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Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by shining-Celebi, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. What are your thoughts on virginity?
    Should someone wait until marriage to have sex, if not
    when should they?
  2. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    i say wait till they're ready. :) or at least until 17
  3. Pokemon-Dratini

    Pokemon-Dratini cutes.u.2.death >: )

    lol >.> i hate that word ..virginity..my name virginia so i get asked this question quite alot... anyways

    I dont think it really matters if you have sex before marriage or if you wait until your married it all depends on the particular person making the decision
    i mean i dont think i freaking 13 year old should be having sex....i believe its fine aslong as the person is mature enough to handle it ..and no i dont think any 13 year old girl or boy can handle it, i think the appropriate age is atleast 16 >.> but myself personally I am not in a rush to loose my virginity anytime soon so i will probably wait until marriage >.> then again i dont reallly want to get married either
  4. alakazam_1

    alakazam_1 Alakazam used WIN

    If religion doesn't factor in someone's decision, all I would say is that they know better than I do whether they love the person they're with enough and whether they're ready. Obviously if someone's religion is important to them they should follow the teachings of their religion.
  5. Peter Quill

    Peter Quill star-lord

    I think people should wait until a time where they are emotionally stable. Ahaha, but that'll never happen. This is mainly for a fact in case a condom breaks and they're plagued with pregnancy. It happens more often then people think and it would be terrible :/

    But they don't need to wait until they're married.
  6. Lil Crickee

    Lil Crickee Banned

    what i believe is that when a person knows they are truly ready is when they should have sex, no matter what age. if you're 16 and you know for sure you're staying with your partner for a long time, go for it. but as you know, we're all human and have strong urges that get the best of us...and you wind up with fat hicks who don't know who their baby daddy is.

    some people make smart choices, and some people don't.
  7. Lucy Valentine

    Lucy Valentine New Member

    Not sure what I can say here...

    I lost my virginity pretty early so I have a biased view on sex. Waiting for marriage was never a set priority for me.

    But if you're questioning as to if you're ready for sex, you aren't.
  8. CSolarstorm

    CSolarstorm New spicy version

    The rule in my family is that we have to wait until 16 to date...but I've never heard a law about when we can lose virginity. It was probably repealed a long time ago. :p

    So I say, wait until 16 or after, make sure both people are well educated so they can do it right.
  9. Peter Quill

    Peter Quill star-lord

    In Canada, or atleast British Coloumbia they upped the age from 14 to 16 so :/
  10. Fused

    Fused Shun the nonbeliever

    Well, as everybody else has said, I think you should have sex when you are ready and feel youa re mature enough to handle it. Saving your virginity for marriage... that just seems riduculous. Besides, most people I know who've mad ethat chocie got married at 18 and 19 years old.

    Anyways, have sex when you are prepared for whatever follows next. Sex can change a relationship, so don't do it if you can't put an extra foot forward for the relationship. Pregnancy can put a lot of strain on you, so be preparedin case that happens. And be prepared if one of you gets a disease.

    Pretty much, if you're not mature enough to put a condom on (especially without laughing) you're not mature enough to have sex.
  11. Mandi.

    Mandi. 3:

    People will have sex when they feel like it.
    And not everyone wants to get married, so screw the 'wait to have sex till marriage' thing. That is a load of bull imo actually. I mean, I respect and kinda admire people that can actually wait that long ...cause we're human and we like BIG urges of horniness. :eek:

    People make sex into a whole bigger deal. When you feel comfortable enough, then yes, have sex.
  12. voltianqueen

    voltianqueen Fire and Lightning!

    I think it's up to the people involved, whether they are emotionally ready, etc., as most other people have said. I don't think sex before marriage is a big deal at all (pretty common), but if my partner wanted to wait, I would surely wait as well. Of course, I think you should really love the person you're getting involved with <3
  13. Hammerheart

    Hammerheart Son of Wōden

    Basically if both people want to, and not just out of peer preasure, and its a loving relationship. I dont see the harm. as long as they use protection etc.
  14. Witchan

    Witchan Shauntal, FTW!

    I don't mind virginity much and people have their own decision to have sex whenever they are ready to do it or whatever. I just can't stand when people are forcing other people to have sex, so it could make them look "cool" like other mean non-virginities.
  15. Vaporeon4evr

    Vaporeon4evr Cyndakill

    Touchy subject.

    I'm a sixteen year old male in a long-term relationship... still a virgin though. I'm not sure what I think. Ideally, I'd like to wait until I'm married, simply out of respect to my future wife. But especially now, that is a hard promise to keep XD

    Stupid hormones. Stupid boobs. Stupid hot girls.
  16. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    Ahaha, that's a good one! I like this idea! XD

    Mm. It makes you want to reconsider and compromise, dunnit? *sigh*

    I do hold virginity as something honored. It is naturally easier to have more respect for people who are modest and responsible with themselves than it is for those who have fooled around prematurely or often. Think of it as a buffet: who do you respect more? The person who rushes over to the counter and stuffs their face the second they walk through the door, or the person who sets up their table space, chooses their courses, and then eats neatly?

    Losing virginity is an irreversible change in yourself in both physical and pyschological ways. Sex is a momentous step because it is a big deal; especially the first time.

    I could be called a proponent of waiting until you're married, but the actual marriage doesn't have anything to do with it. Marriage signifies lifelong committment. For better or worse, you and your partner are prepared to share every event and every consequence coming in the future. Considering the realities of sexual activity, it deserves the same level of committment. Naturally, two people can reach that level of committment without being technically married, so the actual marriage isn't important.

    On that same note, it's just not going to come to be that any sixteen year-old a month into their relationship and flying high on infatuation dressed up in the costume of love is either that committed or understands that kind of committment, and even less likely (biological fact, here!!!) to be able to grasp or fulfill that committment. An arbitrary "okay, you're now suddenly mature enough" age is a ridiculous concept, whether that age is fourteen, eighteen, or fifty-two. The best we can gauge a person's maturity level with is their brain development, which tends to complete itself in the early twenties. A person has the best chances of understanding consequence and reality at or after that time (which is not to say that it can never be done beforehand, but those cases would be something along the lines of exceptions).
  17. Vaporeon4evr

    Vaporeon4evr Cyndakill

    Sure does. Why did God make girls so hot?

    Actually, I quite like this analogy.

    Amen. It is far from a frivolous affair. To me, sex is a matter of commitment. It is such a monumental choice to make, and making it with the wrong person can create a horrible sense of emptiness :/

    Marriage is just the government and the church's way of recognizing your relationship. You're right, it kind of mitigates the argument for "no sex until marriage". It should at least be the emotional equivalent of "marriage".
  18. pokemaster001

    pokemaster001 ....................

    you win the ignorant douche award
  19. Grei

    Grei not the color

    There such a thing called 'lightening the mood.' Performance Anxiety is a real bitch, and laughing eases that tension. I know myself well enough to know I'm ready, and yet I laughed. It feels funny the first time, what can I say? : /

    I originally felt that abstinence was a priority, since about 7th or 8th grade. The scare tactics that the shitty 'Sex Ed' classes my school district preaches put me into the mindset that sex corrupts your mind and ends your relationships and traumatizes you and turns you into a delinquent.

    My friend sort of helped me see it in a different light. I rethought it, and realized just how paranoid I was being. There are precautions, and I was willing to accept responsibility if those precautions failed. It helps that my girlfriend and I know each other well and are very close--it'd be different, no doubt, if I'd only known her for a couple of months.

    All in all, virginity really doesn't seem like the huge deal that the world makes it out to be. Yeah, it's important, but it's not like you're ruined forever and your life will be changed dramatically if you lose your virginity (I'm being general here--for some, it may as well be). The media makes a huge deal out of that, understandably so. We don't want more baby boomers, do we?

    EDIT: Not to sound like a whore or something. I really do treat sex like a very, very big thing, it's not just some hobby to me or something. : / It's just that I feel ready for it, I want it, my girlfriend is ready and willing, we're taking precaution, we're willing to go through with abortion, we'll take responsibility if the condom breaks. Things like that.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2009
  20. A few years ago there was a commercial that aired all the time telling kids "wait to have sex until you're married." The thing is, I realized one grave mistake in their logic that can easily be manipulated. They say to wait until you are married to have sex, but they don't say whom with. So, basically, I can't have any sex until marriage, but after that I can commit all the adultery I want with no consequences.
    See, that is the one thing about that campaign against premarital sex where they really needed to read their own fine print.
    Also, since my freshman year I have been wondering more and more if I am the only virgin left at my school. All the other students seem to have had sex at some point and none are afraid to admit it, even though the minimum age for having sex in the US is 18 (a fact which I despise with every fiber of my being). No I am not woefully unattractive (I think); I am a sucker for the rules and don't want to get in trouble with the law by having sex before age 18.
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