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Waifu/Husbando Discussion Thread


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why do you think Kiritsugu forced his dream on Shirou?
Did i really say that?
*scrolls up*
i was half asleep when i wrote that post so just ignore that sentence. What i wanted to say is “shirou was free of his borrowed ideals”.


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Oh. Pfft.
Well my reasons for me shipping ShiRin still stand.


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please help me he’s too perfect


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Ok, thanks for clearing that up @Morax !

I have Bugs Bunny as my husbando. He’s my MCM(Man Crush Monday)!

As for waifus… I actually have two.

First, I have Oleander from the indie fighting game, “Them’s Fightin’ Herds.” She may be a bit on the edgy side, and have a fearsome demon with her, but I still love her and support her righteous cause!

The second waifu, and I saved the best for last, is Yin from the cartoon, “Yin Yang Yo!” With a cute face, charming personality, and mystical skills, how could I not give her all of my love and affection?


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Professional Fangirl