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Volume 53 and PokeSPedia discussion


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Updated the sticky thread's move list according to the SPedia. A few notable things:
1) The shower of petals thrown at Bisharp by Trevor's Flabebe was Petal Blizzard officially
2) The wild Woobat that attacked Black's Tepig has used Heart Stamp on the rocks
3) The 4 Hawlucha that attacked Sycamore at the Sundial have already used Flying Press when they knocked him off, although only Brave Bird (an illegal move) was explicitly stated in the chapter
4) Snarl was listed as unused in the SPedia, even it included some moves first featured in Vol. 53
5) Secret Sword from Gen 5, as well as Steam Eruption and Hyperspace Hole were not listed in the unused move charts. Interestingly, Hyperspace Fury is (which is Hoopa Unbound's move). Also, Light of Ruin is listed, despite it actually not being officially acknowledged so far (although it is mentioned in the Hotel Richissime mini-game)
6) While listing out the Gen 6 unused moves, there is a vague statement that 'including the Kalos chapters, 46 recently discovered moves have been featured so far, but we hard that the battle for Emerald and his friends are still on-going'. Not surprising since ORAS needs a lot of additional materials, but I wonder if this means XY will have minimal modifications in the actual volume form?

And to Maxim, Gemu-jisan is listed as Gemu-jisan in the SPedia. I wasn't aware that the Japanese community were wary of this name since it was how Scott addressed him. Perhaps because it was only used once?

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And to Maxim, Gemu-jisan is listed as Gemu-jisan in the SPedia. I wasn't aware that the Japanese community were wary of this name since it was how Scott addressed him. Perhaps because it was only used once?

Well, perhaps because Kusaka himself didn't really use that name in surplus materials (such as the Netkun/Corocoro website), referring to him as "Mirage Island Man" repeatedly.
I also think some people weren't sure if Scott was referring to him actually. Chuang Yi totally changed that line and I don't even know how Viz translated that (maybe somebody could check - Volume 21, page 163, the very first panel).

I keep asking about those name-related issues so much because they're interesting in the context of the potential English translation of the book, although as I said before, I'm actually starting to doubt that this will happen (it'd require a whole lot of reworking, due to vertical text). But who knows, such translation would surely be useful.
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was it revealed who won the tournament in emerald?


My copy arrived yesterday. A pretty good book and seems to cover pretty much everything.

Although I've found hilarious that Lack-two's Dewott is still a Dewott. I'm not following the BW2 saga but considering the small amount of volumes, I know it's because it didn't evolve yet. Still, it's something quite funny to see lol

By the way, the book confirmed the spelling as "Lack-two" and "Whi-two" (not sure about the last one. Will have to check my copy again later)


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It is worth noting that nicknames are labeled yellow under the dex holders parties. Lack-two's Dewott doesn't actually have a nickname as it is white in color.

In the Kusaka interview section, it sort of touched on the topic of whether USUM would lead to a new chapter. There were 'thoughts' on how to connect the SM chapter with the 'new chapter', so this may mean USUM will be a separate chapter. However, this isn't really anything solid as its more of a 'how would PKSP handle USUM' brainstorming between Kusaka and his assistant.



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I remember there being implications (through a few bits of dialogue in the post-game) that the PC in X/Y was around 16/17. Plus since X's backstory is that he was a tournament trainer at a young age so unless he was somewhere between 6-9 when he did it, it's sort of hard to believe he's only 12. Hell, even making him 14 would have made a bit more sense.

It's directly stated in the game. Emma is confirmed to be 16, and she considers the player character her "older sibling". Which means you've got to be 16 or older yourself. But since the manga is a completely separate continuity, it's fine for X and Y to be much younger in this canon.

Meh, so basically all notable Sailors in the manga are Eldritch...

Not sure if I like it, especially that it makes manga Eldritch an amalgam of two different game characters - Eldritch and the SeaGallop Sailor from FRLG (or even three, if we count him as the counterpart of the SS Aqua Captain).
Of course it's not the first time this manga does such things, similar thing happened with Crys (Kris + Lyra) and Cynthia's grandma (the Draco Meteor plot basically made her the counterpart of Grandma Wilma), while other game characters got "split" (Aqua/Magma Admins, Rocket Executives [Carl/Sham and Archer/Ariana]) but such things always annoy me.

Meh, Pokémon's a multiverse. This is all fairly tame compared to other multiverses like Marvel or DC. One character being split into two or two characters being fused into one isn't that bad when you consider that characters could be fused, gender-bent, race-bent, and have a completely different name and the only thing linking them to the character you once knew is their relevance in a storyline or their relationship to someone else. That's how crazy it can get in the comics Multiverses.

At least Adventures' changes to the Pokémon mythos are easy to follow and confined to their own reality.