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Waiter, There's a ______ in my Soup

Skylander Sylveon

Top Coordinator
It's a special. If you don't look away it'll lead you the Enterlink. :D

Waiter, there is Temari no Sabaku in my soup! (i'm not complaining) ;)


I am back!
you ordered the black plague surprises.
Waiter there is a timed bomb in my soup.

Skylander Sylveon

Top Coordinator
Sorry, I thought I destroyed that. *smashes it with hammer*

Waiter, there is a jaguar with a top hat and tails in my soup! D;


send smeargles
Do I look Chinese to you?!?!?

I thought you were a villager.

Waiter, I somehow managed to get into my soup.

! Q

I do what I want!
This is not my problem, for that looks to skinny and short to be my needle.

Water, there's a Chuck Norris in my soup.


Not a Very Well-Known Member
It's to add an insane amount of awesomeness in my soup.

Waiter, there's a planet Earth in my soup.

Hero of Truth

Lillie Fan
Which Earth is it? If it is Earth-2, make sure you have Ultraman's permission first, unless you plan to give it to someone else to eat it.

Waiter, a copy of Pokémon Alpha Sapphire is in my soup!


Everything stays.
Oops, sorry. It's mine. *takes it back in a flash* My preciouuuuuuuuuuuuuus....

Waiter, there's an old lady in my soup.


The Uncultured One
Why should I care?
Waiter, there's a hippie hippo in my soup!

Skylander Sylveon

Top Coordinator
Sorry, he was trying to start a protest in the kitchen against man but he accidentally fell in there. :C

Waiter, there is a sexy scientist in my soup. >:C


The Uncultured One
Why are you complaining?

Waiter, there's a flying pig in my soup!