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Viz release of PokeSpe BW, July 2011

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by TheViolentTomboy, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. http://www.kuri-ousity.com/2011/03/viz-media-adds-new-pokemon-fantasy-omnibus/

    Tried to find it original page, but part of the Viz site was down, so second hand source. Though the image it provides makes it hard to deny.

    So apparently Viz is going to release the BW arc of PokeSpe very, very soon. I'm just a bit worried as volumes obviously haven't been released in Japan yet (and probably won't for over a year, as the Platinum arc just started). Maybe the content will be collected from the magazines, but content is usually changed around and it seems that some stuff is missing in between.

  2. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    There's nothing confirming it to be the BW chapter yet

    It may look like it but it does NOT confirm it
  3. PKMN Trainer Hilbert

    PKMN Trainer Hilbert A simple trainer.

    Last edited: Mar 8, 2011
  4. Masteryoshimon

    Masteryoshimon PokeAnalyzer

    It looks like it, and it's highly likely that it is. There are no other BW manga (I think) that are out in Japan, so Viz Media will probably release the Special version. Also, with the games just out recently, it's reasonable to say that Viz will want to jump on the bandwagon for some big profits.

    Besides that, can't wait XD
    Going to pre-order it as soon as possible XD
  5. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    You're kidding right?

    That article is missing key info

    Plus, I never said it can't be Pokespe

    I'm just saying it's not set in stone that it is Pokespe

    For all we know it could be placeholder info, coincidence or something

    I'm just saying is that we should wait before going "The Black and White chapter is coming to the US, woot!" and stuff..
  6. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. RetiredPokemonMaster

    PokeSpecial BW being released soon? That makes no sense if it is PokeSpecial because it's not even out in japan yet. I can understand Viz wanting to catch up but they should just keep what there doing. We'll be on the Ruby and Sapphire arc by the end of the year and FireRed and LeafGreen by the end of 2012. And with the DP/Platinum arc running along side them they will get a lot done. We also don't know if the BW arc will have any connection with the old arcs because the DP/Platinum arc officially does but if Viz plays there cards right they can pull it off. They can't for BW this early though. Again BW isn't even out in Japan yet. They should wait and continue what they are already doing because we are getting PokeSpecial volumes at a rapid pace right now as it is.

    Sorry if this was to long.
  7. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Yes it has been released in Japan...
  8. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. RetiredPokemonMaster

    Sorry I meant in volume form.
  9. 1dbad

    1dbad ~The Blizzard Prince

    What. The. ****. Pardon my French but I'm so surprised I don't know what else to say.

    I thought the occasional visual/dialogue edits and releasing DP as a separate series called Diamond, Pearl and Platinum was bad enough, but now this too? Seriously, Viz's release of Pokemon Special confuses me to no end. At least with DP they were already collected in volume format, and at least the edits (regardless of opinion) were just to make sure the series didn't run into any controversy here. But releasing a brand new arc that isn't even out yet besides a small number of out-of-order magazine chapters is very worrisome. Especially since unlike a lot of other mangas, Special tends to change a lot of things from their magazine chapters in the volume releases. Not to mention this means Special will be even more out-of-order here than it is already. I just, I just don't even know what all to say. Words fail me at this point.

    If Viz really wanted to go to this much trouble to catch up though, I still can't help but think that they should have focused all of their energy on speeding up the older volume releases instead of making all the newer arcs separate but related series. It would have made more sense and caused less trouble and confusion for the fans of the series. Not to mention it probably would have been less work (at least in some ways) as well.

    Or even if Viz wanted to release recent arcs like DP or BW instead, there are plenty of other, better ways to do it than just volume releases. I personally think creating a VizKids magazine would have been a better idea. They could make it focus on the recent arcs of a lot of their VizKids label manga, and it could help tie fans over until they eventually get around to releasing said arcs via volumes. That way they would still make profit, fans would still be happy, but volume orders for their different series wouldn't be messed up like they are now.

    But, if this does turn out to be true, I guess there is nothing we can do now. I just hope it isn't.

    I think it will be. Actually it has to be; I don't really know where else they could be getting the chapters from, lol. And that is true about content being changed around and some stuff missing. (that's actually one of the main reasons I'm so worried about this) The only thing I can think of is maybe they'll receive the missing chapters from Kusaka and Yamamoto themselves. I mean, even though the magazines are out of order, surely they can't just be doing random chapters. They must be doing chapters in some kind of order as they go along, and the magazines are probably only getting some of the chapters. At least that's what I'm hoping, since if that's the case then Viz's release of BW won't be too bad. The only problem though will be that stuff will probably still get changed when the BW arc get tankobanned, but maybe Viz can re-release it later?

    Actually that's what I'm hoping in general. I hope once Viz finally catches up that they'll release Special from the beginning, correcting any errors and re-releasing their "separate" series BW and DPPt volumes so they are part of the same series and have the volume numbers/chapter numbers they are supposed to. Otherwise Viz's release will just remain weird like it is now.

    While it doesn't confirm it, I really don't know what else it could be. There is no denying that the volume cover is that colored title pic for the BW arc of Special. It's the same one that was included in one of the magazines the series is serialized in and is also the one from the official website.

    That's true too. I'm afraid it isn't though, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. I sure hope you're right though.

    If it does turn out to be true though I know I won't be saying "woot!", lol. (but I'll probably be one of the only ones who won't be excited...)
  10. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    You disappoint me, Viz.

    Ok, to all those who say this is so cool, I'm gonna try and break that happiness for a second

    1. Think about it for a second. The BW chapter has been out in Japan for what?...a few months? There is little material to even release

    2. Chronological order. How on Earth can they release this and expect ANYONE to understand what the hell is going on with its random plots?

    3. Volume release...when was the last time Viz has done something likes this? Early '00? Back then, Pokespe actually had enough material to be released for this (If I recall, it was on GSC in Japan)

    The only good thing about this is that it's in English


    I mean, why Adventures?

    Why not Master! Pokemon Black and White?

    Hell, this would be a great opportunity to release Pocket Monsters in the US

    At least they have constant and stable releases

    I love this series and I like that it's being released in English and all

    But not when it's going to be like this....
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2011
  11. Yeah, this was from the press release. Sounds like PokeSpe. Not sure if I'm really looking forward to this when it's barely out in Japan yet.
  12. PKMN Trainer Hilbert

    PKMN Trainer Hilbert A simple trainer.

    Your reasons to try and "break [my] happiness" failed horribly. I'm so sorry. There's nothing more we can do for you.
  13. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Do I know you?


    We have about, what, 11 rounds released in Japan so far? With barely any sense of chronological order?

    I mean, we're already in the second Gym's location and we haven't even seen the first Gym Battle yet (and we know Black does Gym's too)
  14. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. RetiredPokemonMaster

    They should have just done what Naruto's volumes did to catch up here and release like 4 volumes in a month until we were at a reasonable arc for regular releases. I love PokeSpecial and am looking forward to buying all the volumes but Viz needs to be more patient. I thought they were doing well until I herd this. I mean they already have two arcs running alongside each other so they'll get twice the work done. There's not much to work with BW and the volume releases are always better then the magazines anyway.

    Maybe we're getting all worked up over nothing and this is another BW manga like the Pocket Monsters one or the 'Master' one I herd about.
  15. Evilchibi_pichu

    Evilchibi_pichu Entertain me minions

    Anyone who follows the chapters for the magazine know that this news is not only bad, it makes Viz look downright stupid. Not only is BW not even in volume format and won't be until almost next year (if that), but Viz... Has other arcs to do. BW shouldn't even be on their to do immediately list.

    Instead of trying to be on par with Japan (something that's hard with manga and only recent with anime), why not actually catch up? And I agree with lolipiece; if Viz is that eager to do another Pokemon manga, there are many other ones to choose from.

    They should just leave BW alone until they have their act together and are caught up. This BW bandwagon jumping is getting ridiculous.

    Impossible. No mangaka is going to give some American company missing chapters for their releases when Japan hasn't gotten theirs. No mangaka would do even do the missing chapters just for some American early release when they (probably?) haven't done it for their own Japanese release. At least, that's how it usually is and why American Manga companies wait until the volumes are farther ahead before they cash in.

    The only way I see Viz being able to do it by July is that Japan is also getting the first two volumes in Japan around then. With Viz is trying to be cool and try and keep pace by paying more money. Yet having BW volumes should be almost impossible; BW shouldn't be in volume format when HGSS is (I'm guessing Pt would be done by then). Unless Kusaka will do everything wrong and make HGSS really short or skip over it for BW. Worse yet if Shōgakukan make him because Viz is paying the money. If Shōgakukan does that, I really want Kusaka and Yamamoto to go to another company like other mangaka do. As that would just prove that Shōgakukan cares more about money than quality...
    What a waste, I say. I'm now worried that Viz's greediness will cause Japan to rush through and just cause a decline.

    I really REALLY hate when companies do this crap for stupid reasons. /rant

    The link gives another link to Viz's press release of what manga they have in planned. It says 'Pokemon Black & White', which makes it either Pocket Monsters or PokeSpe. Then the description nearly confirms it as PokeSpe as no other manga has the names Black and White. I highly doubt its Pocket Monsters as starting with BW volumes (which I don't know if its out yet) is weird as no one would know the characters well. It could be the 'Master' one, but the description makes me doubt it.

    That saying, I really hope its another manga or just Viz saying they're doing it in July but aren't.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2011
  16. Hydreigon

    Hydreigon The Dark Dragon

    This kinda sucks.
  17. Masteryoshimon

    Masteryoshimon PokeAnalyzer

    While I agree that it might be a tad overbearing on how they're going to do it...even I can't really defend them on that.
    But you have to look at it from the company's perspective:
    1) Pokemon Black and White
    2) It is really popular
    3) Therefore, a manga would bring in a lot of profit
    You can't blame Viz for thinking this way, it's natural if you're part of a profitable company

    And I think everyone is looking too micro, yes there is a lot of arcs, but how many connected arcs are there? I count three. From RBG-Emerald, DP-HGSS, and BW.These arcs have completely different storylines that don't intersect, save HGSS*. So it makes sense that they can run all of them simultaneously, assuming that the volumes are already out. And assuming that the first volume of BW is released by then, then Viz should be able to translate it fast enough for the release.

    This idea is relatively new, running three different macro arcs of the same series at the same time, and I applaud Viz for attempting to pioneer it...assuming it works. It also benefits us the readers, as we'll be getting our manga faster, and more of it than before.

    *With the HGSS arc, by the time that rolls around the GSC arc should be done.

    PS This is to address multiple arguments, I didn't quote because it was too long
    PSS I may have not addressed all the arguments because I'm a bit lazy in reading them all
  18. kawaii serebii

    kawaii serebii PokeSpe Collector

    What. The. Heck. What is Viz thinking?!

    BW volumes aren't even out and they want to serialize it? If fans don't get the timeline, I don't see how Viz gets it. I mean, that's coming from their translator who disregarded the dialogue that Bugsy is very much a MALE and instead referring to him as a female and made the dialogue so because he/she saw the art and assumed it's a girl.

    Then like others pointed out, Viz has other arcs to follow up: Platinum, GSC, Ruby/Sapphire, FRLG, Emerald. Which totals to about... roughly... (29 - 7? 6?) 22 volumes to catch up to just Emerald.

    Okay fine, I get the money profit part. BW is receiving an insanely large demand for it in the US. I get the part where they want to mooch off BW's popularity and releasing the manga early. But still the issue remains, where are they going to get the missing chapters from. Not to mention one volume is about 10 chapters (according to my CY books) I don't think we had at least 20 chapters to tide by since BW started serialising in PokeFan, CoroCoro and Sho4. But by July, why not? However. Mangakas sure ain't as hell going to tell Viz 'Oh the missing chapters? Give me a week to send them to you'.


    They're going to say 'Oh the missing chapters? I'll email the storyline over to you. It hasn't been released in Japan (heck we haven't even drawn them) but I'm sure the American fans would like to be ahead of our local community, in any way."

    Even by July the highest volume number we will probably be getting is gonna be 40 or 41. And that's around the start of Platinum. Japan releases volumes in chrono order, so the possibility of BW first volume release by July not happening. Not with Platinum and HGSS in front. Assuming Platinum and HGSS follow the Emerald (26 - 29) and FRLG (22 - 26) style, there will be more or less 8 volumes to cover both Platinum and HGSS before BW makes their debut. With about 7 months left to 2011, even with one volume a month isn't gonna help BW get released by June in order for Viz to publish it in July.

    Either way, I'm so not going to get the Viz BW PokeSpe, until someone can guarantee complete with pictures, that the BW volumes make sense and not jumbled like the magazines
  19. Dreamingflower

    Dreamingflower Trying out new games

    Ok they're gone now official insane. Are they that greedy and desperate for making money to start translating an unfinished arc. That really is disastrous it will have a lot of wholes their greed for money made them go blind and they lost their patience. They have disappointed me even more. -.-

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