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Violet Assasins


Violet Assasins


Espeon: "By reading air currents, it can predict things such as weather or its foes next move.

Mission: With this clan I am looking to do something a bit different. I hope to get a couple of experienced battler friends of mine and make something of a teaching environment to improve the battlers in the clan as a whole. I have been told I am a better teacher than a battler. (I'm a decent battler on Smogon, but yeah) So I would like to bring what I know to this forum and hopefully learn some things from other people along the way as well.

The Clan: Ok to fun stuff. The Clan mascot is Gem the Espeon. Older Games section people may recognise it from over a year ago as my standard charater. Anyways ranks will be awarded for successfully showing an aptitude for battling. I will not claim a top title. I will only be the founder and will rank myself according to how I go in battles against my clan members. I suppose that gives you something to strive for. The clan will be predominantly simulator based but I welcome WiFiers as well but bear in mind that I currently don't have a wireless connection.

I will sort out the ranks and symbols and stuff later. I'll probably be doing them by myself so it may take a while for me to get pictures as I am a slow spriter.

Medium: (Shoddy, PL, PO, Wifi)
Tiers: (RBY BL, RBY OU, GSC UU, GSC OU, GSC Ubers, ADV UU, ADV OU, ADV Ubers, DPP LC, DPP NU, DPP UU, DPP OU, DPP Ubers, BW LC, DW LC, BW OU, DW OU, BW Ubers, DW Ubers, VGC 10, VGC 11) nb: tbh I'm not expecting you to do any more than 1-3 but I figured I would list everything in case you have some experience with them before.
Self Assessment: Anything from never played to 5 generation veteran. I don't care, it's just so I know where you are at.
Faveorite BW Lead: And Why. No replicating answers without giving unique answers. DW if you can't answer, just say so.

As I said. I hope to make this a fun environment where everyone starts equal and there is no favoritism. It is my aim to teach as well as learn and to bring out some of the potential of this forum. The first lesson is never use Electivire or Umbreon in any match against me or you will find yourself kicked out for not reading this OP. They both fail in OU, are outclassed majorly and should both be UU. Other thank those two I will never ridicule someone making an effort to be creative, however you can expect to be rebuked by logical arguements.





Brandyjay (RBY OU, GSC OU, DPP LC, DPP, NU, DPP UU, DPP OU, DPP Ubers, BW LC, BW OU, DW OU) - Shoddy, PO
Sasukeanditachi (BW OU, BW Ubers, DW OU, DW Ubers) - PO
Puffle_754 (DPP UU, DPP OU, DPP Ubers) - WiFi
pupintheturd (DPP LC, DPP UU, DPP OU) - PO

Psychic: (Have won over 90 % of their clan related battles)
Extrasensory: (Have won between 75% and 89% of clan related battles)
Psybeam: (Have won between 50% and 74% of clan related battles)
Confusion: (Have won less than 50% of battles)
Unranked: (To be ranked you must have played at least 5 clan related battles total against at least three different members. i.e 2v1 + 1v1 + 2v1)

If you have any questions before signing up feel free to drop me a PM or VM. Unlike some other clans I don't care if you have no battle experience before now. I know how daunting learning to battle can be so I will not turn any away based on ability. Strive to be the best you can.

Credit for the espeon goes to Yilx on Smogon. Truly gifted artist.
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Back from the dead
Medium: PO, I am okay with getting shoddy or PO if needed thou, and I have wifi once I ev some pokemon.
Tiers: DPP OU(Need to remake a team for it), BW OU, DW OU, BW Ubers, DW Ubers
Self Assessment: I would say that I am pretty good at this whole DW thing.
Favorite BW Lead: My favorite lead is Miltank. The thing tanks like I don't even know what. And it has proven its worth many times. My second favorite would have to be Erufuun, for the obvious reasons.
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PokeGyms Creator
Username: Puffle 754
Medium: Wifi (If I understand right, this is asking ways I can battle)
Tiers:OU/ UU/ Uber
Faveorite BW Lead: Porygon-Z, it can be a very dangerous sweeper even without a boost, and has even shown its power in the Uber catagory.


What Gen do you play. BW or DPP?

Also you're the first Wifier to join so you may have to wait a bit before we can battle. If you can get a simulator then me or sai can battle you to see what level you're at.

Do you have any recorded battles I can watch on youtube or anything?


PokeGyms Creator
As of now, I play DDP.

I don't have any battles on Youtube, but I have a battle video of me creaming a team of legends, and a bidoof. The battle video # is 23-05957-93881.
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Medium: PO
Tiers: DPP UU a bit of DPP OU and DPP LC.
Self Assessment: on a scale of 1 through 10, 2/10, I am just being realistic.
Faveorite BW Lead: don't play BW
favorite DP lead would be Hariyama but Hitmonlee seems to work pretty well for me now
Rapid spinning and Close combat to take care of annoying pokemons.
Other stuff I want to say: If you like I can take care of some banner and/or scouting.

I am not that good and haven't played Competitive for about a month so I am a bit rusty even in DPP.


Great to have you on board. If you want to make banners that would be great.

I'll update OP now with the new recruits. SAI has a working PO at the moment so you way want to hit him up for a battle. I've been reduced to shoddy for a week or two so unless you get that I'll have to wait before I can battle you.

Good to see people signing up. :)


conspicuous absence
Username: Richarizard
Medium: WiFi
Tiers: DPP UU
Self Assessment: I have never played a single competitive game - I have EV trained pokemon and worked at there movesets so that they could be used in DPP UU but they arn't actually level 100 yet. <.< I am very new to competitive battleing, and would love advice/help to enable me to start hence why I found this clan very interesting. :)
Favorite BW Lead: Sorry, but I cannot answer because one, I havn't played BW and two... I don't fully know what a lead is, I know the other types (sponge, tank, sweeper, support) however.

I would really love to join this clan, but I am aware that with my COMPLETE lack of knowledge and experience, I may not be accepted.
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Under construction
tiers:d/p/pt OU
self assesment: never fought a battle(in process of
training team) I try to make original sets and go beyond the normal I still need
some tips on ev spreads and items. I am kind of fed up with rmt- bunch of people who can't think outside of the box and change your whole team.
Fav B/W lead: Never played b/w, no idea about any new pokes/techniques
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Under construction
Can I open a trade/breed/ev train shop for 4th gen?(note, my ds cant connect to wifi until mid-march)
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Back from the dead
I think it would be a good idea, and I could try to do one for 5th gen if needed as I already have white preordered and I am preordering black soon.

King of Pichus

The digital monster
Username:King of Pichus
Medium: Wifi
Tiers: No clue what this means.
Self Assessment: Fairly decent, once I have a team put together
Faveorite BW Lead: Don't Have B/W yet, and I'm not very far on Daimond, I also won't use HeartGold, because my bros. dumped all of their ARed pokemon on it. So I don't got a favorite lead yet.