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Volume 15+, where to buy?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by Reiji Kurosaky, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Reiji Kurosaky

    Reiji Kurosaky Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone, I just bought the first 4 volumes of Pokémon Adventures from Amazon, I shall receive them this week and it will take me about a month to read them (I don't have much time to read), it's a great opportunity for me since I haven't read any of the volumes before, I am planning on buying around 4-5 volumes each month until I catch the series, the problem is I already have all volumes up to 14 in my shopping cart, but can't seem to find the rest available on amazon. Could it be that from chapter 15 onwards it has a new name? I can't find them by Pokémon Adventures Vol. 15.

    So my question is, where can I buy the rest of the volumes of Pokémon Adventures, and are they on amazon with a different name?

  2. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Try looking on Ebay. I have bought many of my volumes on there, and it has always been a very good experience for me.

    Sometimes it can be hard to find them when searching, though. I can't remember if you type in "Pokemon Adventures," "Pokemon Special," or "Pokespecial," but if you keep trying, you should eventually find a bunch of people selling the English (Chuang Yi) versions of volumes 15+ (assuming that's what you're looking for).
  3. Satoshi

    Satoshi メイの大切の彼氏

  4. 1dbad

    1dbad ~The Blizzard Prince

    If you are buying from Amazon that means you're buying the Viz version, since the Chuang Yi version isn't there. But volumes 15-onward aren't there yet because they only put up new volumes every so often there since Viz is still working on translating them. Give them a bit of time and then you should start seeing the other volumes, but you'll probably just see one or two new ones every so often. Just so you know volumes 15-29 will be under the same title, so just look for them like you already are.

    And uh, be sure to look for Pokemon Adventures: Diamond, Pearl and Platinum volumes too. They are volumes 30-38 in the Japanese release, but Viz is releasing them as a separate but related series called 'Pokemon Adventures: Diamond, Pearl and Platinum'. Right now only volume '1' of this separate series is out, and volume 2 will come out on June. So be sure to look for those too, by searching Pokemon Adventures: Diamond, Pearl and Platinum volume 1, 2, ect.

    But if you don't want to wait on Viz for volumes 15-onward, then I recommend doing what everyone else is doing, and searching for volumes 15-onward of Chuang Yi's release on sites like eBay and what not. They have up to volume 35 out right now. You don't have to if you don't want to, but do keep in mind if you read Viz's release they won't catch up 'til 2014, and by then Japan will have even more volumes out.
  5. Reiji Kurosaky

    Reiji Kurosaky Well-Known Member

    Thank you everyone for your replys.

    Actually I think I'll have plenty of time because like I said, I don't have much time to read manga, so I think I may last at least a month with 2/3 volumes. Which means it will be around 4/5 months before I really get to volume 15. I hope they get it by that time.

    I already got the volumes I was looking for in the link that Satoshi provided (thanks for that), if by the time I read volume 14 Amazon hasn't published the next one yet, I will definitely go for Chuang Yi's version.
  6. 1dbad

    1dbad ~The Blizzard Prince

    You're welcome!

    I don't know then. They probably won't have volume 15 out by that time. Right now only volumes 1-11 are out of one release, and only one volume is out of the DP release. On the volume 1-11 release one volume comes out every other month, and on the DP release one volume comes out every three months. (for 4 volumes a year) Which means we'll only get 10 volumes a year. And here is the release schedule for the volumes, in case you're curious. Volumes 12-14 and volume 2 of DP is already confirmed, but volumes 15 onward and DP volume 3 onward are just guesses based on the pattern.

    For 2011:
    Volume 12 comes out in April.
    Volume 13 comes out in June.
    Volume 14 comes out in August.
    Volume 15 comes out in October.
    Volume 16 comes out in December.

    For DP's release...
    Volume 31 ('2' in Viz's release) comes out in June.
    Volume 32 ('3' in Viz's release) comes out in September.
    Volume 33 ('4' in Viz's release) comes out in December.

    For 2012:
    Volume 17 comes out in February.
    Volume 18 comes out in April.
    Volume 19 comes out in June.
    Volume 20 comes out in August.
    Volume 21 comes out in October.
    Volume 22 comes out in December.

    For DP's release...
    Volume 34 ('5' in Viz's release) comes out in March.
    Volume 35 ('6' in Viz's release) comes out in June.
    Volume 36 ('7' in Viz's release) comes out in September.
    Volume 37 ('8' in Viz's release) comes out in December.

    For 2013:
    Volume 23 comes out in February.
    Volume 24 comes out in April.
    Volume 25 comes out in June.
    Volume 26 comes out in August.
    Volume 27 comes out in October.
    Volume 28 comes out in December.

    For DP's release...
    Volume 38 ('9' in Viz's release comes out in March.) (Japan is only up to volume 38 at the moment in Japan, so I'm not going to calculate past that unless you want me too.)

    For 2014: Volume 29 comes out in February.

    And that's the schedule most likely.

    Well, volume 14 will come out in August, and 15 in October, so they won't have published the next one by then. So you probably will go for Chuang Yi's version, unless you haven't read up to then by that point. (which isn't likely at this point)
  7. Darkxninga

    Darkxninga Well-Known Member

    WHOAAA O.O, im curious but where did all these dates come from?
  8. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    1dbad said they were just guesses based on the release patterns of the volumes published so far.
  9. 1dbad

    1dbad ~The Blizzard Prince

    What Aquarelle said. I made guesses on all the dates so far based on the release pattern for the volumes. The side catching up with old volumes is one volume every other month for a total of 6 a year and DP's release seems to be one volume every 3 months for 4 a year. So based on that pattern I just calculated what the release dates would be if it stayed the same, and luckily the volumes would come out the same months every year unless something changes. XD

    Yep! Thanks for answering for me in my absence. Been kind of sick so I haven't been online as much.
  10. Reiji Kurosaky

    Reiji Kurosaky Well-Known Member

    I have to say I was totally wrong. I read the first 4 volumes in one weekend (and even got the time to work), so I think I will be buying the rest faster than I though.

    So I decided to finish the yellow series with Viz one's, and then starting with GSC series I will be buying Chuang Yi's.
  11. A_Merry_Snowrunt

    A_Merry_Snowrunt Ice Ice Snowrunt!

    I have a graph ( tends to change ) that dates the Adventures manga via month/ year. We'll enter RS by October of this year if that's what you want. Amazon is the best place to order these online btw. Or any other book store site.
  12. Darkxninga

    Darkxninga Well-Known Member

    Thats what I did ^^. I got Vizs yellow arc and the GSC arcs and so on (as I plan) Chaung yi (I wasnt a big fan of the yellows series but still enjoy it!). Keep checking on ebay or something like that for people who (its rare but it happens) sell their used pokemon adventures (CY) books or at a decent price~
  13. 1dbad

    1dbad ~The Blizzard Prince

    Oh wow! You read them a lot faster than I thought you would (based on what you said) as well!

    But that sounds like a good idea then if you don't feel like waiting for Viz's. I would definitely recommend the Chuang Yi volumes too since they're really good as well. (far ahead, no censorship unlike some of Viz's volumes, ect.) Just be warned that unlike Viz's volumes that read right-to-left Chuang Yi's read left-to-right (they've been flipped) but other than that I don't think you will have any problem.

    Oh! Before I forget, I'd recommend buying the Chuang Yi volumes from a user here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/member.php?u=90246 She's really reliable and gets them in really good quality, and it's better to buy them from her since she's a lot cheaper than sellers on eBay and what not. (because she actually charges a reasonable price for them) They still will be a few dollars more than Viz's volumes no matter what you do (due to shipping), but kawaii serebii sells them for the lowest price I've seen. Just thought I should let you know!
  14. Darkxninga

    Darkxninga Well-Known Member

    I was gonna add that but you beat me to it xD! And yes I agree with you ^_^!
  15. Kartik

    Kartik Member

    Hey, does someone know where I can buy volumes 15 onwards in Rs. ? All sites sell them in $'s and I can't buy them... I used to buy 'em from flipkart.com but they only have it till volume 14. Does anyone know of a site where they're selling them in rupees?
  16. ReiZerou

    ReiZerou Well-Known Member

    You might be able to buy vol. 15 in March 2013 from the same store. According to pages on VIZkids site not accessible through normal means, VIZ is going to start publishing the RS arc and onwards then. It's not confirmed though and it's going to take some time to publish all the volumes since they will be published once every two months. The only place where you can get the volumes in English right away is the area around Singapore and, if you're ready to pay a lot, ebay. But those are flipped editions and they have a lot of errors in translation (and stupid sound effects). Even though the VIZ editions are slightly censored, I still prefer them.

    I would recommend to wait till the VIZ editions are confirmed. Or unconfirmed if we don't hear anything till March.
  17. Aquamain

    Aquamain Pokemon Expert

    I was hoping to buy volumes 15-23 this year, but i can't find them anywhere does anybody know where to find them?.
  18. Grimsg

    Grimsg Thunder Trainer

    Hi all,

    I noticed lots of folks are looking for Pokemon Adventures books 15+ cause I've been received E-mails and stuff. Yup, Pokemon Adventures is still going strong in Singapore and if you needs any, let me know. I know it's been a LONG WHILE but I'm still alive and still sell Pokemon Adventures if you drop me a request mail. : )

    I've long changed my email and I'm found at studio.grim[at] gmail.com

    I don't hang on the forums so best to drop me a mail : )

  19. eryyy

    eryyy Ace Trainer

    Did you try looking in a book store? I got most of my copies of the Manga from Barnes and Noble. They might have it there.
  20. Aquamain

    Aquamain Pokemon Expert

    hey i've just been on amazon and they have volumes 15-17 on sale 10% off and 18-19 for pre order now

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