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War: Rise of the Beasts vs. Team SeaSoul

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kaiser soze

Reading ADWD



  • All SPPf rules apply
  • All battles will be on PO and follow standard Smogon 5th generation OU rules and bans. Any blatant violations with proof will forfeit the match.
  • Post the results of your battles here, win or loss.
  • In the case of significant game-changing hax, a rematch might be allowed if leadership from both clans agree. To do so, a log/video of the battle must be submitted within 24 hours of the battle, as well as a description on how the hax was the only thing that prevented you from winning.
  • Matchups have already been determined, but substitutes will be authorized with the consent of all parties involved in the swap (with proof).
  • If your matched partner has yet to reply to you after one week, please notify everyone in the war thread so that a substitute can be arranged.
  • The first clan to win three battles wins the war. In the event that not all battles are finished by the deadline and a clan has not won, the clan with the most wins at the moment wins the war.
  • The deadline will be two weeks from now: February 12th, 8PM US Eastern.

RoB the left, TSS on the right

Khybon [0] vs. Mean Mr. Snorlax [2]

Xack [0] vs. Jirachiuser [4]

Pkmnfn [4] vs. kaiser soze [0]

Silverwindstudios [6] vs. Blinky The Mew [6]

Powao (sub) [0] vs. ScizorFTW [4]

TSS wins 3-1!



Deadline is February 12th, 8PM US Eastern! Contact your opponent ASAP!!!

Good luck to both clans! ^_^
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i can show you how
Good luck guys :D

Bring it home TSS (my first clan) :) but good luck to RoB too!


She wants it
Come on TSS bring home the cash.


Well, well, well! It's seems i am facing Khy! This is one matchup that I might win, based on past battles with him.


Well-Known Member
just saying i lost my match 4-0 it was a glood game and i hope everyone has as much fun as i do.


She wants it
alright 1-0! keep it up!


Vae Victis
Go RoB!! Sorry I couldn't be here for this war :(

Good luck!
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