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Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by Air Dragon, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Air Dragon

    Air Dragon Ha, ha... not.

    OK, so some time ago, I started a thread on walkthroughs and asked if they'd be allowed on the Fan Fiction boards, from which I decided to post a preview of it to give people a better idea of what it looks like before it comes out, lest I tread on any toes. I'd have used the earlier thread, but it's gone into archival, and I 'm a bit sketchy on bumping rules.

    Here's the first part.


    Where stories begin…
    Town name: Alliteration on "All new", which describes the starters and the trainers.

    Your adventure begins here. There’s nothing much to see in this neck of the woods, you think, as you wake up on your twelfth birthday and prepare to set off into the world and be your own person. But you must first meet with the local Pokémon authority, Professor Willow, and receive your first Pokémon like all good game protagonists do.

    Upon arriving at the professor’s abode up in the hills at the northern town limits, all you find is Professor Willow’s wife and assistant, who is a good friend of your mother. She tells you that her husband has gone to the neighboring city, Hickowa Town to give a guest lecture at the Pokémon Academy there with their child, who is your childhood friend.

    Just as she finishes, a postman arrives with an important parcel that the professor needed for his lecture. Bemoaning the state of the postal service, she requests that you take the parcel to Hickowa Town for her as she’s extremely busy. She offers you one of the three Ruovan starters to help you on your journey as protection and a companion: Erbaur, Ignook and Hydrip.

    Type: Grass
    Species: Red Panda
    Height, Weight: 2’03”, 12lbs
    Info: All-rounder starter. The bamboo shields that protect ERBAUR’s body are said to be off shoots of its skeleton.
    ATTACK : 2
    DEFENSE: 3
    SP. ATTK: 2
    SP. DEF : 3
    SPEED : 2
    Evolution line: Erbaur –(16)-> Rassawn –(38)-> Bambrute

    Type: Fire/Ghost
    Species: Candle
    Height, Weight: 2’01”, 10lbs
    Info: Starter built for speed. IGNOOK are not very adept at controlling the flames that their bodies are made of and sudden twitches can cause small flames to pop out at random parts of their bodies.
    ATTACK : 3
    DEFENSE : 1
    SP. ATTK: 3
    SP. DEF : 1
    SPEED : 3
    Evolution line: Ignook –(14)-> Infleist –(36)-> Haurame

    Type: Water/Rock
    Species: Lake Raptor
    Height, Weight: 2’00”, 19lbs
    Info: Requires a patient trainer. HYDRIP’s strengths lie in its defensive capabilities and less on speed. Although the slowest to reach its first form, HYDRIP are the first to reach their final evolutionary stage.
    ATTACK : 2
    DEFENSE: 3
    SP. ATTK: 1
    SP. DEF : 3
    SPEED : 1
    Evolution line: Hydrip -(18)-> Acquaptor –(32)-> Jurazu

    And so your story begins. With the parcel safely secure, you head out to the Ruova mainland and Hickowa Town, the first stop on your journey.


    Just another hick town…
    Town Name: HICK (Another word for country) and OWA (From the Chippowa tribe)

    Your journey to Hickowa Town seems is mostly uneventful, but for a possible wild Pokémon attack or two, and the small neighboring township has little to grab your attention outside of the wharf and lake on which Lakandes City also sits. After talking to the fishermen on your return to Hickowa Town later, you can secure yourself an Old Rod and fish up a slight variety of Water type Pokémon. However, now you’re in a hurry and without delay, you make your way to the largest building in the town, the Hickowa Pokémon Academy.

    As you enter, the professor’s lecture has come to an end and the students are making the usual mess and noise as they prepare to leave. You walk up to the professor and their young son/daughter and hand over the parcel Mrs. Willow asked you to deliver.

    Thankful to you, the professor opens it to reveal three of the next-generation Pokédex and hands one to both you and his child, asking you to undertake the task of cataloging the entire Amori region’s Pokémon.

    Before you leave, the Professor’s kid calls to you and challenges you to a battle, confident in his/her skills.

    Rival Trainer Zack/April
    Pokémon: Erbaur/Ignook/Hydrip (5) (Depending on your starter: Erbaur if you chose Hydrip, Ignook, if you chose Erbaur and Hydrip if you chose Ignook.)

    With your victory/defeat, Professor Willow will recommend the Gym Badge challenge to both of you, saying it will help you both on your mission to completely fill the Pokédex. He also informs you both that the first gym is in Ragilton Town, past Folierre Town, your next stop heading southwest.

    With this in mind, you head home to let your mother know about your mission before you head off.


    Think it's ok?

  2. Dilasc

    Dilasc Boip!

    Ah! Erg! Gah! Hmmm, those starters... well, you're breaking my third rule on Stage 1 starters: Never interfere with one's interactions to Tackle/Scracth/Pound!

    Why? Because when <Rival> wants a Level 5 battle and you're up against a ghost, you might as well try tackling yourself. As such, the type Rock, Steel, Ghost and Normal (STAB can make a ton of difference) should be absent from starters at stage 1. Besides, when you run into early com-mons who can only tackle and poison sting, you won't really be facing much risk.

    It may not seem like much because this isn't a hack or actuals, but still, you should think like it is. If someone wants to take your region as seriously as any other, it's important to care for every little detail.

    Hmmm, I suppose this is off topic, but I get all irked by the little things, though it's not so little.
  3. Air Dragon

    Air Dragon Ha, ha... not.

    It IS a very valid point, and the second one regarding starter types that's come to my attention! Especially considering the early stages of the journey...

    This is actually just a taster for now, and to see if I'll get permission to post the whole thing (in parts) on the board.

    Thanks for the input, really! It is duly noted! ^_^

  4. Chibi_Muffin

    Chibi_Muffin Smart Cookie

    Hmmm, sounds interesting. I think this could work.

    However, I do think it needs a little bit of description, you can't really visualise anything well. This is especially difficult with the Pokemon, as people normally choose their team based off of appearances. For instance, I think Ignook is a bit too much like Litwick (being a Fire/Ghost candle) - a brief description of the appearances of towns, people and Pokemon (e.g. Hydrip looks like a little Velociraptor with water drop shaped feathers - just my approximation) that doesn't interfere with the walkthrough format. This is still a story. I'm guessing the fully evolved starters will be mentioned nearer the time.

    Also, the multiple choice thing is confusing in the case of the rival. You didn't explain what causes it to be either the son or daughter - I'm guessing it's to do with your gender, but that doesn't tell me much, as the rival could be either the same or opposite gender to you.

    Finally, a tip - could you consider putting the learn sets in spoilers? I think could help with planning out moves (and is an important part of walkthroughs) if you go along with this. The spoiler thing is so it isn't obtrusive.

    Anyway, this sounds really cool. I'm tempted to go along with it when it's written. I think my starter would be Hydrip, because I love dinosaurs... =3

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