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Mayness Yayness!
Hey my computer was recently infected by a virus called "goldun" and its infected "intel3". Mcafee has been unable to get rid off it, Ive been told this has something to do with turning off system restore but this hasnt helped.
Has anyone got any sugestions?


I suggest F-Disking your computer and not using McAfee. (Sorry for the loss of your beloved files, but the virus probably corrupted them.)
McAfee sucks and is a waste of space on your computer and is the one who probably got you the virus.
I suggest (When you get your computer fixed) switching to AVG, its much better, and staying away from porn sites/ random ads/ and downloads from unknown e-mails.
Thats about all the help/advice I can give you, I hope things turn out better for you.


Former Staff Member
Please ignore Henzy for now. His advice should be used as a last resort, when all other options have failed. Attempt running your scanner in safe mode first.

- Trip


Well-Known Member
I'm not being hasty all of a sudden, maybe you need to get a better Antivirus Scan or Format the Computer or... ... ...just do anything that helps and beware of 'TROJAN VIRUSES'
Try updating your virus software, and if that doesn't work try searching the net for info on the virus. You could also try to get a free trial of Norton Antivirus. If that doesnt work, backup everything you need and format your drive. Lastly what program told you, you had a virus? (From My Dad)


Mayness Yayness!
Meh the virus went then another came was deleted but the comp still acting odd


Dynamo Trainer
Try using free anti spyware to remove those virus's. It can easily pick up much more virus's than Norton can. If you can't remove them, then you'll probably find a bunch of other things. McAfee sucks balls in the first place as it blocked my internet for a time and lasted so long that it got to the point where I had to delete every file. When I found out McAfee was the problem, I was extremely ****** off since it was payed for.....If that doesn't work, then use Safe mode as mentioned before. If that doesn't work then I can't give any more advice.