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>The Forgotten Gate<
Ok, so I thought we needed a VRS thread. You know...like random match ups...and then we can discuss and talk about who WE think would win...any character is up to match up...from X-Men through Ninja Turtles, Afro Samurai to Gohan...Some random Bleach character to vash the stampede....

Any character....

(What show, cartoon, comic or anmie its from) Name of character VRS ...

I'll start it out...How about

(Dragonball Z) Super Saiyan Goku


(DC Comics) Superman

I am going to have o go with Goku on this one...I mean c'mon...the Turtle wave is crazy, and when he is super saiyan he is full blown power. I think Goku would not want to kill Superman because he is a goodie goodie, but he would eventually give in and kill him like he did withg Frieza. (Or he thought he killed him..)

Superman on the other hand, is a total boy scout..... He would want to put him in jail or something lol

Thats just what I think... What about you guys??? Also lets here some more good match ups..


Old Coot
Sorry, we're not doing this. More often than not, these types of threads tend to get out of hand.
Not open for further replies.