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Waiter, There's a ______ in my Soup

It's bring-your-pet-to-work day.

Waiter, there's another universe in my soup!


Psyduck is cute <3
It's now your responsibility to carry that universe on your shoulders. Or did you already eat it?

Waiter, there's a Diglett in my soup!

Wishmaker Latias

All Bridges Burned, All Lessons Learned
Quick, grab it!
It may be the only chance to find out how their feet look like.

Waiter, there is an intense battle in my soup.


Sinnoh Champion
Then don't have dinner at the Battle Frontier.

Waiter, there's someone in my soup who doesn't know what the word is!

Void Ventus

Sic Parvis Magna
It's better this way. Peewee Herman will hear you.

Waiter, there's a GroudonxKyogre shipping in my soup!


Let me heal your ⓗ♈ʒ
Just wipe it under the table, it isn't worthy.

EDIT: *stare* I'll talk to the chef about that, sorry for the incovinience...

Waiter! There's a OP Speed Boost EV trained Blaziken in my soup!

Pink Harzard

So majestic
Hi, I'm Joey. Now battle me and my Top Percentage Rattata.

Waiter, there is rum in my soup.
That's because this is the local bar that just happens to serve soup, not a restaurant.

Waiter! There's nothing in my soup!


Lieker of Mudkipz
Yes, we call it our normal soup. It's very rare around here, so eat up!

Waiter, there's an attractive female in my soup!


Man of 1000 Goomys
i call dibs

soup, theres a waiter in my fly


Psyduck is cute <3
Stop using acid.

Waiter, Miror B's haircut is in my soup!

Was there music playing when you received the soup? If not, that's not Miror B's haircut.

Waiter, there's a Hoenn remake in my soup!


Sinnoh Champion
Chef, bring on the trumpets!

Waiter, there's a Frenchman in my soup, and he refuses to speak English!


Lieker of Mudkipz
Add some onions to make it French Onion Soup

Waiter, there's an anime fanservice scene in my soup

Miltank+ Dragonite=evil

You'll never know!
Don't eat snake soup. "waiter, a milotic is in my soup!"


Lieker of Mudkipz

Waiter, there is a surprising lack of soup in my soup.