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Volcanic Panic! (059)

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The gym battle wasn't too bad and Team Rocket wasn't too nasty when they caused trouble (as always). But the only thing I didn't like was Togepi trying to help out.

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This episode was pretty good. I found it somewhat amusing that Magmar just stood there when Team Rocket shot their ice rockets at him despite his defrosting as well as Team Rocket going ballistic trying to freeze Magmar. I find it weird how Geodude and Onix weren’t bothered by the Water Gun “cool off”. The battle between Magmar and Charizard is my second favorite Kanto gym battle (the first being the battle Ash has for the 8th badge). One reason is that I find it cool how this is the only episode (so far) where an attack (in this case, Fire Blast) is actually caught and thrown away.


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Another excellent episode nice to see Ash win his 7th badge the Volcano Badge, also nice to see Charizard actually listen to Ash for once even if it was for just one battle. Also I liked that the gang had to stop the volcano from erupting and destroying the island which is exactly what happened to Cinnabar island in Gold, Silver, & Crystal.
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I may have found an interesting edit to the dub:

As some of us know, the Fire Blast attack looks like the kanji character for big. When Charizard deflected it at the start of the match, it changed to the character for medium, and then small as it got higher into the air until it eventually poofed out(accompanied by a shock type sound effect).XD If I remember right, the Fire Blast stayed the same in the dub.

EDIT: I checked, and the Fire Blast doesn't change shape...forgot to get the SFX out, though.:p
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this is probably the best and most exciting gym battle in Kanto. the animation has improved a lot over season one. i felt sorry for Magmar when it did such a hard work at throwing the rocks into the lava pit and it kept exploding. i forgot how funny Charizard was when it didn't obey Ash - stuff like this wouldn't happen anymore in the anime, unfortunately.


Contaminated KFC
I haven't watched this episode in years, but someone tell me; Were there any actual commands issued by either trainer during the majority of the battle? Because the most I can remember is Ash leaning over the edge of the volcano screaming 'Fly away! Get outta there!' as Pikachu tried to hold him back, and possibly a lone 'Flamethrower!' from Blaine's side. Apart from that, all I can recall is the pokémon acting on their own.

Not knocking the bout or anything, since this is one of the few Kanto battles that I feel was genuinely worthwhile, but that's something that's been bugging me for weeks now.


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I remeber Ash calling for Seismic Toss, most of the other commands were acted on by the Pokemon by themeselves.


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This episode didn't hold my interest very long. I got kinda bored.


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Ha, I thought the lack of commands issued actually made it seem more realistic... In normal battles with Squirtle, Pikachu and the rest the battle needs to be given a sort of direction, but since Charizard and Magmar were made out to be practically adult in their mannerisms this time I think it was cool to allow them to fight it out their own way.

This just slips past Electric Shock Showdown as my favourite gym battle from back in the day, it was great stuff compared to some of the others.

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I still remember the first time when i watched this episode.This was great episode and personally one of my favorites.The whole episode was exciting about saving the island from volcano eruption which caused Team Rocket,and the best part was the battle between Charizard and Magmar.One of the best ones in Kanto,and the way in which Charizard managed to deflect Magmars fire blast was brilliant to watch.I also like this episode for the fact that even if Ashs Charizard was stubborn to listen him,he made an exception in this episode because he was interested in battle against Magmar.Also this was one of the gym battles in which Ash win the badge in fair way.


magmar was one of my least favorite poke's at that time, it was a good episode but i've seen better, 7/10.


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This episode was suspence full the lava and pikachu almost falling in argh yes very strange i was worred i still occasionly watch this episode seeing i tended to tape them all


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I remember, in the previous episode, being frightfully scared that Pikachu would actually fall into the lava pit below.

I love how Charizard got his act together and battled Magmar... even if it was just to try and show off his strength ^^; Regardless, one of Ash's best Gym matches. Battling inside of - and on top of - a volcano? Nothing could beat that in terms of coolness :3

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I enjoyed the battle between Charizard and Magmar, i think Charizard found a worthy opponent.


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Oh i remember i just wanted to see this episode!
i even think i called myself sick from school just to see how Ash's 7th gym match would end XD


This episode was great because Ash's Charizard showed a good battle to Blaine's Magmar, even if it took a lot to control its behavior of disobeying him. With one Seismic Toss, Magmar was defeated and Ash won the Volcano Badge. Now having seven badges, I became psyched to see if he'd win the last badge!


I loved the battle between Charizard and Magmar, two strong fire pokemon.
Charizard was really strong, even after everyone thought it lost but Charizard came back and it was cool how it beat Magmar.


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Ash attempts to heal Pikachu's wounds at the hot springs, it was cute to see him wash his buddy.

Loved that Meowth burned his hand while attempting to open the gym's door. Though blasting beams of ice inside a volcano was kind of dumb even for Team Rocket.

Saving the island was epic with Magmar and Charizard teaming up. The battle was the fiercest battle I've seen in early Kanto. Loved how Charizard beat Magmar. 10/10