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Wake Up Snorlax! (041)


A meh episode. It was really odd to see a character bleeding for the first time. At least they bothered to showcase Poke Flute in the anime.

I was shocked when I saw Kasumi bleed since it seemed like something that wouldn't have been shown these days. I'm surprised that 4Kids kept the scene intact.


MockingJ said:
I didn't think that the Snorlax stuff with the roadblock in the games was fun, but kudos to the show for giving us such a funny episode featuring the same subject lol.

I liked the writing staff's creativity when making the Kabigon subplot into so much more in this episode. They really upped the stakes by making Kabigon's roadblock into something that would affect a whole town's economy.
I liked seeing Snorlax be a good guy in the end when it was revealed that the vines were what was causing the village's lack of water. I thought all along that Snorlax would be responsible, but the twist ending was a pretty cool move by the writer. The fact that Team Rocket almost got away with lifting the Snorlax away was interesting since Ash and his pals seemed happy about that.
Snorlax is one of those pokemon that I never liked because it sleeping all the time made it seem too lazy and difficult to handle. I know Ash would get a Snorlax later on but I was glad that he didn't catch the one here. The hippie character having a Pokeflute was really convenient and I liked how Meowth was forced to kiss Snorlax and how Snorlax made a disgusted face. My favorite part was when Team Rocket and Ash's gang teamed up. 7/10

Red and Blue

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I had forgotten Ash didn't catch a Snorlax until Orange Island. I always thought he had gotten this Snorlax until recently, lol


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Reviewing the Pokémon anime in 10 words or less:
"Blood, IN MY POKÉMON ANIME?! This should be Ash's Snorlax"

Episode: 6/10