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Wake Up Snorlax! (041)


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Wake Up Snorlax!

Entering a town really hungry, Ash & co discover there is no food in the town because of a Snorlax blocking the way. To get food they must move the Snorlax. Can they do this before starvation kicks in?

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This was a good, funny, filler. Meowth dressed up as a prince and kisses Snorlax (bonus:Snorlax got poised XD), Psyduck kisses Snorlax, and just trying to wake him up was funny along with Ash and Team Rocket pulling the old man with the PokeFulte was funny too. All of that in one episode=9.7/10


Team Awesome
This was a great classic episode, which never fails to crack me up when I watch it. I love the ways the twerps and Team Rocket were trying to wake Snorlax up, especially the Sleeping Beauty idea. Psyduck was also terrific in this episode, as he gives Snorlax a nice big kiss, and we had our first real confusionshipping moment when he blushed after Misty slapped him in the head. :D

The most fascinating part of this episode is the fact that the twerps actually considered having Team Rocket take snorlax, in the hopes that it would restore the river. It's funny watching that now, considering they've never let Team Rocket get away with anything again.

Psychic Venusaur

Pokemon Master
This episode was pretty funny. Most of the funny stuff was outlined already.

I liked the scene where the mayor was talking about the food shortage. Ash, Misty, and Brock felt guilty for eating.

Nothin left to say-


charizard trainer #1

Ready to lose???
The first and best lazy and hungry pokemon filler. I became hungry during the episode (i'm being serious). TR was hilarious in this episode (their stupidity was entertaining back then, its a different story nowadays).


Pokemon Hunter
One thing, why didn't anyone think of throwing a pokeball?
Even if they didn't catched it, it would still be in the ball for a few seconds, so they could have run trough. and on the other side of the snorlax, there was no further problem for them.


Well-Known Member
iirc they did try to capture Snorlax but the ball bounced off. Anyway this epi rocked. Snorlax was awesome and the hippie guy rocked. 9/10


Abort, Retry, Fail?
Good episode. I found it funny how Team Rocket got crushed by Snorlax at the end. That would hurt, being squished by a 1000 pound Pokemon.


Don't die, ketchup!
I liked this episode. It wasn't the greatest, but it was pretty funny.


i really enjoyed this episode especially that part where mew was dressed like a prince:p

i'll give it a 10/10.


Charmander master!
This episode brings back memories. Like when they decided to have hprsea kiss the snorlax, since it looks like a princess horse, and then meowth. When Team Rocket tried to life the snorlax using their balloon. I forget the others, but they were funny.
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kiss my greens
That old hippie was funny. A bit odd, but funny.

I loved Ash & co working with Team Rocket to wake up Snorlax. That bit when they suggested a noble Pokémon's kiss... oh man, I almost died. That whole part was the best thing of the whole episode. Especially Meowth in costume XD