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Volcanion & The Mechanical Marvel (19)

The Great Butler

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There's something I'm confused about: Chymia and Racel are identified as Eliphas's descendants by every account of the movie, yet the queen that appears in the flashbacks to 500 years ago looks virtually identical to Chymia, which is a clear implication she's also their ancestor. Is it ever specified how Eliphas is related to her? Is he her father or grandfather, and thus somewhere in the Azoth Kingdom's line of royalty? This strikes me as strange, because all that was ever said about him was that he was an inventor and Magearna's creator, not a potential king as well.

Which is unfortunate, especially after seeing the dubbed trailer. Can't the voice actors put at least a little more effort? I mean, it's a movie for crying out loud.

Eh, at least Jarvis got a good voice that's pretty fitting for his character.


KungFu Zen Mode
I have to see it's better then the other to Gen 6 movies, but not the best of all. Although I like how there's a good story behind everything. It's funny that Volcanion makes character development in 90 minutes (if you know what I mean :p)

U.N. Owen

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...
A little nitpicky but that band Ash has around him annoys me. I just don't know how it can just stay around his waist despite the fact he takes on his regular clothes, the clothes Serena purchased, the impact suit, his underwear, and his regular clothes again.


get rillaboomed
So they did have a full version of Stand Tall but never used it in the actual show. It sounded pretty good too, would've been nice for Greninja vs. Sceptile

Evil Darkrai

Well-Known Member
I watched it as it was airing; and I've got to say, this is probably my favourite out of the XY movies.

The animation was really good, but that's to be expected with these films. The story was OK, nothing amazing. The villain is kind of meh, he's basically Jafar from Aladdin. The stand out moments for me was whenever Ash and gang are interacting with Volcanion and Magearna and I've got to say, Magearna was so adorable in this. I can't wait to get my very own one in Sun & Moon. It's easily become my favourite mythical Pokemon.

The dub was perfectly fine. Volcanion's voice was spot on, he sounded awesome. He was also a good character. You can see where he's coming from, and why he distrusts humans. Him and Ash together made for some funny moments. And I really liked his moments with Magearna, with Magearna telling him off when he's being rude. They where great together.

Something odd about this movie, was that they managed to make the Ash-Greninja transformation kind of dull. There was no awesome build up with Ash yelling or any flashes between him and Greninja. It just happened and no seemed to care. Also no one seemed to care when Squishy transformed into 10℅ zygarde. But it was cool to see that and perfect Zygarde, even for brief moment.

Oh, and they try to do the whole fake death scene. Why do these almost always happen in Pokemon movies? They're never believable.

All in all it was a fun flick. Nothing amazing, but entertaining none the less.

A little nitpicky but that band Ash has around him annoys me. I just don't know how it can just stay around his waist despite the fact he takes on his regular clothes, the clothes Serena purchased, the impact suit, his underwear, and his regular clothes again.

Yeah that really bothered me at first. But as it kept happening I just ended up laughing every other time. Maybe it was supposed to be some kind of joke that they never bothered localising? It seems like such an obvious error otherwise.
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I come and go suddenly
So this one.... is probably the best of the X/Y movies in my eyes, but it's far from being the best of all the movies.

I like how this movie tried to do character development and the interactions with the characters were pretty nice too. The environments were also really pretty to look at. But I felt Magearna could have done a lot more; it felt a lot like a plot device. And unfortunately, this is yet another movies with the tired "character sacrifices themselves but doesn't die" cliché that plagues the movies often.

The villain was meh; I couldn't really understand his motives, But the mega wave gimmick was cool I guess; it was definitely executed better than the onslaught of legendaries in the last movie.

In the end, it's actually a decent movie; better than the last two X/Y movies this gen which very really average. The extra time did this movies favours I think, as the previous two movies did feel rushed because of limited time. While this movies does have a few flaws, it's a watchable movie for Pokémon standards.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
I'm probably the only one right now who doesn't really like this film very much. It's better than the Hoopa movie, but when it comes to the characters (particularly the Legendaries), I still adore Diancie more. I couldn't connect nor care about Volcanion or Magearna--the voice actor was great as Volcanion (I believe it's Mike Pollock, it sounds like him), but I wasn't a fan of the character. I did have some semblance of enjoyment in the beginning with Ash and Volcanion being electromagnetically connected and the attempts at slapstick, but that got old fast even though the flying up into the air got me to smirk. I was honestly hoping this would lead to Volcanion learning to cope with a human and them finding a way to get around this handicap (or even use it to their advantage in a battle, because Ash isn't Ash in a movie without getting himself into a one-on-one battle with someone), but it never really happened. Volcanion was stuck with humans regardless because of Magearna, so the electromagnetic band just kinda comes off as a plot-device they then lazily dropped halfway into the movie. Seriously, all it takes is an Acid attack and the Clemont running a saw blade through it to remove those bands? Laaaaame. Not helped that Volcanion still proved to be a tsundere jerkass about it despite all he's seen and been through.

Magearna at least has a better role than Yvetal did, thus it does deserve the second-billing in the movie title. But outside of the Soul Heart, I can't for the life of me figure out what the point of Magearna is. Was it created to be a servant for the royal family? To work in the lab with Nikola Tesla? Or was its main creation supposed to be the defense of the kingdom via its Soul Heart but it had to live out its days in servitude of the royal family? I don't know.

I don't care about the new human characters (Rali actually kinda creeps me out, probably because of his eyes), with the most useless being this Pokémon hunter who shows up out of nowhere and then drops from the movie in order to "prove a point" that the Pokémon there don't trust humans because of that, but it automatically gets better when they heal an Amaura. I don't get their roles at all, and the human villain is two-dimensional at best. I still don't understand his motivation besides power--which reminds me of Oakley in Heroes when she was in the Defense Mechanism of Alto Mare. In fact, I swear this movie takes a looooot of cues from previous movies and thus really doesn't give it an original bone in its body. Yeah, a lot of Pokémon movies aren't original at all and are gimmicky as all hell, but it felt kinda obvious in here for me for some reason compared to the last few movies (Hoopa will always be the most gimmicky of gimmicks though). I do like the steampunk aesthetic, but I don't feel like there was enough of it to get a feel of the technology used. The fortress in the climax kinda helped, but I was confused by its layout.

And going back to the characters, Team Rocket in particular baffles me a bit here. Like… what was with their sudden heel-turn after they felt they were "betrayed" by Alva? I'm glad Team Rocket had more screentime this time around, but I just don't really feel they have to always play the "good guy" or the "victim" just to make them look better than the actual villain of the movie. It just doesn't feel natural for them as characters especially with them now as comedic relief characters.

This just wasn't a fun movie to sit through. It felt much longer than an hour-and-a-half, I was hardly invested in it by the time Team Rocket showed up and the cast felt the need to then give a speech about how it's wrong to force Pokémon to Mega Evolve and blah-blah-blah I don't care. I only watched this for completionist's sake. I didn't have expectations going in, and so I'm only mildly disappointed even if it doesn't look like it.
This was a pretty decent movie though I couldn't help but feel it was a tad similar to the first pokemon movie with the whole pokemon not trusting humans thing.


this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨
Got around to watching the dub and this is the movie I've been waiting for since The Rise of Darkrai. I genuinely really enjoyed it. In fact, it might be in my top five. Movies 11-18 all ended up being disappointing or bad except for Zoroark and the Master of Illusions, so I'm glad that XYZ went out on a strong note to match it's fantastic final season.

Props to Volcanion's voice actor. My favourite performance of a Pokemon because it was the perfect cadence and attitude for him. Magearna was also really endearing despite not doing much, and the overdramatic death scene had me feel something more than it should have. Even the movie OCs were fun to watch even though they didn't get backstories.

My biggest complaint as usual is that the big battle scene with the megas wasn't enough action.

Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free
This is like the best dub job they've done since like movie 14 lol, Lisa Ortiz may not be such a bad director after all.


Alolan (and soon to be Galarian) trainer
Just watched the movie on Disney XD.

I liked it, but I missed the first hour of it because I thought it came on at 6:00. D:

I'll find some way to watch the first part...


Lover of underrated characters
It was a great movie. Probably in my top 5 after Lucario, Hoopa, Darkrai, and Mewtwo....
The villain was certainly the best one we've had since DP. And Volcanion was as interesting as Hoopa was. And Team Rocket had actual involvement in the story too, first main characters to actually wield Mega evolution as well.


I can't Kominicate.
Sooooooo many things to say about this movie, but they're not in order:

1) So that thing about Ash and Volcanion butting heads was kind of a lie. While the poster showed them glaring daggers at each other with those rings, they never really got that far. In fact, they only started bickering the moment the rings came off...and even then, it lasted like 5 minutes before the climax came in and any ill-hatred Volcanion had was covered because everyone was too busy fighting the villains.

2) Safeguard doesn't protect you from multiple Hyper Beams! Talk about hax.

3) And speaking of hax, that Alakazam had Mewtwo levels of psychic power. Effortlessly lifting more than 4 people...and one of them was a freaking Steelix. Even without Mega Evolving, it was a serious threat...that never came to be.

4) Figures Clemont's first crush would be a mechanical Pokemon.

5) Racel is the dumbest, most oblivious character I've ever met. Forget about the fact the obviously-evil villain had something to relate with you. How the hell do you ignore the fact he openly is seen torturing humans and Pokemon in a peaceful habitat and say, "Hey, sis! It's all good! Jarvis says this is for the good of the kingdom!" In fact, the whole plot happened because of his massive idiocy. I would have let it slide if he had said anything when the climax was starting, but he's still smiling and being happy after Ash and everyone else got tortured real bad?

6) So Kimia mentioned their father...but he doesn't appear? Even when the fortress is leveled?

7) Exactly what caused the city to get wrecked in the past that forced Eliphas to hide Magearna? Had Jarvis have some sort of connection that related to the past, he would've been a better villain.

8) And speaking of which, it's so hilarious they tried to really, really make him evil for the sake of it. "I got my weapon now. If I want to fully control it, let me destroy its home!" That only took the attention away from the city of machines. In fact, the city becomes forgotten and once more we're back to the wilderness. The previous movie did have a city, but it was so flat and casual anyhow that it wasn't remarkably memorable. Back to Jarvis, he should have been a descendant of whatever caused Magearna to go into hiding hundreds of years ago.

9) Can we get a clear explanation how those Mega Waves came to be. Also, way to say how heinous it is to disregard the bond part.

10) There's something wrong when even a full army of Mega Evolutions can't even hold Serena or Clemont back. Either Chespin is Brock's Happiny levels of strength, or they were just filler.

11) Despite the fact Ash-Greninja gets its own score, he doesn't do anything remarkable other than luckily derailing Jarvis' escape for a little bit. Essentially, he gets downgraded in the action department but is lucky to be in the camera's line of sight. Pikachu instead takes more action than he does. But hey! Ninja frog gets his own portrait in the end as if he did something!

12) Holy crap, did Volcanion incinerate those Heracross and Pinsir?

13) Where did those other brainwashed Pokemon go? Especially that Shiny Gengar?

14) Well, Swampert wasn't properly shown in the anime...so may as well brainwash it to be evil. In fact, none of those Mega Evolutions haven't been seen in the anime... It's like they wanted to get rid of them before the generation ended.

15) Nobody bathes an eye at Z-1 transforming but Bonnie is only proud for a moment without questioning it happening. Even when Perfect Zygarde showed up, Kimia just said the Pokemon of the plains stopped the beam. What?

16) Keep being a jobber, Noivern, or at least the target of machines coming out from the ground.

17) Magearna was actually endearing and has more personality that Clembot, but just for a little bit.

18) That ending was too quick on the emotions. Volcanion is dead! No, he's alive! No wait, he's dying! No wait, smell these flowers! That ruined the mood.

19) As always, humans are all horrible because of a few people Volcanion had a beef with. Specifically, everyone is a monster, even though the first few he met didn't exactly do anything bad the moment they met.

20) I liked to see Ash being treated as a human yo-yo with amusing injuries.

21) Did Disney already infect the dub with loud music? I could barely hear the characters talk.

As a whole, this was the best XY movie, but only by a little, and it still doesn't beat some of the past like Lucario's or Arceus's movies. Hell, the DP movie era was pretty good, except for maybe the Shaymin movie.
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Great movie featuring Volcanion and Magearna. It's weird that Volcanion doesn't trust humans, but then it warmed up as it went along with Ash, Pikachu, Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont.

The movie felt a bit emotional after the villain stole the Soul-Heart from Magearna.


WishiWashi Trainer
Great Movie. It was probably the best one from this generation. However if it just had the same amount of action as the Hoopa Movie it would have been awesome.
And yes the "clothes" bothered me too. Makes me think Ash was faking it.
Emotionless Magearna made me cry though ;-;


The Dragon Lord
I'm super late, but I finally got a chance to see the movie. I'm surprised at how good it actually was. I enjoyed the Hoopa movie, but only because of the action sequences. This move was actually enjoyable without having to rely on action. This is without a doubt the best movie made since the Arceus movie, maybe even since Darkrai. Glad that Pokemon movies seem to be getting out of there slump.