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Want a free RMT Cookie??

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by DiamondMaster, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. DiamondMaster

    DiamondMaster I'm a 3rd gen LOVER

    Hey folks

    I've made a new team to get some people to hell! I want you to meet my team:


    I will display my team in this way:
    Picture, Name-@ Item
    EV Spread
    Nature (+,-)
    - Move
    - Move
    - Move
    - Move
    Explain why and how he will be doing his job!

    ;389;Torterra-@ Left Overs
    252 HP 202 Def 56 Sp Def
    +Atk - Sp. Atk
    - Wood Hammer
    - Earthquake
    - Stone Edge
    - Crunch/ Curse/ Sword Dance
    Torterra, my lovely, underrated starter pokemon. Torterra is able to kill and Destroy everything it sees, Since it hits almost everything Super or Neutral. If i take Crunch, it will be only for Type Coverage, Curse will be to boost my defence and attack, while destroing my speed, which is close to nothing. Sword Dance for the boost of attack without lowering speed, however.

    ;392;Infernape-@ Life Orb
    152 Atk 104 Sp. Atk 252 Speed
    + Sp. Atk - Def
    - Thunder Punch
    - Close Combat
    - Flame Thrower
    - Grass Knot/ Stone Edge
    Infernape, A weel known, and feared, pokemon with the ability to attack strong from both Psychical as Special side. THunderPunch covers a lot of flying pokemon, Including Gyarados, and Close Combat for a feared STAB attack. Flame THrower for STAB and type coverage and the choise is between Grass Knot, wich i think is the best since i can defeat ground water pokemon like Swampers and Wishcash adn for some more heavy ground coverage. Stone Edge is actually for flying dudes, but i think Thunder Punch covers them alll quite well.

    ;395;Empoleon-@Left overs
    252 HP 200 Sp Atk 56 Sp Def ||| 252 Hp 200 Atk 252 Sp Def
    +Sp Atk - Atk ||| + Atk - Sp Atk
    - Surf ||| - Water Fall
    - Ice Beam ||| - Avalanche
    - Flash Cannon ||| - Drill peck
    - Stealth Rock ||| - Sword Dance
    Empolean is my pokemon with a split personallity. Since he is a strong Special attacker, but Attack is good too. His lack of a boost move on the special side is done by Sword Dance on the side of Psychical. PLEASE HELP ME.

    ;373;Salamence-@ Choise Specs
    4 HP 252 Sp Atk 252 Spd
    + Spd - Atk
    - Drace Meteor
    - Hydro Pump
    - Fire Blast
    - Dragon pulse
    Salamence is my Special Sweeper (never thought that huh!) with his Choise Specs Draco meteor is a ultime slay attack. Salamence is supposed to do a late game sweep for me. His type coverage reaches far enough for total overkill!

    ;477;Dusknoir-@Left Overs
    252 HP 252 Def 4 Sp Def
    + Atk - Sp Atk
    - Pain Split
    - Shadow Sneak
    - Will-O-Wisp
    - Ice Punch/ Thunder Punch/ Fire Punch
    Dusknoir is my Psychical wall. with Will-o-Wisp he inflicts a burn and totally destroys the enemy's chance of even hurting him. Pain Split is for healling myself up and Shadow Sneak to attack, witch a nice First Strike attack. i want one of the Punches to attack a little more. i thought Ice Punch would have been the best.

    ;488;Cresselia-@Left overs
    252 HP 4 Sp Atk 252 Sp Def
    + Sp Atk - Atk
    - Calm Mind
    - Charge Beam
    - Ice Beam
    - Psychic/ Moon Light
    This is my Special wall. She is capable of taking hits, while setting up with calm Mind and attacking with a BoltBeam combination. Moon Light should be for healing of damage, while Psychic will be for Boosted STAB attack.

    This was my team, i hope you want to rate it carefully, taking the time you need and, HELP ME.

    The Cookie i ate myself, sorry ;)

    Last edited: Feb 26, 2008
  2. Zbynek

    Zbynek Well-Known Member

    Slalamence,if you want it as sp.sweeper,can be standard:
    Salamence@choice specs
    Mild (?)
    Hydro pump
    Dragon pulse
    Draco meteor

    Naive/Hasty on that Infernape
    Calm on Empoleon,give him grass knot
    And def nature on Dusknoir,I think he doesn´t need W-o-W
    Cresselia is your special wall,I think,so it can be Calm

    If you want balanced team,that´s
    Dusknoir-I think your is mixed wall

    that´s OK
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2008
  3. DiamondMaster

    DiamondMaster I'm a 3rd gen LOVER

    Answer in fat code
  4. Cerulean21

    Cerulean21 Time Traveller

    You don't really need CM on Cress if you gor Charge Beam, you could give her Light Screen instead which would also help your entire Team out. However, I'd recommend RestTalk over CM/Psychic, as she could be your Status absorber and besides that, RestTalk makes her quite Sturdy. The EVs on your Empoleon are no good (especially the second one: 252+200+252=704), For Empoleon it's rather 252HP, 6SpAtk, 252 SpDef, Calm, as Empoleon as a Special Wall needs all the Defence it can get since he has no reliable recovery move.
  5. Hunter_RuLe

    Hunter_RuLe < Guess who's back?

    This team looks like it's made for Weavile if it wasn't for Infernape. though that frail sweeper will die to multiple hit quite soon aswell.

    Torterra is a bad lead with it's slow speed and 4x ice weak, though if you really planning leading with it consider Stealth Rock in the last slot.

    Try Resttalk Empoleon Surf/Icebeam/Rest/Sleeptalk. Otherwise Yawn + SR or Grass Rope work well on it, the physcial set is outdone by too many thing an flash cannon pretty much sucks.

    Brickbreak/Dragon Claw in the last slot on Mence so it can get Blissey switchin's who otherwise absorb your damage and ko with icebeam.

    252/252 Ev spread aren't the best on most pokemon btw.
  6. Zbynek

    Zbynek Well-Known Member

    Hey,but if you use draco meteor at the 1st time,ir harshly lowers your sp.atk.and what do you do after that? That´s simply the standard Salamence and if you agree...!
  7. Razor Shiftry

    Razor Shiftry Cynthia = Porn Star

    Put Salamence as your lead. it makes a MUCH better one than Torterra who dies to Weavile like nothing. and as you say, Draco meteor kills everything except lucky steels. and Dragon pulse is for late game sweeping when you want to be around for more than one turn and sweep :)

    put Cress as your rest-talker with psychic and ice beam

    use this Empoleon set: Ice beam/Surf/Grass knot/Yawn

    Stealth rock on Torterra and replace Stone edge/Earthquake with Leech seed if you want for some annoyance. Torterra shouldn't really be staying in with flying types anyway

    i think fire punch on Dusknoir to counter Heracross
  8. lugiatamer493

    lugiatamer493 FC: 1203 6804 3145

    if you look at a pokemons base stats then you will rwalise that not all of your pokemon should be adamant (+atk,-sp atk) or modest (+sp atk,-atk). Cresselia and Dusknoir are good examples
  9. starterlover1

    starterlover1 Emperor Coordinator

    Weavile can really hurt this team, even the walls. It hits Infernape as well should it carry Aerial Ace. Since you already have Dusk and Cress as your main walls, you could replace Empoleon or Torterra for pokemon that help you handle your weaknesses.
  10. Hitsugaya

    Hitsugaya Lone Wolf

    Modest on Mence. Naoh.
  11. lugiatamer493

    lugiatamer493 FC: 1203 6804 3145

    on my last post i forgot to say something that came to mind. he/she used 3 starters. i remember people saying the n00biest teams are just starters and dragons
  12. phantom1113

    phantom1113 Not a random nub

    I'ts evenmore newbier then that

    -all starters

    and usualy a pokemon considerd "cool"

    also, seeing the adition AZ made to his guide, about wall combo's
    he said dusknior and cress dont work well together due to the common weaknesses lol
  13. I_will_pwn_u_all74

    I_will_pwn_u_all74 read my name again

    sorry to say...

    :rolleyes:lol my empoleon will destroy (utterly) your toterra even if empoleon is a water type i have several secret weapon moves and pokemon that truly pwn them all.;395;;395;;395;
  14. lugiatamer493

    lugiatamer493 FC: 1203 6804 3145

    urm.......well done
  15. Hitsugaya

    Hitsugaya Lone Wolf

    PhysApe/MixApe used Close Combat!
    "We are here to honor the death of a horendous Penguin Empoleon....."


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