia skinned, sinewy female standing at 5’ 5” and weighs approximately 115 pounds. Her long, spiky silver hair is often held in a ponytail by a sturdy, cylindered clamp and the bangs hangs just above her cornflower blue eyes. All of her face is covered, particularly in public, by a Sneasel mask as the left side of her face is covered in 2nd degree burns. Worn around her neck is a piece that resembles a Native American choker. In the center is an ultramarine pendant. The black turtleneck top has a solid, dark pink stripe that goes horizontally across the shoulders and down the long sleeves. Thick, dark colored work gloves cover her hands. Her cargo short pant is the same color as the top with the inside of the legs being dark pink and has one zipper pocket on each leg. On her feet are arsenic colored snow boots. When going on long treks down route 217 to 216 for carrying supplies to the other Pokémon center, she wears a large coat for more protection and longer, thicker pants.
    Personality: While leading a squad, Tariana can come off as extremely brazen and sometimes presumptuous. Anyone that is even considered to be remotely “nice” looking she would put through the most rigorous training and the dirtiest part of the mission. She does prefer to be alone, but at the same time longs for the company of others. Much of the time, Pitman is very judgmental, classifying someone before she has even gotten to know them. Strangely, these extreme attitudes of coldness only come about while she is wearing her Sneasel mask. When the mask is removed, she is nothing more than a frightened child, afraid that if people see her face they will either tease her, call her names, or cast her looks of disgust. Even while the mask is in place, she is exceedingly insecure. She fears rejection because of her appearance so in order to hide both her physical appearance and self-conscious personality, she wears a mask. Sometimes while leading the squad, she is still easily downhearted and does regret some of the things she does to people, but hardens herself so it will not show through.
    History: Since she was young, other kids often teased her for being unnaturally short, even as the years went by and other kids seemingly grew at a steadily rate. She was the target for mud bombs and sand-attack by her peers’ Pokémon. Even some of the teens joined in with the younger ones. In an attempt to change this, Tariana began eating a lot more, but her size still refused to change. Her parents often tried to cheer her up by saying she was pretty and to not listen to the other children, but the young Tariana only viewed their words as lies. She could only find solace in Poochie, her Poochyena. He was the only one who could make her feel as though she belonged and had some kind of worth. Tariana was seven and celebrating her eighth birthday when the Pokémon began disappearing. She remembered viewing the television with her parents and watching the reporters informing them that Pokémon were disappearing at alarming rates. Absentmindedly, she grabbed and hugged Poochie, hoping that he was not one of the Pokémon to disappear. Sadly, Poochie was inevitably taken from her. They were playing fetch on that fateful day. Poochie was returning the stick to her and made to leap into her arms. Tariana’s arms were outstretched, ready for the soft fur of her gray puppy, when all that landed in her arms were the stick and choker. Initially, her mind could not comprehend what had taken place. She began calling for the puppy, but he never answered back. The only thing she could do was cry as she tightly hugged the choker and stick close to her.

    Two years after the rebellion was in full swing and against her parents’ wishes, Tariana joined a faction to stand against Team Galactic. Due to her small stature, she could only aid in helping the injured. At that time, the faction was a caravan, moving from place to place trying to stop Team Galactic. While staying at the campsite on route 216 with some of the other women, they were ambushed by the grunts. Without the ones who normally fought, they were easily overwhelmed. While trying to protect a fellow faction member, Tariana was hit by a powerful flamethrower. The raid was over as quickly as it began and Tariana was lying amongst the motionless bodies when the rest of the faction returned. Taking her along with other survivors, they traveled to the newly occupied Snowpoint City. She was in intensive care for a month. After the bandages were removed, the left side of her face and upper body had been severely scarred. People treated her much worse now and her peers shunned her because of the scars. Unable to seek the comfort she needed, Tariana hid inside the temple, refusing to go out in public. It’s here that she found a Sneasel mask buried in the dirt with a crystal right beside it. Before she had time to examine it, the city was under siege once again by Galactic members. Peeking outside, she saw that it looked to be a full scale war. Tariana slipped the mask over her face just as a wounded Mightyena crawled up the steps. It whimpered as it looked her pleadingly in the eye. For a split second, she thought she had seen Poochie again. The dark canine then turned back into a faction member, reaching out to her and begged for her help. Those that had Vindi were few and were being driven back by the grunts. While in the doorway of the temple, the two were spotted by Commander Mars who sent out her Golbat. Feeling a surge of emotion, Tariana activated the Vindex, which turned out to be a Sneasel. The Sneasel put up an astonishing battle against the commander’s Golbat. When more faction members arrived Commander Mars called for a retreat.

    After the enemy had left, they inquired of what had taken place and somewhere along the line, Tariana’s efforts were brought up. The asked to see her face, but Tariana refused and told them that’s how they would have to take her. They thanked her all the same and presented her with joining them in attacking squads. For once they didn’t shun her, but instead asked for her assistance. Thinking it was the mask that did it all, she agreed. When the factions formed their own organizations, Tariana became the leader of the Diamond Squad.
    Alliance: Diamond Squad, Sentinels of Sinnoh
    Other: Tariana has a fear of fire though if presented against fire in battle will force herself to keep battling, but the fear only causes her to lose strength and gives room for the Sneasel to take over. She has a hate of people picking on others because of their appearance and often intervenes. Another dislike of hers is mirrors. The room she stays is void of mirrors as she hates to see her own face as it only acts as a reminder of the past. She loves Miltank milk and her parents are currently living in Sunyshore.

    Item Information

    Bag/Backpack: Yes
    Type: Waist pouch
    Items: 5x Potions, 2x Super potions, 1x Rope, 3x milk

    Pokémon/Vindex Information

    Number of Vindi: 3

    Specie: Sneasel
    Nature: Quirky
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Level: 28
    Attacks: Icy Wind, Screech, Agility, Faint Attack

    Specie: Shuckle
    Nature: Mild
    Ability: Sturdy
    Level: 20
    Attacks: Withdraw, Bide, Constrict, Safeguard

    Specie: Magikarp
    Nature: Sassy
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Level: 15
    Attacks: Splash, Tackle
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  2. Handy?

    Handy? It's that one guy

    Name: Aaron Naphion
    Nickname: Shard
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Appearance: Aaron at a first glance would make you mistake him for somebody twice his age, mainly because of the expression in his face. Scars and cuts slice across his face, including a large one cutting across his left eye, which is now covered by an eye-patch, and his right eye is a deep ocean blue colour, shining along with the sun. His hair is a mucky brown color, in a ponytail that hangs behind his head. His expression is always a grim one, with a beard surrounding the whole of his mouth in a very untidy fashion, his ears being weirdly long compared to others. He also wears a pair of sunglasses on the top of his hair, he rarely wears them, in fact, only if he happens to be meeting with an informant, so he can hide his identity/eye patch. On the rest of his body he wears clothes appropriate to his line of business…a jacket with many pockets, and a pair of track bottoms, good for making a quick getaway. The jacket he wears is black, leather, and shining in all respects, being surprisingly spotless. He has several pockets on the inside, used to store any information, as well as his three Vindi. His trousers, a shady black in colour, with three white stripes on each, are comfortably suited to his line of work, allowing him to run a lot if needed. He also wears a pair of orange trainers, which are sometimes used to distract opponents while he transforms. He also wears a white work shirt underneath his jacket.

    Personality: Aaron is one of the least calm and relaxed people you’ll ever meet, mainly because of the stress he’s put under, but also over the fact he hates being bored, so will often make up random tasks to keep himself occupied. He sees no need for sleep, or food, for that matter, so often starves himself and stays up many nights on end. He is also very aggressive when need be, as he strives to get all information possible to help the cause he is fighting for, which he fights for with all of his life. He is merciless to criminals, and will even punish his own men if they break laws too serious and he finds out. He believes no laws apply when dealing with lawbreakers, as after all, you have to play dirty to win big.

    History: Aaron was born in the Southern town of Pacificlog town and spent most of his life there, watching the sea. He had no nearby school, and no nearby children to play with, so he spent his time learning his education from books in the Library. He learnt lots of information, so much so that he spent five days a week in the library reading books, with a few passing wingulls flying through the window and sitting by him. His parents were too rich for their own good, and argued on a daily basis. Eventually at the age of ten, Aarons parents finally split ways. One parent took this better than the other, but unfortunately the parent that took it less well decided to kill the other, in front of his sons eyes. With one parent dead, and the other in prison for life, Aaron spent much more time in the library than usual. One day, however, he noticed the Wingulls had stopped chirping, and a while after that Pacificlog was occupied. Aaron was angry, and had much fury. He found a Vindex sitting on the edge of the ocean, and picked it up. Infused with rage, he became Houndoom, and with a group of rebels, they fought back and defeated the Aqua’s in Pacificlog. Aaron then joined the rebellion, being promoted soon after.

    Alliance: Emerald Squad: Defenders of Hoenn

    Other: He has a fear of things he does not know, and wants to know everything. He is also the Emerald Squad Leader!

    Item Information

    Bag/Backpack: Yes
    Type: Briefcase
    Items: 3x Potions. His Laptop. 3x Milk.

    Pokémon/Vindex Information

    Number of Vindi: 2:

    Specie: Houndoom
    Nature: Serious
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Level: 40
    Attacks: Fire Fang
    Faint Attack
    Beat Up

    Specie: Noctowl
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Level: 32
    Attacks: Hypnosis
    Air Slash
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  3. Cameron Oakley

    Cameron Oakley Perky Trainer


    I was really asking for squad leaders and had no intention of having leaders for the actual organizations. They were actually going to be NPCs that just send missions to different squads via mail or scouts, which I will post sometimes during the role play to keep the story moving. Missions can also be initiated by squad leaders.

    You also already broke one rule.
    If you can figure which it is then you might be accepted. ^_^

    Oh yeah, doesn't Noctowl learn dream eater at level 57. Pokemon that are Vindi cannot breed right now either so it can't be an egg move. Houndoom doesn't learn Flamethrower until level 48. Or was it level 45? Now I'm not against letting a character learn moves that are considered TMs/HMs, during the course of the role play, but (1) the role player has to show how they learn the moves and (2) for particularly powerful attacks, they can't just learn it in a day or two.

    Just as a reminder:

    Vindex is singular (used when referring to one crystallized Pokémon)
    Vindi is plural (used when referring to two or more crystallized Pokémon)

    Sorry, I'm just being real picky right now and thank you for being the first to attempt to join. This is like my first time actually making and running a role play, but I have participated in many.


    The Q&A part has been moved to the cafe thread.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2008
  4. Raptor ruler

    Raptor ruler Well-Known Member

    Name: Vladimir Reshkov
    Nickname: Vlad
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Vlad is big for his age and you might mistake him for an adult although he is only 18. He is 6'1" tall and weighs around 200lbs mainly because of him having an obssesion for lifting. He has glaring blue eyes and Dark brown hair as if he actually wanted to scare people also he has a scar on both cheeks from when he was little and he never wears anything on his head to protect from the cold or warm. He never smiles mainly because he has rotten yellow teeth. His arms are longer than average and he has a sixpack. His backpack is a normal hiking bag used by trainers and it is plain black. The only shirts he wears are a plain black one, a plain white one and a red, white and blue one which his mom passed down to him. His legs are long and usuallly covered by normal blue jeans or black ones. He usually wears plain white socks and normal running shoes reflecting his personality.

    Personality: From a first look you could say Vlad is anti-social and as no care in the world about his appearance. You would be right. During his childhood his mom tried to make him, make friends but Vlad disobeyed his mom and didn't interact ever. He also doesn't care about his appearence because he feels that your appearence doesn't matter it's your mindset. Vlad is very easily angered and can pummel anyone into the ground if provoked. When calm he belives in meditating to clear his mind of all things upsetting. But when fused with his Vindex he cares about one thing only winning, and boy you don't want to see him when he loses

    History: Vlad was born in Sunnyshore city a port town in Sinnoh. When he was young his 2 favorite things were playing with his dads Zubat and watching wrestling. When he turned 7 his Dad joined an upstart orginisation named Team Galactic. His mother was furios but Vlad in the beginning thought it was cool
    soon he discovred that their plan was to create a new world and Vlad immediatly despised their ambitions. His mom filed divorced papers one year after his father joined the organisation. That same Vlad and his mom had moved to One Island to begin their new life. It was at that time where Vlad got a membership at a local gym. He soon went there around twice a week to improve his physique. One morning he saved a little Phanpy from a pack of Houndoom and he adopted the Phanpy as his own. He then found a released Gabite on the island aswell, he also adopted that. From then on he trained with his Pokemon. But when his Pokemon turned into Vindi he swore he would find who did this to the world.

    Alliance: Yellow Squad, Protecters of Kanto

    Item Information

    Bag/Backpack: Yes
    Type: Hiking Bag
    Items: x6 Potions, x2 Super Potions, x2 Revives, x3 Milk,

    Pokémon/Vindex Information

    Number of Vindi: 2

    Species: Gabite
    Nature: Serious
    Ability: Sand Veil
    Level: 43
    Attacks: Dragon Claw, Slash, Dragon Rage, Dig

    Species: Donphan
    Nature: Lonely
    Ability: Sturdy
    Level: 47
    Attacks:Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Slam, Earthquake
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  5. Cameron Oakley

    Cameron Oakley Perky Trainer

    Raptor ruler:

    Not being mean, but you're kind of close to the "no" area. Spelling is really what got me (it definitely isn't my forte) and the form looks to have been rushed, though that may not have been the case. If you can flesh out the character a little more, have it spell checked and proofread then you can probably get in. Perhaps a role play sample (possibly the character transforming into his Vindex or describing a battle) wouldn't hurt. ^_^

    Thank you for taking the time to apply too! ^_^
  6. Peter Quill

    Peter Quill star-lord

    Oh my lord, a seal of approval.

    Please reserve me. This looks really good.
  7. Cameron Oakley

    Cameron Oakley Perky Trainer

    Lol, I hope it is really worthy of the seal.
    What would you like to be reserved as?
  8. Handy?

    Handy? It's that one guy

    I meant Squad leader, I'm not very good at working out the difference between ranks genrally. And I think the rule I broke was the weapons one, although not completely sure, I'll edit the knife out anyway. Hope it will get accepted now!

    Edited, along with the moves and the knife being removed.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2008
  9. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    This looks good, and it has the Seal of Approval. I can't argue with that.

    Name: Dominic Fernandez
    Nickname: Dom
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Appearence: Dom has white blonde hair that is closer to his eye on the left side of his face. His eyes are a dark blue colour and his skin is slightly tanned. He usually wears a black coat with blue lines going across the back to form a Luxray silhouette. Underneath the coat he wears a grey T-shirt and brown pants. He wears a black cowboy style hat during sunny weather to keep the sun out of his eyes. On his feet he usually wears white sneakers, but he sometimes wears brown sandals. To protect his hands, he wears brown gloves with Poke Ball symbols on the back. He keeps his Vindex in pouches sewn onto his coat. Sometimes Dom changes his outfit on expeditions, when he is exploring the area around Snowpoint City he tends to wear a thick grey jacket with a hood and thick white pants, as well as black hiking boots

    Personality: Dom is generally the worrying person in the group. He is concerned about everything that could possibly go wrong, from getting skin cancer due to excessive sunbathing, to getting food poisoning due to badly cooked food. However, he is reliable and down-to-earth, always focusing on the situation rather than day dreaming. When he first started fighting to stop Team Galactic, he wanted to do it to bring back the Pokemon and restore everything, but now he isn't so sure becuase he is starting to think that maybe the Vindex are a good thing, becuase humans can properly fight with Pokemon unlike back before the wish was made.

    History: Dom was born in Oreburgh City in Sinnoh. Like most people at the time, on his tenth birthday he got a Pokemon from Professor Rowan. But, a few weeks later, disaster struck. Dom's Pokemon vanished, one of the many victims of the wish. Team Galactic took over most of Sinnoh and Dom fled to Sunyshore City. There he remained, protected by the rebellion. Dom joined the rebellion when he was sixteen, mainly becuase he had finally decided that fighting back was the only to restore the Pokemon to their original state. He quickly showed an interest in ancient legends and joined Platinum Squad. He made a few discoveries aout the legendary Pokemon, but nothing about Arceus or the Azure Flute. However, he did manage to find a Vindex during an expedition to a small island south of Sunyshore City, a Murkrow. Four years later, Dom has been promoted to the leader of Platinum Squad.

    Other: Leader of Platinum Squad

    Alliance: Sentinels of Sinnoh, Platinum Squad

    Bag/Backpack: none
    Items: 2x Potion, 2x Escape Rope, 1x Lemonade


    Number of Vindi: 2

    Species: Sandslash
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Sand Veil
    Level: 35
    Attacks: Crush Claw, Sand Tomb, Fury Cutter, Rollout

    Species: Murkrow
    Nature: Hasty
    Ability: Super Luck
    Level: 26
    Attacks: Assurance, Wing Attack, Haze, Night Shade
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  10. The Doctor

    The Doctor Absolute Beginner

    This is the first RPG I've seen thus far to get the Seal of Approval. And for a new guy as well. Clearly, you're somebody to watch for the future.

    In any case, I'd like to reserve a spot in the Guardians of Johto in the Crystal Squad, under the command of the lovely .:Lemon Tea:., please. My character should be ready soon.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2008
  11. Raptor ruler

    Raptor ruler Well-Known Member

    I have made edits to my sign -up
  12. Cameron Oakley

    Cameron Oakley Perky Trainer


    Alright then, I guess you're accepted. Just edit (in the "other" section) the commander/leader of the Defenders of Hoenn to the Emerald Squad Leader. Being a squad leader is a big job so do well and try not to anger your troops. Welcome to the fight! ^_^


    Not accepted yet. Four lines is the minimum for appearance. Your history definitely isn't long enough and I don't know whether that second, I guess paragraph, is for the "Other" part or is a part of the history. Either way the history needs to be lengthened and you're missing the "Other:" section. Please do not give your Pokémon TM/HM moves right now. Only have attacks that they learn naturally for the moment. Thank you for your interest and applying though! ^_^

    The Doctor:

    You are reserved. Thank you for your interest! ^_^

    Raptor ruler:

    You're showing potential, but there are still a few peeves that are irking my pet (okay bad joke I'll admit). Looking back over it, your history is confusing me. At the start of the story, it’s stated that Team Galactic has been disbanded for five years. That means you would have to have been two years old or non-existent when the character’s father joined the team unless you mean the father joined Team Galactic while they, along with the other teams, were secretly formed again right before the takeover. I know that might've been a little too in-depth. Could you send me a role play sample through the PMs? That'll be the decision maker.
  13. Jason-Kun

    Jason-Kun Well-Known Member

    Character Form

    Name: Jason Mucmings
    Nickname: None
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Standing at a height of five foot four and a half inches, Jason isn’t very tall for his age. In fact, he’s just the opposite, being short, or so he thinks so anyways. His skin is a fairly light brown color, something similar to the color of caramel. Brown, oval shaped eyes match his skin, although not as much as they should. Jason can always be found wearing a woolen green hoody over a polo shirt of varying colors depending on the day. Blue jeans cling to his body, completing the outfit. Well not quite. Black sneakers with a metal L glued to the side match his messy black hair. A blue bandana with a picture of a silver and gold Pokéball wraps around his head, pulling his hair back slightly. Not many scars can be seen, due to the fact that he spends most of his time at the Pokémon Center, healing others and their Vindi. Although he does have one scar, burnt into the back of his neck that he received I a fight against Team Magma.
    Personality: Jason is the quiet member of his squad. He spends most of his time with his nose in a book, preferring not to interact with others unless the need arises. This is mostly in part of his shyness and in other parts his reluctance to get close to anyone. Although usually the “tame” one of the group, he will stand and fight if there is no one else willing to do so. He cares deeply for Pokémon, often carrying around times useful for healing. This also extends to his choice of battle partners, often using moves so as not to put other Vindi in danger, but just enough to subdue them. Although his kindness seems good at first, it can be a weakness as this allows for him to be easily taken advantage of. Overall, he’s kind but needs to learn to toughen up a bit.
    History: Jason was born into a small family in Hoenn. He would play with Pokémon as a child until they began to disappear. His family was at first shocked about these developments, wanting to find out what was going on. He was sent to live with his grandparents in Fortree City at the age of seven, in hopes that if anything bad happened he would be safe. From there, he began to attend schooling, learning about the history of the region as well as many others things. At the age of twelve, a group of Team Magma members broke into his home. Putting up a fight, he found himself being beaten by the members, one in particular burning him in the neck. It was after this fight that his family fled to Sinnoh, where he found a shard housing a Starly Vindex. After witnessing a battle between Team Galactic and the Sentinels of Sinnoh, he decided to join the latter, hoping to help bring about the end of Team Galactic.
    Alliance: Pearl Squad, Sentinels of Sinnoh
    Other: Can currently be found hanging around the Pokémon Center in Snowpoint City, visiting trainers and their families.

    Item Information

    Bag/Backpack: Yes
    Type: Duffle Bag
    Items: Potionx5, Escape Rope x5, Antidotex5.

    Pokémon/Vindex Information

    Number of Vindi: 3

    Species: Piplup
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Torrent
    Level: 24
    Attacks: Bide, Bubblebeam, Peck, and Bubble.

    Species: Snover
    Nature: Brave
    Ability: Snow Warning
    Level: 31
    Attacks: Swagger, Mist, Ice Shard, and Razor Leaf.

    Species: Starly
    Nature: Naughty
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Level: 28
    Attacks: Wing Attack, Whirlwind, Aerial Ace, and Double Team.
  14. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Ok, I edited it. By the way, Sandslash's and Murkrow's moves aren't TM/HM or Move Tutor. They are level up, I checked the Serebii DPP Pokedex to make absolutely sure.
  15. Aiko-chan

    Aiko-chan Well-Known Member

    This sounds really interesting! I would like to reserve a spot!
  16. Cameron Oakley

    Cameron Oakley Perky Trainer


    Your profile looks good. You're accepted! Welcome to the team!


    Alright then. Your profile looks good so I guess you're accepted now. Welcome to the fight!


    What would you like to be reserved as?
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2008
  17. Aiko-chan

    Aiko-chan Well-Known Member

    Oh, sorry, forgot to mention: Defenders of Hoenn, Ruby Squad. Not a leader though, just regular soldier.
  18. Cameron Oakley

    Cameron Oakley Perky Trainer


    Sorry about the deletion thing. It would be best to have a backup just in case you loose a form. Unfortunately, right now the answer's a no right now, particularly if your 'z' key doesn't work. I mean you could copy and paste the letter when need be. The appearance and personality sections have a minimum of four lines. Lol, the "non-antagonists" are called protagonists and they do have names for their organizations and squads. Your form looks kind of rushed as well, but as I like to say, I don't know whether it was or not. I might ask of a role play sample from you too. ^_^;;;


    Okay you'll be saved a spot.


    I thank everyone so far for their interest and applying. Even those who at least took the time to come out and check the thread along with those who may not be accepted. Don't worry, the sign-ups are still open and will remain open for a long time to come. Even if you don't get accepted in the beginning, you can still apply during the role play.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2008
  19. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    Ooh, cool, I'm in! That stinks about the age limit, though....


    Name: Will Kronis

    Nickname: None

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Appearance: Will stands at a normal height for his age. His body looks slightly tanned. He looks less athletic then how he really is, having played a mess of sports but also eaten a mess of food. Therefore, he is pretty thin everywhere on his body except his thighs, which most people have some fat on anyway. He has black, combed hair, which he still likes to keep moderately messy. He never wears a hat if he can. He normally has a white T-shirt on, with a Pokeball sign on it. If it is cold, he also wears a brown jacket with two pockets on the insides and outsides. He wears baggy dark blue jeans with a multitude of grass stains on the knees. The only shoes he wears are white sneakers with gray laces that are constantly coming undone.

    Personality: Will is contantly trying to make his friends happy. He generally has a very jolly and joking disposition, and can make any grim situation look laughable. If someone he loves or knows dies, he is thrown into a state of depression. He can't stand being alone when doing anything, and always must have a friend by his side. He always tries to make more friends, even if someone else has a completely different outlook on what he thinks. If someone is being tormented or teased, he will stand up for them, even if he hurts himself. All he cares about are the people close to him, and that is his downfall, because he doesn't take care of himself. Whenever he is alone, his mood changes drastically to serious and even sad.

    History: Will was born in Eterna City. His older brother, 5 at the time, cared for him more then anything. He absolutely adored Pokemon as soon as he met one, and could not get enough of them. When Will was 6, his best friend, an Aipom living in his backyard, dissapeared. His parents and older brother told him that it ran away instead of the grim truth. He started to spend hours a day, sitting at the tree the Aipom lived in, crying. When he was 9, he found out what really happened, how Team Galactic helped take his Aipom away from him. He visited the tree, only to find a Vindex of an Aipom at its base. He believes this is the Vindex of his childhood friend, and he soon after joined the Diamond Squad to avenge all other Pokemon that had been captured and wished away. In his first few weeks at the Diamond Squad, he worked hard to prove himself to the other fighters. During training, they were ambushed by a small Team Galactic group. His team ended up being the victor, but there was one soldier who badly injured his arm. He decided then to retire, and gave Will his Munchlax Vindex for safekeeping. Will sealed a promise to him that he would protect it with his life.

    Alliance: Diamond Squad, Sentinels of Sinnoh

    Other: He has a horrible fear of snake and shark pokemon.

    Item Information

    Bag/Backpack: Yes
    Type: It is just a regular school-sized blue backpack.
    Items: 5 Super Potions, 3 small bags of assorted berries, 1 Vindex Case, a picture of the Aipom that used to live in his backyard, and his cell phone.

    Pokémon/Vindex Information

    Number of Vindi: 2

    Species: Aipom
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Pickup
    Level: 32
    Attacks: Double Hit, Swift, Agility, Tickle

    Species: Munchlax
    Nature: Hasty
    Ability: Thick Fat
    Level: 34
    Attacks: Stockpile, Swallow, Body Slam, Screech
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2008
  20. Cameron Oakley

    Cameron Oakley Perky Trainer


    It looks good. Add one more line to the history to meet the minimum and you'll most likely be in. I can be rather OCD when it comes to writing sometimes. ^_^


    Okay, looking for some better histories. I know five lines is the minimum, but sometimes seeing the very minimum makes me feel like no feeling or thought was put into it and only the minimum was done in hopes to get in. As with most things, perhaps this isn't the case. ^_^ Come on guys! You can do it!

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