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War: Creamery Command Vs Team America

Discussion in 'Guild Wars' started by Kingothestone, Oct 25, 2011.

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  1. Kingothestone

    Kingothestone Creamery Commander

    ~5th Gen OU 5v5 War. First clan that gets 3 wins is the winner.
    ~ All battles will be 6 on 6 lvl 100 OU standard rules.
    ~ Anything smogon banned will be banned for this war including Drizzle+Swiftswim and Garchomp.
    ~ No trolling, flaming, or spamming!
    ~ The results of each battle needs to be posted and confirmed on this thread.
    ~ The battles may be done in either PO or wifi.
    ~For WiFi battles, Wonder Launcher may NOT be used.


    Creamery Command:
    Big Beluga

    Mr. amazing400

    Team America:
    Blue Harvest

    “We’re America. We don’t need subs.”

    (CC on the left, TA on the right)
    (6) dragonuser – Gamefreak(6)
    (1) lunar22Epic_Eevee(0)
    (6) OMN's_SkyNet18 – ThatsJustPeachy(6)
    (6) Big Beluga – Blue Harvest(6)
    (1) Puretrainer - CometK(0)


    The deadline for this war is Tuesday, November 8th, 2011. There will be no extensions, so get your battles done.
    Have Fun!​
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2011
  2. Fortunato

    Fortunato Sic Transit Gloria

    I see Comet all the time, so shouldn't be a problem getting the battle done.
  3. Kingothestone

    Kingothestone Creamery Commander

    Good luck to both sides. CC, I'm asking you to save the logs for all battles. If Team America Agrees, I would like to put the battles on our youtube channel.
  4. zerofield

    zerofield i miss miror

    wait, back up, back up... we have a youtube channel? anyway, good luck to both sides, but remember, without ice cream, america (read:average american) would collapse in mere days.
  5. Ísjaki

    Ísjaki Flood Of Red

    good luck to both clans! i am very interested to see how this plays out :3
  6. This war is gonna be awesome. Good luck both
  7. EmeraldGoblin

    EmeraldGoblin Rehab, no. Dead.

    this war looks scary
  8. Doomforyou

    Doomforyou Failing in Battles

    Good luck for da war :3
  9. Dark-Tyranitar

    Dark-Tyranitar SAND VEIL HAX!!!

    Good luck everyone!!!
  10. SatanJr

    SatanJr Banned

    Gl guys let's try and take this victory
  11. TrollFreak

    TrollFreak Pit is Awesome :P

    gl to both sides (even though im part of the ice cream factory)
  12. Yeul

    Yeul Green Eyed Girl

    Good luck to both clans, even though I'm labelled as lactose intolerant. :/
  13. Big Beluga

    Big Beluga u r a fatty

    ready to stomp blue harvest whenever
  14. ElliotDX

    ElliotDX Well-Known Member



    ... 10char?
  15. dragonuser™

    dragonuser™ the greatest crisis

    gonna b a war for the history books xD

    i see eevee every now and then so we should b able to get the match done soon.

    gl to both sides
  16. TheBluePorygon

    TheBluePorygon i miss the old kanye

    alright tough match but you got this guys :D
  17. SatanJr

    SatanJr Banned

    lol look guys Jet's lost his brain again, then again he never had one... anyway why are you and Lucs posting in our war thread as if you're in either clan. Delete your posts before the big bad mods come and infract you :3
  18. TheGreekTerror

    TheGreekTerror A True Gentleman

    Good Luck to both sides
    Especially you DU!
  19. Kingothestone

    Kingothestone Creamery Commander

    Satan you meanie. This is a war between possibly the two best war teams on serebii. Let them post.
  20. dragonuser™

    dragonuser™ the greatest crisis

    thanks greek ;p
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