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Waiter, There's a ______ in my Soup


Well-Known Member
Well, you should not have been smelling your soup so much!

Waiter, there is compost in my soup.

Pink Harzard

So majestic
You asked for fresh berries in your soup. They still need to grow a bit though...

Waiter, a Zoroark is in my soup


Not a Very Well-Known Member
You walked into our restaurant illusion. Now it's time for a snack, and you are the snack!

Waiter, there's a clueless ditzy girl with teleporting powers in my soup.

Colton S

Beware Bewear
Oops! Not again! She's been through here at least 5 times!
Waiter, there's a piece of trash in my soup.


Well-Known Member
Those lazy cooks! *scowls at them and yells*

Waiter, there is a Missingno. in my soup.
Here Let me g37 17 4 U *glitch*

Waiter There's a Potato in my soup.


Well-Known Member
You ordered potato soup.
Waiter, there is an old tire in my soup.


Luck of Penguins
That's there in case if the soup needs a spare tire.

Waiter, there's a Pokeradar in my soup.


Master Of The Clouds
You purchased the special.

Waiter, There's an electric guitar in my soup.


Not a Very Well-Known Member
It adds some rockin' taste to the soup.

Waiter!! There's a crazy taxi in my soup.

Rotom Router

Just Won't Stay Dead
That is the soup flavored soup, it is our specialty.

Waiter, there is an Inception joke that wasn't made in my soup.


Well-Known Member
Hey, there is a tomato within a tomato in your soup within soup! XD

Waiter, there is a Mega Gengar in my soup.