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Vote to Befriend a Pokemon: Which Pokemon did YOU choose?

Which Generation is your chosen Pokemon from?

  • Generation 1/Kanto

    Votes: 204 39.4%
  • Generation 2/Johto

    Votes: 102 19.7%
  • Generation 3/Hoenn

    Votes: 119 23.0%
  • Generation 4/Sinnoh

    Votes: 93 18.0%

  • Total voters
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And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
Staff member


~*Shiny Hunter*~


ha, glad it's arceus :)


So long
Arceus won, cool. Well, it was the one I wanted to win out of the top three from the last time the votes were updated. Getting two Arceus of my own for the first time and being able to nickname them will be great. I am not really looking forward to RNG them though.


The Nightmare Begins
Well ****. This turned out to be a major disappointment. I hope a decent winner comes from Japan.


The Nightmare Begins
Japan also got Arceus, and Korea got Rayquaza.

Well ****.

I'm talking about the mascot poll. DW ability Legendaries is what I wanted anyhow.


Well-Known Member
on the next poll nobody better vote for Arceus -.-", but at least i'll be soft resetting to get good Iv's unlike my other Arceus >>


Its whats for dinner
Your seriously kidding... Well if the majority voted for goat god then by Krishna we shall download it!


Wobba wobba wobba!
Oh well, I'll still download it. Three Arceus are better than two, I guess.

Here's to hoping that Imposter Ditto gets released sometime soon.


~*Shiny Hunter*~
Now we have to wait till February. xD

Maybe the company did this intentionally - so they can squeeze in a few more events before the big release - so this may mean that they might release DW ditto in this time after all.

Don't flame me for thinking optimistically xD

Miltank Lover

Breeder, Miltank Ftw
Ah man I'm so disappointed, I'll still download it though and give it a lame nickname.
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Well-Known Member
Oh well 8 Arceus for me then :) I really should learn to Entralink RNG now to get them all flawless.
I'm sure Ditto will come out in the next DW expansion (fingers crossed)