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Waiter, There's a ______ in my Soup

Hero of Truth

Lillie Fan
So that's where Dialga's diamond was... thanks pal. Now time isn't an endangered species!

Waiter, Kirby is in my soup!

Erron Black

The Outlaw
QUICK BALL GO! Now it's my Shiny Pokemon ^.^

Waiter, there seems to be nothing in my Soup :/


Sinnoh Champion
If you don't mind, what's your problem?

Waiter, there's a Gastrodon moving about in my soup, and its slimy body is disgusting!
Well, you should know what to do in this situation.

Waiter, there's an electrical charge in soup!


I am back!
Go look for clues!
Waiter there is a T.O.M.E. system in my soup!

Skylander Sylveon

Top Coordinator
There must have been a cockroach who was drowning and he had to save it but then he slipped and now he's stuck in the bowl. My apologies.

Waiter, there is a shrunken head in my soup! D:


Let's get Creative~
My apologies, the head chef is performing a ritual that requires a shrunken head in the stomachs of five different people. It looks like you're chosen to be a part of the summoning of Lord Smoo.

Waiter, there's a Polar Bear in my soup!

Skylander Sylveon

Top Coordinator
Sorry, I've been using that to pick my ears in between breaks so I must have dropped it in accidentally. :I Sawrie. ;;

Waiter, there is a nude goddess in my soup. >:C


R.I.P Dragalge :(

Waiter, there's a leprechaun in my soup.