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W-PS does what Nintendon't: 6th gen in sprite form.

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by Will-powered Spriter, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Will-powered Spriter

    Will-powered Spriter Pokédex Complete!

    So as some of you may have noticed, 6th gen has models and not sprites.
    Well, it had to happen eventually, but what will happen to our roaring spriters community? Will it die with nothing to sprite?

    Nope. We struggle on! We make our own 6th gen sprites.
    Or at least we do until theres too many.


    All but Yveltal. Hopefully I can finish before the next batch.

    Comments and Criticism please! I want to get these perfect.

    This is mostly from projects I was doing elsewhere. They're either on hiatus or far too ambitious to ever finish, so they're not likely to be continued any time soon. I just wanted some other things to fill the thread.

    Custom Tilesets for a project I never really finished. I might pick it back up eventually, but I could never find anyone to be very interested in it.

    Various things from some old project I had to abandon that was never some dubious :644::612: thing nope never.

    Homestuck Characters drawn Fire Emblem style
    Homestuck Characters drawn in the style of some random game on spriters resource that looked pretty.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2013
  2. KingTapir

    KingTapir Just a freedom hussy

    Froakie is flawless, at least as far as I can see. My only slight crit is that Fennekin's pose looks a wee bit too similar to Zorua's. Other than that though, these are really impressive!

    I have no problems with the games on Wii, gamecube, N64 etc. but with the handheld games, looking at the sprites was always the fun part. But as you said, it was gonna have to happen someday, so I better learn to live with it :L
  3. General Nonsense

    General Nonsense Star Glider

    I never realized how much I loved the pokemon sprites until I saw that they would be replaced by models in 6th gen. Your sprites look excellent, I wish that these sprites were in the games.
  4. Will-powered Spriter

    Will-powered Spriter Pokédex Complete!

    Yeah, it didn't help I used Zorua as a size guide. It can't really be in any other position though, since I didn't want its sugimori pose.

    I miss them too. Maybe gamefreak will include them as box icons hint hint gamefreak.

    Anyway, exams are over, so time to post the last starter:


    Chespin's design is weird.
  5. M4zz

    M4zz Banned

    Long time no see WPS. It's Pokemazter

    The one thing I noticed is the size of your sprites. Froakie and Chespin are too small in comparison to Fennekin. Compare them to other starter sprites, who use a fair bit of their 96x96 pallette. With an increased size, you'll be able to fill in a little more detail, Chespin especially, which'll help pave out the "weirdness". That being said, a lot of Chespin's weird look comes from its face. The blank, rigid eyes and near lack of shading on the face makes that part stick out. Enlarging the sprite will help fix this, as it'll let you add more detail. Also, try to exaggerate a bit on the size of Chespin's head. In comparison to its body, it's got a rather large head.

    Besides that, they look great, and I'm exceedingly curious as to what Yveltal and Xerneas will look like, provided you attempt them.
  6. Will-powered Spriter

    Will-powered Spriter Pokédex Complete!

    Yeah, I guess you're right. I was trying to make Chespin the same size as Oshawott, but it's much skinnier and taller, so it was probably an off choice. Froakie's head looks alright to me, but its body could be bigger I guess. I'll have another go at them...

    ...but I might do the legends first.

    Edit: I remember the good ole days, when pokemon were designed to be represented in only 15 colours. Heck, even Ho-oh, the bloomin rainbow pokemon managed it, and not only that didn't lose too much when represented with 4.

    Xerneas is doing something terribly terribly wrong.


    I could literally only afford two shades per colour, and if I was lucky I could use the outline colour as a shadow as well.

    I can tell I need to edit the shiny bits on the horns, they're all weird shaped, but I really would appreciate help on the eyes.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2013
  7. Greekboy

    Greekboy Well-Known Member

    I think that the Xerneas looks good!
    We should get a Yveltal soon, too.

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