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Volkner vs Flint?

Volkner vs Flint?

  • Volkner

    Votes: 12 60.0%
  • Flint

    Votes: 8 40.0%

  • Total voters


Gengar Forever <3
Who do you think would be surperior? And I mean now not when they were kids cause they both beat each other when they were kids.

Primal Crusader V

Watch some MANime
Wow. That competition will be neck-to-neck. They both have pokemon with similar attributes, like counter-parts. I honestly have no opinion on this one.


Have to say Volkner since Electric is my favorite type and Electivire/Electabuzz/Elekid are my favorite.


Well-Known Member
Leaning towards Flint. Volkner's notable threat is Lanturn, but if Flint gets the sun up, it gets nailed by Solarbeam. Then Flint's Infernape is causing big problems for Volkner with its fast Earthquakes. Flint has the level edge too. On the other hand, Volkner does have a couple of Charge Beam users, which if they get too many boosts in could give Flint problems.

Isn't there an AR code to catch Trainers' Pokemon. Maybe a couple of people who don't mind ARing could snag them and try the battle for themselves.


→ s o a r i n g
I would want Volkner to win since i like him better. I can't remember the pokemon they have though so yeah.


Electivire VS Magmortar
Jolteon VS Flareon
Luxray VS Houndoom
Raichu VS Infernape

seems pretty even...


Well-Known Member
Well, in DP Volkner would probably win since he has that octillary.
In platinum, they'd be a bit more even (both actually having pokes with their specific types)
Although Flint's pokes are higher levels...


So long
Not sure who would win this. They do both have pretty good teams representing the types they specialize in, I think it would be very even if they were to battle.
I am voting for Volkner though, just because I like him better.


Flint would win.

He's one of the Elite Four, and his pokemon are at higher levels than Volkner's.


Metallic Wonder
Yes.. Volkner will win because I like them Magnezones..
No.. I think Flint would win this one. He is after all third member of the Elite Four.
And his Fire-Types are kinda nasty.


Well-Known Member
I'd say Flint since he's a member of the Elite Four and the Elite four are much stronger the a Gym Leader. So, Flint all the way.


Well-Known Member
I think Volkner, because I love his type, but it all depends, all of their PKMN are counterparts...