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Volcanic Panic! (059)


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Volcanic Panic!

Having lost his match at the Cinnibar Gym, Ash is upset and intends to battle again. But when Team Rocket invade the gym and cause the Volcano to go Critical, Ash & Blaine and their Charizard & Magmar must work together to stop it. Will Ash stop it and get another battle?

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Ahh...One of my favorite Kanto episodes, mainly cause it featured Charizard. The battle was excellent; and showing to us how strong 'Zard has become since he was a cute little Charmander. Lots of serousness and drama involved with the volcano, and whether Charizard would listen to Ash in this time of crisis. Overall; one of the best Kanto episodes that featured a battle popular with many a fan. 10/10!

Factory Head Noland

It's one of my favourite Kanto eps aswell! It's so cool and I just love the music in this ep!


Legendary Pokémon Coordinator
I have to say that this and the one before it is the BEST GYM BATTLE OF ALL TIME. Out of all of the gym battles that Ash has had, this one was the best.


One of the best battle's ever, Magmar V Charizard. Ash and Charizard's finest hour.


Lupin said:
I have to say that this and the one before it is the BEST GYM BATTLE OF ALL TIME. Out of all of the gym battles that Ash has had, this one was the best.

I agree with you, Lupin. :D

This was a superb gym battle, and my favourite one as well. ;D

I loved it so much I actually bought the DVD! :O

Charizard vs. Magmar was an excellent match-up, and the battle was plain freakin' awesome.

Misty is my love

my favorite kanto episode and favorite battle. featuring my favorite pokemon magmar. it was a great battle and it could have been either side. and it was an awesome battle


Strawberry Milk
One of my fav macthes of all time. Just the thought of a fight inside of a volcano is truly awsome them going above to fight was just as good.
I give it a 10/10
Honestly, I didn't like this episode much. The battle was rather short lived. Charizard's random obedience really annoys me. Sure, there was a reason, but I hated it. I thought the first battle was a lot better than this.
The only part that really caught my attention in the battle was Charizard's fall into the volcano. But, even that was pointles. Charizard has monstrous wings, it couldn't have just fallen like that unless it was on the brink of death. Plus, one Seismic Toss isn't enough to take out a Magmar, animé or ingame. The volcano scene was the redeeming aspect of this episode. That was the only really intense scene, and the only one worth a second glance at.

Overall rating:
5.9 out of 10.....
A rather disappointing Gym Battle. I far prefer the previous one over this. This battle is on par with the pity badges as one of the worst Gym battles I've seen. Then again, Kanto has a knack for crappy Gym Battles.

SC~ out


Team Awesome
I think that this was the first really good gym battle Ash had had up until that point in the series. Although Pikachu was good against raichu in "Electric Shock Showdown" and Charmander and Bulbasaur were effective at the Fuschia City gym, this episode really set the ground work for the battles we'd see later on in Johto and Hoenn, when Ash won gym battles on his own merit using strategy and by thinking outside the box. His battle with Charizard against magmar in this episode was awesome, considering that Charizard was still being disobedient at the time and still roasted Ash at the end of the battle (at least in later days Ash's getting roasted by him was done for comical effect). It was definitely one of the great gym battles.

Team Rocket was pretty good in this episode too. Of course they caused chaos with their freeze blaster, but at least having to stop the volcano from erupting was effective in getting Charizard to eventually help out and to get the twerps' pokemon working together as a team. I also loved Jigglypuff and Psyduck's cameos. :)


I love Dara <3
Lupin said:
I have to say that this and the one before it is the BEST GYM BATTLE OF ALL TIME. Out of all of the gym battles that Ash has had, this one was the best.
I totally agree with you Lupin ^_^

Blaziken master

This has to be my favourite gym battle ever.It was so full of suspense and it was charizard's best fight.Magmar became a fave pokemon after this.The one thing I wonder about is that how Ash knew how charizard could use seismic toss.Saying that,charizard's seismic toss was never the same after this.The way he took magmar into the air and slammed him into the volcano.Brilliance.


Well-Known Member
this was the best gym battle in the entire show so far. it was fun and exciting to watch the match. charizard and magmar made a great show! 10/10


Well-Known Member
Char and Magmar where kool and the battle over the volcano was awesome. 7/10


Team Awesome
Right now while I'm going through my tapes again like I do every year, I can't help thinking back to this episode and how it really made the gym battles in the series much more interesting and exciting. Up until this point, with the exception of "Electric Shock Showdown" and "The Ninja Poke-Showdown", the gym battles really... stunk. I mean, really, they weren't that great at all during the first season. I've been watching some of them the past couple of days, and I shake my head at how bad some of them were. Compared to the exciting gym battles of later years- "From Ghost to Ghost", the Clair ones, "Who's Flying Now", the official Norman one, etc.- the first season just was lackluster in its gym battles. Ash got almost all his first season gym badges WAY too easily. At least nowadays he truly earns the badges/symbols/ribbon he earns, by hard work, strategy, learning, and improvising. Gym battles and Frontier battles are much more exciting nowadays. Of course the first two Orange Island gym battles weren't that great either, but they started being pretty consistently good with "Misty Meets Her Match".

At least this episode, though, really started to show how great they can be. I may not like how Charizard acts like a jerk in the two episodes, but the matches are still amazing to watch. I'd rather watch this gym a hundred times than his battle against Sabrina, one of the cheapest wins ever.

Sorry I had to rant a bit there, I just felt like letting off some steam. At least I'm coming to his battle against Koga tomorrow.


Digimon > Pokemon
This was another one of the Great Charizard Episodes. Seeing as I love Fire, I rented this Tape frequently when I was a Kid. Charizard pwns all, even Magmar!


Ready, Set, and GO
What I noticed from the first season gym battles.. is that even if he won them easily he still took a lesson from them.. He learned about type compatibilities on the Pewter city gym, He learned the power of water Pokemon on the Cerulean Gym, He learned that speed could be much more effective than any Powerful electric attack on The eletric gym which I forgot the name of the darn city. He learned emphaty on Celadon, he learned about poison types on Fushia, and the final two din't really have a lesson..

About this episode, one of the best battles ever!! I was in 9th grade when i first saw this episode, and I remenber everyone talking about this battle at school.. poweful battle.