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Waiter, There's a ______ in my Soup

I'm sorry. But that means there can't be anything there.... (Burn....)

Waiter, there's a Rotom in my soup. D:

epic mew

Zorark + mew = death
Oh scuze me, Did you not order le deadpool soup? I think that was someone elses!

Waiter, There's a soup in my soup!


The Uncultured One
Well, you're screwed.

Waiter, there's a floater in my soup!


The Uncultured One
Hold on a sec, let me fetch the 50kW fly zapper...

Waiter, there's a Terminator in my soup!
Oh, enjoy the show

Waiter, There's a Neymar in my soup!

Oh well, we gotta call Scolari then, Brazil's doomed.

Waiter, There's a Xerneas vs. Yveltal brawl in my soup.


The Uncultured One
Run fast, run far.

Waiter, there's a Venonat in my soup! I don't think it's breathing...


The Uncultured One
Leave it to burn.

Waiter, there's a Toad in my soup! As in, from the mario games...