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Wanting to trade.


Well-Known Member
Welcome to my trade thread! You don't have to post. But, you must look! LOL, you don't have to do either.

Don't spam.
Don't beg me for something.
To make sure you read the rules, type: Ooh, I want some of these! I also read the rules. I want it in bold to. [Ban if broken] EDITING WON'T WORK!
Don't change your mind if we're already trading. If I want a tradeback, that means the Pokemon is hacked.

Banned list:
POKEMANIACOFTHEYEARPIPLUP: Abused me and my Pokémon. [Perma ban]
SenjiMakoto: Didn't read rules. [1 day ban]
GreenAiden555: Didn't read the rules [1 day ban]
torisinlove: Didn't read the rules [1 day ban]
Watermaniac: Do I really have to say it? Didn't read the rules [2 day ban]


1 - Untrained Baby Pokemon
1a - Unhatched Eggs
2 - Unowns
3 - Shinys
4 - Legends
5 - Looking for
PM me for one that your looking for if you cant find it here!

Gender Pokemon (Nickname) Nature Item


Female Gible Bold
Male Eevee Bashful
Male Dratini Sassy
Male Gible Timid
Beldum Rash
Male Treecko Serious
Male Mudkip Serious
Male Treecko Impish
Female Treecko Quiet
Phione Docile
Male Torchic Relaxed
Male Treecko Lonely
Male Mudkip Naive
Male Treecko Rash
Male Torchic Docile
Male Charmander Brave
Female Charmander Bold
Male Treecko Calm
Female Squirtle Calm
Male Chimchar Lax
Male Piplup Lax

39 Eggs!

Unown Lax
Unown Quirky
Unown Calm
Unown Naive
Unown Serious
Unown Timid
Unown Hardy
Unown Hardy
Unown Hasty
Unown Naughty
Unown Naughty
Unown Lonely
Unown Modest
Unown Jolly
Unown Bashful
Unown Bold

Shiny Groudon Gentle Leftovers
PKRS Shiny Regice Bold

Azelf Quirky Leftovers
Uxie Quiet
Rotom Calm
Groudon Naughty
Groudon Naughty
Mesprit Gentle
PKRS Female Cresselia Adamant Leftovers
PKRS Mewtwo Timid
PKRS Giratina Hardy
Deoxys Quirky
PKRS Deoxys Quiet Damp Rock
JAP PKRS Deoxys Rash
Male Heatran Jolly
PKRS Lugia Modest Damp Rock
PKRS Ho-Oh Bold
Regigigas Bashful
PKRS Regirock Quiet
PKRS Registeel (Fondeu Pot) Rash

Nothing right now. Just offer :p

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Do you need a Turtwig? I need a Phione.


Well-Known Member
I have a Turtwig. But it's not for trade.


Up For Trade P.M Me
I see you have a shiny riolu... What do you want for that that isn't shiny? I have no shiny pokemon to trade.
Then what can I offer that isn't shiny or legendary for Phione?


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New Member
Ooh, I want some of these! I also read the rules.

I have an untouched Sassy Dialga with adamant orb. Would you be willing to trade for your Quirky Deoxys?


Up For Trade P.M Me
Did you hack the riolu?


My 1st shiny ever
Ooh, I want some of these! I also read the rules
ok so what would you like for that ho-oh?
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No, I didn't.
@ Paoa08 - Thank you for reading the rules. And I'm sorry, but no.
<b>Ooh, I want some of these! I also read the rules<b>

Male Cubone just caught through a swarm or a male Elekid with Electizer.


Well-Known Member
It's been traded, Chadi =/