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Wanted korean unlimited base set cards

Discussion in 'Pokémon TCG Discussion' started by jameskrayhall, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. jameskrayhall

    jameskrayhall New Member

    Hello there i am looking for korean unlimited base set cards to complete my set i currently need 29 more to complete my set my needs list are as follows
    1/102 Alakazam

    2/102 Blastoise

    3/102 Chansey

    4/102 Charizard

    5/102 Clefairy

    7/102 Hitmonchan

    9/102 Magneton

    11/102 Nidoking

    13/102 Poliwrath

    15/102 Venusaur

    16/102 Zapdos

    17/102 Beedrill

    18/102 Dragonair

    20/102 Electabuzz

    21/102 Electrode

    25/102 Dewgong

    36/102 Magmar

    38/102 Poliwhirl

    54/102 Metapod

    70/102 Clefairy Doll

    72/102 Devolution Spray

    73/102 Impostor Professor Oak

    75/102 Lass

    76/102 Pokémon Breeder

    77/102 Pokémon Trader

    78/102 Scoop Up

    82/102 Full Heal

    85/102 Pokémon Centre

    86/102 Pokémon Flute

    89/102 Revive

    I will pay via paypal and i am located in the uk

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