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Wait a sec, Goodra's only function was to last a few episodes and then get released?

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Wow Ash. Wow.

I actually sat down and watched the dub of the first Kalos episode. You were going on to your friends about "Wanting to win a League this time."

And you are STILL doing this kind of crap?

Jeez, this Goodra was probably his best Pokémon capture since Gligar, and just like that one, it goes away.

I just don't understand why Ash doesn't care about having a lot of big, strong Pokémon with him... Never evolving most of his Starters, instantly sending big, evolved Pokémon to Oak, and now he actually got rid of his only "Pseudo" Legendary.

And that is why I don't watch anymore.


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This was probably better off posted in the Pokemon Discussion Thread.

In any case, wanting Ash to act like an extension of the game character he's based upon without any care for the thoughts and feelings of the Pokemon he catches (because, you know, in the anime they're characters as well and not just fighting machines) was probably your first mistake.


You do realize that Ash can simply have Goodra sent to him or something for the League?

Also, Ash is the type of character who cares more about well-being of his own Pokemon than owning pseudo-legends.


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How many times do I need to tell you not to post random rants here that never serve the purpose of initiating an actual discussion? Either look if your post fits in a character-related thread that already exists, an episode discussion thread, or make your own personal blog and humor others with your facepalm-inducing character bashing fests over there. I will not have you, person who has been here since two-thousand-effing-FOUR, continuously disrespect the rules and treating this place as your personal rant dumpster. Do this again and I'll hit you with a 10-point Trolling infraction.

Have a nice day.
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