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wanted shiny milotic


New Member
as the title says shiny milotic wanted
these are what im willing to trade for one

mew and mewtwo both lv60
rayquaza lv 100
latias lv 100
dragonite lv 100
rotom lv 100 (shiny)
giratina lv 70 x2
dusknoir lv 70
mismagius lv 100
regigigas lv 70
regice,regirock,registeel lv 40 and above
venusaur lv 100
celebi lv 60
porygon-z lv 100
lucario lv 100
all of the legendary dogs lv 60
heatran lv70
charizard lv82
blaziken lv 59
groudon lv 100
typhlosion lv 85
sneasel lv 80
all of the sprite trio lv 50
cresselia lv 50
kyogre lv 46
metagross lv 65

and thats about it so take your pick
choose up to 3 and we will talk about any more
my friend code is1590 1299 9727
i would do alot for that shiny milotic also i am itrested in a shiny ditto
please reply!!


Well-Known Member
I have a Shiny Ditto. What would you offer for it from that list?