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Vivillon Forms in Rare Balls


Shedinja Trainer
Hey, all. So, I recently restarted my old Moon game after setting an extra 3DS to another region. The game is set now as Saudi Arabian, so I hope to breed Sandstorm Scatterbugs once I reach that point. The reason for posting this is, first, if anyone knows this won't work, let me know (and I'm aware Scatterbug is only in Ultra). Most importantly, I want to know which Vivillon Forms/Rare Ball combos you all think work best and are most desired. So far, I plan to use a Level Ball for the Sandstorm. In the future, I intend to catch the following:

- Fast Ball Sun Pattern
- Friend Ball Garden Pattern
- Lure Ball Ocean Pattern

What other combos do you think I should try and which Vivillon patterns do you believe to be the rarest to find? Just keep in mind that I own a US region system.