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War: Want to Rule the Pokemon World? [R]

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Requiem's Eclipse, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Requiem's Eclipse

    Requiem's Eclipse Hopelessly Hopeful

    (time to take a dip back into RPing)


    War for the Pokemon World

    So, you want to take over the Pokemon World, huh? Well…the best time to do that is right now! Recently, evil teams have been sprouting up like weeds. This might seem to be anarchy to common folk, but to you this is just heaven. After seeing the feats of former heads of evil organizations such as Team Rocket, Team Plasma, and the Aether Foundation, your mouth is just salivating to get into the criminal world. How did the Pokemon World fall into this playground for the crazed? Well that’s pretty simple to explain.

    About 7 years ago, 9 separate crime organizations decided to join forces to “denounce the evils of truth and love” - so to speak - and life pretty much forever changed in the world. This combined super crime organization became The Nefarious Nine. The Nefarious Nine, with their combined wealth, created the warship Nefalum. This circular airship was built in nine separate sections that come together like a giant pizza. Each section of Nefalum, which can function on their own, were homes for each organization and were triangular in shape. Nefalum was able to separate and come together based on the organizations wishes.

    With the forces of the Nine Executives and their organizations, no region was able to fend them off. They attacked the smallest region, Alola, first, then continued their onslaught until their full on attack on the Kanto-Johto super continent. The Nefarious Nine did exactly what they wanted to do, take over the Pokemon World. It was an unprecedented coup that no one saw coming.

    The Pokemon World was under the control of the Nefarious Nine for a good two years until it all came crashing down. What do you expect when you have nine egotistical super villains all cooped up in a giant UFO? Kumbaya?

    The executives of the Nefarious Nine constantly got into arguments from something as big as how to run a region to what kind of soap they should use in the meeting room bathroom. It was madness. So out of sheer annoyance, the Nefarious Nine decided to disband the organization and fight for supremacy in an all out war. Each of the Nefarious Nine took their respective airship and went to different corners of the Pokemon World.

    Now, we are at the present. Who rules the Pokemon World? No one really, it’s still pretty much up in the air. The Nefarious Nine, or the Naughty Nine as they are affectionately called now by the newer crime organizations, are still separated, but their reputation precedes them.…for better or for worse.

    I know I’ve been writing all about evil organizations, but some goody two shoes have been creating their own organizations to help restore the Pokemon World to it’s “former glory”. The void left by the Nefarious Nine allowed these types of organizations to form, making quite a nuisance for crime organizations.

    So are where do you fall in this war? Are you one of Nefarious Nine? A newer crime organization? Are you trying to restore goodness and order to the Pokemon world by fighting these crime organizations? It’s all up to you.

    The Pokemon World

    Crime is rampant. After the Nefarious Nine coup years ago, citizens have taken over the responsibility of rebuilding their towns and cities from the invasions. Most cities and towns are run separately from each other, either by crime organizations or peace keeping organizations. A strong enough unified government can’t materialize because of the looming threat of the Nefarious Nine taking it down, as they have before. The effects of the coup can be seen in towns and cities throughout the world.

    Who are you?

    You will be playing as the leader of the organizations taking part in this war for the Pokemon World. You get to run your own organization full of henchmen and generals. You’ll be running your organization to fulfill it’s goal, while fending off other organizations. Is your goal world domination? Experimentation? Maintaining Anarchy? World Peace? Destroying Evil? You decide.

    This is an open ended sort of RP. The end of it will be when someone takes over the pokemon world, but how we get to that point is all up to us.

    Sign Ups

    Sign Up

    Name: (include your character's rank)
    Age: (12-50; I don’t care as long as it makes sense. So if you have a child be a leader, make it plausible how they would gain control. Did they inherit it? Are they just geniuses? Are they rich?)
    Alignment: (Are you good? evil? or neutral? This alignment reflects on your organization as well)
    Part of the Nefarious Nine? (As a rule of thumb organizations who are ‘good’ won’t be part of the Nefarious Nine, however if you make a good sign up of a Nefarious Nine turning over a new leaf, I’d consider it)
    Hometown: (Where in the Pokemon World are you from?)
    Appearance: (1-2 paragraphs, Include your uniform in this.)
    Personality: (1-2 paragraphs)
    History: (2-3 Paragraphs)
    Battle Theme: (Just a fun little extra. What's your battle theme. You can use whatever you want as long as it's like battle theme-ish.)

    Just list the pokemon on your team. If they have a nickname or any glaring differences from the standard species (such as being shiny), specify under their species name.

    So Basically

    Name: (If applicable)
    Extra: (anything different from the standard species.)

    (3-6 member pokemon teams are allowed)

    Organizations Name: (The name of your organization.)
    Ranks: (what are the ranks in your organization? Only three or four are necessary. Is the lowest ranks Grunt? Soldier?)
    Goal: (A description of your organizations goal)
    Theme: (What is the aesthetic of your organization? Include the Pokemon Types used if your organization specializes in a particular type and the uniforms for lower ranking officers. Make them cohesive with your own uniform…but not as flashy)
    Headquarters: (A description of the headquarters of your organization. For former Nefarious Nine members, they would still be using their airships. They look completely different from how they were originally created though. Otherwise you have free creativity of what your headquarters looks like)
    Headquarters Location:

    Disclaimer: I expect the MOST description out of your own character. Organization building and expansion can happen in the RP. Also we don’t necessarily need to fill in all of the spots of the Nefarious Nine before starting the RP.

    Accepted Organizations:

    Former Nefarious Nine/ Naughty Nine: (Organization - Character - Member - Alignment)
    1. Biotech Industries - Doctor Chrome Zanders - Requiem’s Eclipse - Neutral Evil - Reserved
    2. High Priestess Seneca Elèison - Sketchie - Chaotic Good - Reserved
    3. Mistress Absinthe Whitmore - Hydragea - Chaotic Neutral - Reserved
    4. The Anathema Corporation - Schade - Neutral Evil - Reserved

    Other Organizations:

    The Apocalypta - Doom Empress Vera - Vern - Chaotic Evil - Reserved
    MonsterGuy - Reserved
    Dragalge - Reserved
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2017
  2. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Actually a cat in disguise Staff Member Moderator

    this sounds really interesting??? I was supposed to be on a roleplay break but hell I kinda want in. Throw me a reserve please and thank you~
  3. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    *slams fist on the table* sign me UP here take a wip

    Organizations Name: Polaris
    Ranks: Things used to be a lot more linear and direct, but now it's grouped into three "factions," called quorums.

    Curate - Specializes in the Fairy type.
    Deacon - Specializes in the Ghost type.
    Vicar - Specializes in the Psychic type.

    Each quorum has three ranks. They are denoted by Roman numerals, but are usually not said aloud. Each rank is still classified as a deacon, a vicar, or a curate. Their rank is also shown on their collar as pins (one pin = rank one, two pins = rank two, three pins = rank three). Curates use a circular pin, Deacons use an upside down triangle, and Vicars use a diamond. On top of that, there are three administrative ranks that are found in each quorum.

    Elder - Oversees a small group of their quorum, usually 8-16 members of all kinds of low rankings.
    Bishop - Oversees a group of Elders and their various Curates, Deacons, or Vicars.
    Pontiff - Oversees a group of Bishops and their various Elder groups. There are only about five to seven in each quorum, and considered the highest you can go in a quorum.

    These are all denoted by a four-point star pin, placed under their quorum's pins. While all quorums share the same administrative titles, an Elder who came from the curate quorum is still part of that quorum. Each administrative rank has two counselors of the rank below them, that help them with administrative things and give advice on things. Think of managers and assistant managers. On top of that, there is the high council, who is over the entire organization. In the high council, there are fifteen members, five from each quorum. The high council members are there for life.

    Priest or Priestess - Might be called apostles in other religions. There are twelve of them.
    Counselor - Hand chosen from the council by the High Priest or Priestess, these are two Priest/esses who help the High Priest/ess make decisions. While the whole council works together, these two have somewhat of a higher say.
    High Priest or Priestess - The prophet, the president, the Oracle at Delphi, the top dog, whatever you want to call her. Oversees everyone, makes the final say. They are the one to read the stars and gain inspiration and direction, and though the whole council are considered seers they are the highest seer. Currently, this office is held by High Priestess Seneca Elèison.

    Goal: If you haven't guessed yet, Polaris is a religion. Their faith is in the stars. They consider Ursa Minor as their Goddess, and worship Her. The other constellations, while not gods or goddesses or anything, are still meaningful to Polaris. They believe we all come from the stars, and one day we will return to the stars, if granted by the Goddess. Started thirty years ago, it was created originally with not so kind intentions. It was used to exploit the people drawn to the religion as a place of comfort and solace. The High Priest Caesar Douglas and his council was interested in power and money, and they were willing to spread a twisted message, find those who were willing to comply and use them to destroy in their name. Many members weren't okay with this, but many stayed because violence and hate aside, they did find their peace in the stars. The tension grew for five years. Most of the religion who wanted peace were being used in other ways, those with violence didn't actually care about the religion part. No one except a few members of the high council even knew that High Priest Douglas had joined forces with other organizations and was part of the Nefarious Nine, though when the NN took over the world people seriously started having their suspicions about the eighth member, who tended to hide from the spotlight. At the beginning of that two years, a Priest died of natural causes. His replacement was chosen to be a Seneca Elèison, a Curate Pontiff. She was a peacemaker, and popular in her own quorum and among the High Council. The tension continued to grow: in the organization, in the council, in the Nefarious Nine, until one day, it all broke. The day after the Nefarious Nine broke up, Caesar Douglas was found in his quarters, mercilessly stabbed to death. A note rested over his heart, "traitor," written in blood. Over the next week, after council debates and consulting the stars, High Priestess Seneca Elèison took her place. She rebuilt Polaris from the ground up. Those in favor of violence left, finding other organizations now that Polaris' message was one solely of peace. Those who had waited the tumultuous years could rejoice -- they could finally find peace in their holy Goddess. Seneca Elèison has been serving as High Priestess for five years.

    Their goal is now to help rebuild and fight back. They want to help stabilize the world, to return power to the regions, to atone for what those who acted in the name of violence have done. They also do stuff like charity work, individual service, missionary work, etc. They also help in research departments, trying to find a way to heal the earth too. They are a relief effort. Side note, they do not like being referred to as a cult. While there are members all over the world, they are most popular in Sinnoh.

    Theme: They are a religion of the stars. As you can guess, they use primarily fairy, ghost, and psychic types, but it's not like that's the only types they can use. It's actually encouraged to have half your team a specialized type, and the other half whatever type you feel best. Each quorum has their own set of uniforms and colors, though all of them have a form of high collars to place the pins of ranking onto. The uniform gets progressively fancier, too. Curates wear muted pinks, oranges, reds, yellows, and cream. Deacons wear blacks, greys, and purples. Vicars wear greens and browns. Members of the high council wear gold, blue, and white, and the High Priestess wears all white. The uniforms look somewhere between traditional and ethereal. They like their sashes.

    Headquarters: The airship is the place where the High Council meets. Inside is very beautiful, very intricate. Think of a cathedral. Soft golds, stained glass, figures of the Goddess, fountains, stuff like that. The outside still has something of a triangle shape, but it is intricate, gold and bronze, reflecting its inner cathedral nature. It's. It's a floating cathedral.

    Headquarters Location: Skies of Sinnoh, its landing strip isn't too far away from Hearthome City, Sinnoh. Their ground home base is the Foreign Building in Hearthome.

    Members of the High Council:
    - Seneca Elèison : Clefairy : HIGH PRIESTESS
    - Lisa Herring : Chandelure : COUNCILOR
    - Adam La Vell : Chimecho : COUNCILOR
    - Scott Pearson : Togekiss
    - Tasha Mikkelson : Sylveon
    - Emeilie Chauvet : Florges
    - Andrè Machado : Alolan Ninetails
    - Heather Olsen : Frosslass
    - Stefan Valentino : Dusknoir
    - Charlotte Atkins : Aegislash
    - Jordan Hemling : Jellicent
    - Michael Couturier : Claydol
    - Mina Ito: Gothitelle
    - Chiemi Tanaka : Meowstic
    - Josè Raposo : Gallade

    The High Priestess:
    Name: High Priestess Seneca Elèison
    Age: 32
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Part of the Nefarious Nine?: Affirmative.
    Hometown: Celestic Town, Sinnoh
    Sign: Pisces

    Appearance: Seneca is beautiful, ethereal, otherworldly. She is an experience to behold. She is fairly tall, standing at 5'11", and has a strong but willowy build to her. She is lithe, but she isn't small or withered. (Think of a very sleek cat.) She has beautiful brown skin, with patches of vitiligo white splashed across her whole body like stars. Her hair is very long and thick, down to nearly her ankles. She typically keeps it up, either in braids or in a high ponytail. She has a very intricate hairstyle when she stands as the high priestess, complete with braids and katara loops and a long high ponytail. She has a triangular face, a strong jaw and sleek cheekbones. Her eyes are an iridescent blue, big and full of light, to look into them is like looking into the twilight sky. Her eyebrows are a dark brown, her nose is somewhat upturned, her lips full and soft. She has princess hands and small feet. Her ears are pierced, but she usually only wears pearls or small diamonds, or nothing at all. She always wears a simple wedding band, engraved with the Pisces and Virgo constellation, symbolizing her and her husband's sign.

    As the High Priestess, while she's taking care of business in her church or appearing in front of others, she only wears white. Her standard uniform is a floor-length dress with an empire waist, a neckline that hits the waistline and straps that cover her breasts and go up and around her neck, exposing her back. She also wears a translucent, shimmering cape with a silver clasp. Her shoes are simple white flats, I want to describe them as slippers because Thanks Cinderella. The only exception to the white is a gold laurel resting on her head. If she needs to be more mobile but still on duty, she will often wear a white halter top, white pants, and again, white slippers.

    While she is off duty, she is very stylish. She loves her skin and loves to show it off, so most of her casual wardrobe is short and revealing and colorful. Her favorite outfits consist of a strapless maroon bikini top and a pair of red short shorts, or a blue top that covers her chest and flows to the floor, cut in the middle, paired with navy skinny jeans. She mostly wears sandals, and she wears quite a bit of gold jewelry.

    Personality: Seneca is graceful, dignified, but otherworldly in nature. She is not cold, but as warm as the sun. She carries herself high, but isn't prideful. She is sweet and lovely, but heaven help you if you anger her, or harm someone. She will calmly but violently defend her earth, her sky, and her people, though you would probably thank her after she intervenes. She easily adapts to her surroundings, skilled at reading her environment and quickly changing to fit her needs. She is very much a people person, full of compassion and empathy and optimism. Seneca wants to do what is right, what is beneficial for others, even if it does bend or break the rules to it. She is a dreamer, her head often in the clouds. Despite this, she is a fantastically organized and quite intelligent. She may be a dreamer, but her mind is as sharp as a knife.

    Her interests can boil down to art and space. Seneca is an artist at heart, a painter in specialty. She loves watercolor especially. She can be found with a sketchbook or acrylics, she doesn't limit herself to one genre. She is also a dancer, trained both traditionally and modern, and that grace shows up in the way she moves. Even in just walking, she moves with a purpose. She is a master at the cello, and a talented singer as well. She is very intelligent, and has spent her adult life studying the stars. She went to the University at Hearthome, and studied long enough for a doctorate in Physics and Astronomy. She is fascinated by the cosmos. She isn't all pretentious arts, however. She does love a good video game or two. Super Mario Galaxy is, of course, her favorite. She loves a good social, a good party, a good laugh.

    Seneca is much like a glacier. She takes a long time to break, but when she breaks, she crumbles. She is a storm of glass. She breaks behind a curtain, to keep up a facade of of constant strength. When pushed hard enough, she becomes cold and harsh. She is very much a chaotic good character, rules have very little meaning to her, especially now that she's a rulemaker. Sometimes she struggles to get moving and motivated, as she works so hard she burns herself out and she's left with nothing left to run her. She mourns for her Goddess, how She had to watch Her followers turn to such darkness, but Seneca has very little regrets about her past. She does not feel guilt, she feels that what she had to do was what had to be done -- what the Goddess had wanted from her.

    The thing most important about Seneca is that she loves freely. Despite her scars and shortcoming, Seneca is made of love and will love until the stars burn out. She loves her husband dearly, she loves her Goddess, she loves her people and her earth and her sky and her stars. She has a difficult time holding grudges or hating anyone, if there is someone worth hating, she pities them more than hates them. She is saddened that they can hate so freely. Some say she is naive, a hope wasless optimist, but she shrugs them off. Just because she has a lot of love to give doesn't mean she doesn't understand the world. She thinks it helps her understand just a little more.

    History: Seneca Elèison was born to Atticus and Eliza Elèison, in their homestead in Celestic Town, Sinnoh. There, they and the rest of the town lived their lives in peace. Seneca was a very intelligent child, and was walking and talking in full sentences by a year. When she was two, some Polaris missionaries walked into town. Atticus and Eliza

    Battle Theme: Ballad of the Goddess from Skyward Sword
    Regular Theme: Gate of Time from Skyward Sword


    Species: Clefable
    Name: Galileo
    Description: Galileo is a bit more of a pale pink, big blue eyes, a little taller and a little fluffier.
    Personality: He's a bit of a space cadet. Always bright and optimistic, a little starry eyed about everything. Happy, excitable, kind of a cheerleader.
    Other: Seneca received Galileo when she was accepted as a Curate. He is technically her "official" partner pokemon, even though he is not her first. His ability is Cute Charm, and his most used moves are Metronome, Cosmic Power and Stored Power, Meteor Mash, Moonblast, and Moonlight.

    Species: Gardevoir
    Name: Cassiopeia
    Description: Shiny. Wears a simple choker with a Gardevoirite pendant.
    Personality: Cassie is the Mom Friend of Seneca's pokemon. She is graceful and serene, but she will fuss over her pokemon friends, younger pokemon, her own trainer... she is Mom.
    Other: Seneca requested a ralts when she became an Elder, as it was a bridge between Fairy and Psychic. Her request was granted, and thus, Cassiopeia. Her ability is Synchronize, her most used moves are Moonblast, Magical Leaf, Psychic, Calm Mind, and Heal Pulse.

    Species: Ninetales
    Name: Altair
    Description: Much fluffier and more luxurious than a normal ninetails. Crazy soft fur.
    Personality: A good comparison is Rarity from My Little Pony. Altair is very vain and concerned about his lovely, fluffy fur. That doesn't mean he doesn't like people, no, he's in fact very friendly and very loyal and loving. He just doesn't like getting dirty. A very fierce battler.
    Other: Altair was a gift from a very good friend of hers, a Vicar who became a Elder with Seneca at the same time. He was hatched from an Egg, the gift was an egg. (A mystery!) His ability is Flash Fire, and his most used moves are Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Will-o-Wisp, Inferno, Psyshock, and Extrasensory.

    Species: Mismagius
    Name: Copernicus
    Description: A rich, darker purple. The gems on Copernicus's chest stand out more and are very shiny because Contrast.
    Personality: Copernicus is a bit of a prankster, as most ghost types tend to be. He's a chipper fellow, and loves pulling harmless jokes here and there. He is remarkably affectionate, and loves to cuddle. He is very cold. It is best to cuddle with both Altair and Copernicus to balance each other out.
    Other: Copernicus is Seneca's newest pokemon, she received him as a gift from High Priest Douglass when she was called to the High Council. His ability is Levitate, and his most used moves are Phantom Force, Power Gem, Psywave, Shadow Ball, and Dark Pulse.

    Species: Drapion
    Name: Nubbles
    Description: Nubbles is a big drapion. The pokedex puts the average height of a drapion at 4'03", but Nubbles is closer to 6'07". BIG DRAPION.
    Personality: Nubbles tries his best to be cool. He is cool! He's such a bad boy! He has such an aloof and cool nature... sure. Nubbles tries to keep that facade, but really, he's a big softie. He's like the dad pokemon to Cassie's mom. He's protective of the rest of the team, and he's (grudgingly) happy to be silly if it means they feel better. You know the type.
    Other: Nubbles is Seneca's very first pokemon (you can tell by the name). She got Nubbles as a Scorupi when she was four years old, and the two hit it off immediately. He was named Nubbles after his nubby scorupi feet. Nubbles is what Seneca considers her trick card, because out of all of these graceful and ethereal pokemon, the last thing you would expect is a TANK OF A DRAPION. His ability is Sniper, and his most used moves are Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Crunch, Hyper Beam, Night Slash, and Cross Poison.

    Species: Luxray
    Name: Centauri
    Description: Luxurious Luxray. Very soft. Very fluffy. (Good friends with Altair.)
    Personality: Centauri is a very high strung pokemon. He's very active and energetic, and loves a good tussle. Also a very fierce battler. Very smart, too.
    Other: Centauri is Seneca's second pokemon. The two met before this whole mess of bad organizations, when she went to Floarama Town on vacation. They met in the valley and hit it off immediately. Nubbles and Centauri are understandably very close. Centauri's ability is Intimidate, his most used moves are Spark, Thunder Fang, Thunderbolt, Shock Wave, and Iron Tail.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2017
  4. Requiem's Eclipse

    Requiem's Eclipse Hopelessly Hopeful


    My god, if your team keeps this camp, you're definitely a shoe-in. I needs me some campy screwballs in this RP.

  5. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Hm, sounds interesting. Mind if I reserve a spot? I'll probably play either some crazed apocalypse cult, or maybe a scientific endeavour trying to link everyone into a single hive mind through the power of LEGENDARY POKEMON! and maybe a bit of SCIENCE!

    Edit: WIP here

    Name: Doom Empress Vera
    Age: 19
    Alignment: VERY Chaotic Evil
    Part of the Nefarious Nine? Nope.
    Hometown: Castelia City

    Being someone who got into a lot of fights as a kid and continues to get into a lot of fights, Vera’s body is very lithe and strong, almost pure muscle with little to no excess fat to speak of despite all the goods lavished upon her on account of her position. She isn’t excessively muscled or even ‘bulky’ at all, instead having that sort of ‘lean and mean’ feeling normally associated with predatory animals. Her skin is pale, both because she’s just naturally a pale person and, since she lives underground, doesn’t exactly have a lot of opportunities to get a tan. Her hair is relatively short and usually just left to its own devices, often having random tufts sticking out at odd angles. Usually, some of it hangs down over her left eye, covering part of it. Her eyes are red, and always seem to have this kind of manic glow that makes her seem very threatening and sort of ‘unhinged’. When not appearing in front of her devout worshippers, she cares very little about her appearance, and tends to look like she had just gotten out of bed after a lot of tossing and turning. She always seems to have some sort of smile on her face, but that tends to range from being just ‘a bit too friendly’ to ‘totally insane’.

    She prefers to just go around wearing crinkled-up pyjamas or a simple t-shirt, hoodie, and baggy pants, but her duties as the Doom Empress means that she often has to dress in the ceremonial garb for her position when appearing in public as, well, herself instead of an alias or disguise. It consists of a large, tattered grey cape and a grey robe. The cape has a flame-like symbol drawn onto the back in a blood-like colour, and three sharp red lines are painted onto the robe, as if someone had slashed through it with a claw of some sort. Wherever she goes, she goes barefoot, unless doing so would be incredibly hazardous to her health. She always has a glove on her left hand, which she says is there because she feels ‘insecure' without it, but the clawed tips on each finger, as well as the three short blades protruding from the knuckles tends to imply otherwise. The symbol of her power is her skull-adorned staff, which can also act as a spear/lance due to it's long, pointed tip, or simply as a hammer due to the weight of the skulls (not actually skulls, but metal replicas). The tip of the staff can be flicked aside, allowing it to be used as a rifle. Each one of the skulls' eyes is a sort of mini-flamethrower, and it is with this staff that Vera usually starts the fires that the cult is so famous for.


    Vera certainly has many qualities that one would associate with someone bent on killing every single human alive. She delights in destruction and the exercising of her power as the Doom Empress, deriving an intense pleasure from burning things to the ground. You could almost say that she’s an artist in that regard - she sees the burning of cities, of people, of pretty much everything as beauty in its most basic, primal form, and is capable of watching things burn for hours on end without boredom. She also loves conflict, both in the most pure sense of physically fighting with others, as well as larger things like war, political games, and of course the constant battle for dominance with other organisations struggling to take hold in the metropolis of Castelia City. Her laugh is often described by others to be manic or perhaps demonic, lacking any sort of rationality or humanity. She can laugh normally, and she does, a lot, but it’s really hard to forget her ‘crazy laugh’ after hearing it ringing out amidst a sea of burning flesh and collapsing buildings.

    She’s wilful and prideful, functioning on a ‘I do what I want’ sort of basis. She doesn’t care for any rules, or the advice of others, and will often go out of her way to ignore orders just to spite whoever it is that thinks they know better than she does. She never backs down from conflict, no matter the form, and is more than happy to go at you barehanded even if you’re pointing guns to her head (in fact, the more guns you point at her, the more eager she’ll be to kick your ***). Her mother constantly complains that she’s putting her incredible intellect to waste with her brash actions, and in a way, it’s true - she’s incredibly smart, almost a genius, and it definitely shows, considering that she managed to wrest control over the Apocalypta away from her father (who was probably one of the most intelligent people alive in Unova). However, she dislikes complex strategies and plans, instead preferring to just waltz around Unova setting cities and towns ablaze seemingly at random. That’s not to say she isn’t capable of it, though.

    Obviously, being the leader of a cult who's goal is the extermination of human life, she’s very cynical. She sees all people as beings that are fundamentally flawed and ‘wrong’, saying that their very existence is an error. As an extension of that, she’s almost unnaturally tolerant of the bad things people do, because A) she reasons that everyone is terrible, and B) she knows that she’ll kill everyone eventually anyways, so it doesn’t matter. As such, she can watch people do unspeakable things without batting an eyelid, and similarly, she herself can do unspeakable things without any hesitation or remorse. While she normally acts upbeat, she can be very cold and brutal when she considers it necessary for the ‘ultimate goal'. When she does burn cities or towns, she tends to habitually give some warning in advance, reasoning that since she’s going to burn everything to the ground eventually regardless, it doesn’t matter if some people escape and enjoy themselves for a bit longer.

    Oddly enough, despite her goal being to wipe humans from the surface of this planet, she’s a remarkably friendly, helpful, and forgiving person. She doesn’t hate any human as an individual, seeing their ‘evil’ as simply being the product of an error on the part of the ‘creator’, and not their own doing. In fact, she’s an incredibly upbeat person, who acts like she’s friends with everyone, no matter what they do or did, or how repugnant they are. Within the cult, she’s famous for stabbing a would-be assassin in the right eye repeatedly, then giving him a few hearty slaps on the back, a hug, some bandages, and offering to share a beer with him if he was feeling up to it.

    When she isn’t busy sending entire cities up in flame and killing anyone who tries to put it out, she tends to go around (in a disguise when outside of the headquarters, of course) talking with random people on the street, and occasionally flirting with them if she feels like it. She has no sense of personal space and hardly any notion of chastity, reasoning that since she’s going to kill everyone, they might as well enjoy themselves while they still can. She’s well known for getting incredibly drunk, as well as being attracted to both men and women who catch her fancy. Her philosophy is that you should just go and do what you like without holding back, since you won’t have that much longer to live anyways. Needless to say, she’s regarded by most as having a few screws loose in her head, and likes it that way.

    History: When Vera's father first created the Apocalypta, his goal was nothing more than a comfortable life in a world overrun with crime. After all, being the head of a crazed cult means being worshipped, and being worshipped means having all sorts of benefits lavished upon you. And it was a successful endeavour - 'marketed' (as far as a cult can be 'marketed') as an organisation bent on cleansing the world of its evils, the fed-up citizens of Castelia city, having endured multiple reigns of terror in quick succession, were eager to jump on board. He was a smart man, who was blessed with a good knowledge of human nature and how to exploit it. And in a world overrun by terror and lawless bandits, he would do whatever it took to keep himself and his family safe.

    It was inside this cult that Vera grew up. Obviously, not the best upbringing a naturally combative girl can be raised in. From birth, she was taught by her father to use any means available to her to survive -that meant exploitation, deceit, betrayal, and just generally being a cold-blooded sociopath of sorts.

    Battle Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ErwgLxBNL0


    - Houndoom || Cerberus, or Ceru for short || Horns bend forwards instead of backwards.
    - Ninetales || N/A || N/A
    - Hydreigon || N/A || N/A
    - Absol || Snow || Horn has been broken, now looks very cracked and jagged.
    - Spiritomb || N/A || N/A
    - Mawile (Mega) || Vorea, or 'Vor' for short || Hair is a bit longer and more spiky.

    Random Note: Vera doesn't do traditional Pokemon battles, where the trainer stands back and gives orders. All she cares about is killing you, and her Pokemon, while good friends and faithful companions, are just another weapon in her arsenal. While you're busy dealing with all six of her Pokemon at once, she's probably in your face trying to simultaneously stab, shoot, impale, and burn you/your Pokemon/both to death.

    Organization Name: The Apocalypta
    Ranks: Doom Empress/Emperor: Believed to be the physical avatar of the Apocalypse itself, the Doom Empress holds absolute power over the Cultists/Acolytes/Worshippers, who are willing and glad to sacrifice their lives for her. She is capable of giving or overriding any order, but generally chooses not to do so.

    4 Highest Ranked Members: Upon taking the throne, Vera personally selected four lieutenants, each specialising in a different one of the Apocalypta Cult’s main Pokemon types. Like Vera herself, they receive worship from the members of the cult as incarnations of different parts of the Apocalypse.

    - Blazecaller Pyra (fire): Vera’s mother. She acts as an advisor and primary strategist, as well as a sort of general ‘mother figure’ or ‘counsellor' to everyone in the organisation. She tends to act as a mother figure for pretty much everyone, helping out with general housekeeping matters as well as being a confidant. As such, she’s a crucial part of the cult’s continued function as a unified whole. She's regarded by everyone as being far too nice and caring of a person to be part of an apocalypse cult (she is in fact the only one among the 'callers' to feel any guilt over their actions), but then again, the place is built as a haven for such contradictory personalities. Her robes are a pure red colour, and her staff is the only one to be purely ceremonial in its use - a curved wooden stick adorned with a glowing red jewel at its tip. Her hair is black, very long, and usually neatly combed. Is worshipped as the ‘Oracle’.

    - Wyrmcaller Azura (dragon): Vera’s childhood friend and usually regarded as her second-in-command. The two are very close, and reside in the same quarters out of convenience (and so that Vera's mother only has one pigsty of a room to clean up instead of two). She acts mainly as a field commander, directing the forces of the Apocalypta during battles and raids. Coldly rational and incredibly distant, she acts as a check to Vera’s brashness. She has long and incredibly messy orange hair, which she tends to tie haphazardly into a ponytail of some sort. Her robes are a deep purple colour with bright blue highlights. Her staff is built purely for functionality, and can be used as a scope or communications unit, as well as a rifle, lighter, and spear. Like Vera, she cares little for her appearance and is often found walking around wearing crumpled up, bloodstained/charred/both clothes, with bags under her eyes. Worshipped as the ‘Destroyer’.

    - Shadecaller Nefastus (dark): A close friend of Vera’s father, who was pretty much her actual father figure growing up. A balding old man with a hunched back, sharp nose, and equally sharp intuition. He wears black robes with golden circles on its sleeves, as well as several golden bracelets on each arm. He's ill-tempered and has a knack for zeroing in on people's weaknesses, always seeming to know the exact words needed to piss someone off or calm someone down. Many suspect him of being just a teensy bit senile due to his tendencies to go on completely random rants about completely random topics. His staff is fashioned into the shape of three large, demonic eyes. He acts as the conductor of all rituals and worship, as well as overseeing the program for the indoctrination of new people into the ranks of the Apocalypta. Sharp and discerning, he is the one who appoints all the Archbishops, and is responsible for the ’system’ on which the cult runs, as well as having come up with the religion in the first place. Is worshipped as the ‘Seeker’.

    - Steelcaller Selwyn (steel): Azura’s older brother. He is the one who is responsible for the expansion, repair, and constant upgrades being given to the underground labyrinth, as well as the primary director of defensive measures. A reclusive but immensely talented mechanic who rarely leaves the confines of his workshop in the deeper parts of the Apocalypta's underground labyrinth, he is the one single-handedly responsible for the creation of strange weapons used by the Apocalypta. Has orange-ish hair and blue eyes, just like his sister. Wears a pair of glasses out of habit, although he is only slightly nearsighted. His robes are pure white with a few grey, rectangular patterns, and his staff is a pointlessly complex mechanical contraption, containing all sorts of hammers, drills, screwdrivers, etc. for his tinkering, as well as being useable as a firearm. He has a tendency for dry sarcasm and acts as the 'only sane man' for the other callers/Vera herself. Worshipped as the ‘Architect’.

    Archbishop - Bishops that have been recognised to be especially talented by one of the 4 ‘callers’ or Vera herself become Archbishops. Archbishops are seen as being fit to carry a Staff. They dress similarly to Bishops, but have golden lines in their cloaks, and a bit more ‘bling’ around their necks. Their duties are similar to that of Bishops, but they are also granted direct lines of communication to any of the 4 ‘callers’ and the Empress should they feel the need.

    Bishop - Bishops are people who have fully embraced the Cult’s ideology, and are dedicated to the cause of ‘correcting’ the ‘broken’ world. They head most of the rituals, and are responsible for preaching to the public should that be necessary. When Acolytes graduate to Bishops, they are granted a personal meeting with the Doom Empress as a sort of reward (people of lower castes are seen as being unfit to gaze upon their ruler). They command large groups, often consisting of several Acolytes each responsible for their own batch of cultists. They wear black robes with red, fire-like highlights, and wear a golden pendant around their neck.

    Acolyte/Worshipper - The second-lowest caste. Similar to cultists, except these have survived for a decent amount of time, and are more experienced/useful. Nefastus likes to refer to this stage as the ‘filter’, or the ‘transition’ stage. This is because they are starting to ‘graduate’ from their brainwashed, ‘kill everyone for the sake of our apocalypse god' state, and beginning to learn the actual reasoning behind the cult’s actions. If they find any fault, they are quickly disposed of. If not, they ‘graduate’ to becoming ‘Bishops’. Acolytes wear black robes with grey patterns, and often command groups of less than a dozen Cultists.

    Cultist - The ‘lowest’ caste within the Apocalypta. All new initiates start of as ‘cultists’, and are seen by everyone (including themselves) to be completely expendable. They tend to be the most zealous an crazed people in the cult, due to how recent the whole ‘initiation process’ (read: forceful brainwashing) still is in their minds. Most of them are killed before they can even start questioning what they’re doing, and they exist only to swell the cult’s ranks. They wear completely featureless black robes with large hoods that obscure their faces.

    Goal: Under Vera’s rule, the Apocalypta has transformed from a moneymaking scheme to something more fitting of its sinister name. Careful grooming and extermination has left it so that the ruling members of the cult share her ideology down to a ’T’ - the most simplistic way to put that philosophy into words is ‘All humans are created evil. Therefore, everything they create is also evil. Therefore, we must destroy it all’. While their goal is simply the extermination of all human life, culture, architecture, and so on, regardless of the means, they prefer to do so via the good old ‘burn everything to the ground’ method. In part, this is because of Vera’s own obsession with fire, but most importantly, it is due to their religion being based around worshipping the Apocalypse through the use of fire as a medium.

    Unlike most religions, their god is not an all-powerful entity but more of a concept or event. Since it’s kind of hard to worship a concept, most of the worship is directed towards the more prominent ruling figures of the organisation, most notably Vera herself, who is regarded as the physical manifestation of this ‘concept’ or ‘event' that is the Apocalypse. As such, the members of the cult that have yet to rise to the rank of Bishop have absolute faith in their Empress, and will take her orders without any hesitation. Their psuedo-religion is not something that the ruling castes (Bishop and upwards, comprising only a tiny percentage of the actual cult’s members) actually believe in, but is used as more of a tool to control the masses.

    Theme: They are a religious cult that literally worships the Apocalypse - more specifically, an apocalypse in which the world is enveloped in a sea of flame. As such, they use Fire and Dark types mainly, but also include Dragon and Steel type Pokemon in their ranks. Exceptions do exist, but they are rare. They all dress in similar hooded robes, and the colours on the robes distinguish the ranking of the individual. People above the rank of Bishop are allowed to carry a staff. Many also wear pendants or bracelets.

    Headquarters: A massive underground labyrinth, laden with traps at every corner, and lit with medieval-style torches. Intricate magic circles are drawn all over the walls and ceiling in red paint, or occasionally blood. It’s got a very ‘fantasy’ feel to it, with the high-tech cameras that monitor the many corridors being disguised as gruesome, gargoyle-like statues, placed at seemingly random intervals. Large, fountain-like structures are also scattered through the labyrinth, each one a massive bonfire by which worship is conducted. Entrance to/exit from the labyrinth can be gained through several hidden elevators or trapdoors placed in strategic positions all around Castelia City and its surrounding routes.

    Headquarters Location: Underground in an expanded Castelia City Sewers.
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    I would love to throw down a reserve here, if possible.
  7. Hydrangea

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    Name: Mistress Absinthe Whitmore
    Age: Late 20s/Early 30s idk yet
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Part of the Nefarious Nine? Yeppers chief
    Hometown: Lavender Town, Kanto
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: (1-2 paragraphs)
    History: (2-3 Paragraphs)
    Battle Theme: (Just a fun little extra. What's your battle theme. You can use whatever you want as long as it's like battle theme-ish.)



    Name: (if different from species)
    Description: (If different from species)
    Personality: (Just a little blurb of how they act 2-3 sentences. I don’t expect you to spend to much time on them)

    Organizations Name: uhhh
    Ranks: something culty/sexual and dominating in phrasing
    Goal: As an organization lead completely by powerful women, they wish to rid the world of the plague known as men or at least make them subservient to them forever. All members use female Pokemon exclusively.
    Theme: Dominatrix-y, mostly dark types but also a few fire and poison types.
    Headquarters: (A description of the headquarters of your organization. For former Nefarious Nine members, they would still be using their airships. They look completely different from how they were originally created though. Otherwise you have free creativity of what your headquarters looks like)
    Headquarters Location:
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    Name: (include your character's rank)
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Part of the Nefarious Nine?: Formerly. Dropped out after he took over the company.
    Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto.
    Battle Theme: Vixx - Chained up (Instrumental Ver.
    Appearance: (1-2 paragraphs, Include your uniform in this.)

    Personality: (1-2 paragraphs)

    History: (2-3 Paragraphs)

    Species: Alolan Persian
    Name: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Description: (If different from species)
    Personality: (Just a little blurb of how they act 2-3 sentences. I don’t expect you to spend to much time on them)

    Species: Malamar
    Name: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Description: (If different from species)
    Personality: (Just a little blurb of how they act 2-3 sentences. I don’t expect you to spend to much time on them)

    Species: Venomoth
    Name: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Description: (If different from species)
    Personality: (Just a little blurb of how they act 2-3 sentences. I don’t expect you to spend to much time on them)

    Species: Skuntank
    Name: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Description: (If different from species)
    Personality: (Just a little blurb of how they act 2-3 sentences. I don’t expect you to spend to much time on them)

    Species: Ariados
    Name: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Description: (If different from species)
    Personality: (Just a little blurb of how they act 2-3 sentences. I don’t expect you to spend to much time on them)

    Species: Seviper
    Name: N/A
    :Gender: Female
    Description: (If different from species)
    Personality: (Just a little blurb of how they act 2-3 sentences. I don’t expect you to spend to much time on them)

    Organizations Name: The Anathema Corporation. (Anathema Co.)
    Ranks: Ranking from top to bottom with top being the highest rank:
    - Boss
    - Executive
    - Admin
    - Infiltrator
    - Sniper
    - Gunman
    - Grunt
    Goal: The ever long stretch towards profit, regardless of the methods involved. Methods in question involve deceit, secrecy, conspiracy, infiltration, treason, and unlawful overthrow of authority if possible.
    Theme: Black Tie event. A fairly simple yet formal organization. Most of the workers wear suits and black sunglasses. Kind of Agent Smith-like when you think about it. There are, of course, exceptions to this, as the underlings of Anathema Co. wear whatever their position requires them to. Their Pokemon of choice are often, but not limited to Poison, Dark and Bug-Types. Has a "If you don't bother us, we won't bother you" attitude towards the other evil organizations. Masquerades as being good guys to the public.
    Headquarters: in true "Evil business man" style, the Anathema Cooperation resides in a tall building in Goldenrod City in the Johto Region. The building itself is surprisingly tanky, with bulletproof glass, and guards around every corner.
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    So, I'm considering being one of the good organizations... There's a little too much evil happening here. :p

    Question: Can I have one Organization, run by two people? Siblings, possibly twins...
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    Sure, it will just mean more work for you as they would be two separate characters....unless they are those creepy identical twins that share a personality and look identical.

    TL;DR Yes, you may.

    btdubs you are reserved.

    Some side notes:

    We really dislike being Lawful. Screw laws and rules, who needs them? amirite?
    I hope someone sign ups with someone older than thirty. All these young'ns runnin' around....little delinquents.
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    I suspect this SU is going to take a while to complete so... WIP.

    Name: Cadenza "Cadence" Mia Amoré
    Age: 20
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Part of the Nefarious Nine?: No
    Hometown: Undella Town, Unova

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Appearance: Cadence is about average height for a young woman her age. She has a slender frame, with feminine curves in all the right places. Her breasts are decently sized, not too big but not small either. She was born with smooth fair skin, which doesn't get tanned easily. She has long, light blonde hair, that fades into lavender at the ends, and goes down to her waist. She keeps her bangs swept to the side, kept out of her eyes using some type of headband. She has a heart shaped face, with a small nose, large, expressive eyes that are a deep violet color that usually a childlike sparkle to them, as well as long eyelashes attached to them. She goes out of her way to make sure she looks "cute", and works to maintain it.

    Cadence is very much into fashion, and spends a lot of money on it. She has many wardrobes filled with enough clothes to dress a small country. Her outfits tend to vary, but they usually contain a lot of purple, her favorite color. She also has a preference for skirts and dresses over pants.

    Personality: Cadence is a friendly, cheerful, and optimistic girl. In spite of any chaos that may be going on, she manages to put on a smile. Despite being from a wealthy family, she doesn't believe it makes her better than anyone else. She spends time around many kinds of people from different backgrounds, and tries to find good in everybody. While she tries to act like a proper lady, she doesn't always do a very good job of it. Around others she can come across as silly and childish. However, while it may look like she doesn't take anything seriously, she's smarter than people give her credit for. She's been groomed since young to inherit the family business, in addition to receiving a formal education at an early age, but she had to put in a lot of effort in order to do well. Her mother would never be pleased if she did only enough to get by. Cadence is a feminine girl, and she has an affinity for cute things.

    Cadence is a compassionate, nurturing girl. She is always there to help others, and is normally really sympathetic and empathetic with anyone who is in trouble. She cares deeply for others, is also very maternal. She sees her friends as her family and will do anything to protect them even putting herself in danger. In regards to this she can be a bit rash. If she sees something threatening someone she cares for she will rush in to danger not thinking of the consequences of her actions. While she is not stupid by any means, she is very much naive when it comes to the real world. She's easily tricked, and is prone to giving anything she has to someone in need in the name of love.

    Cadence is the type that wears her heart on her sleeve. It is easy to hurt her feelings, but it doesn't take much to cheer her up again. Growing up she was always told romantic bed time stories involving a damsel in distress and a knight in shining armor. As a result of this, Cadence loves love. She believes it's the best feeling in the world. She believe's everyone, no matter how much of a jerk they may be deserves love. Her beliefs have been instilled into her since young, and she's very outspoken and passionate about them. She's a hopeful romantic, and often acts flirty towards men she likes, hoping they're Mr. Right, and find that special someone so she can get her own Fairy Tale happy ending. She tends to think every guy she's with is "the one" and takes it very seriously, making her seem clingy and overly dependent. She gets easily attached to people she's grown to like, and it upsets her when the object of her affections doesn't share her feelings, and will do anything to keep them around. She also likes to help other people find love as well, and plays matchmaker for people whether they asked for it or not.

    Battle Theme:



    Name: Lorenzo Amoré
    Age: 18
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Part of the Nefarious Nine? Still No
    Hometown: Undella Town Unova

    Appearance: Lorenzo is short for a young man his age. He is aware of this, and makes jokes about it if it get's brought up. While he does claim his lack of height adds to his appeal, he does wish he were taller sometimes. Despite seeming weak and fragile based on his appearance, he is actually stronger than he looks. He keeps himself physically fit to compensate for his lack of height, and has a fairly toned physique hidden underneath all the clothes he wears. He was born with a pale complexion, He has neatly styled blonde hair on top of his head, and his bangs go to his eyebrows. He has big violet eyes. A trait that seems to run in his family. As well as a small nose, and a round "Babyface", which give him a youthful appearance. His face is clean-shaven, and his upper body is free of any hair except the top of his head and eyebrows.

    Lorenzo is very into fashion, and likes to dress well. He designs his own clothes to reflect his taste, as he has a hard time finding clothes he likes in men's clothing stores. His fancy wardrobe mostly consists of button down dress shirts, vests, trousers, and dress shoes. He always keeps his clothes neat and tidy. It is rare to see him in a simple T-shirt and jeans. His wardrobe contains a lot of different colors, but there will always be something pink in whatever he chooses to wear.

    Personality: Lorenzo has tastes that are usually considered feminine. His favorite color is pink, and a lot of his things are pink. He is very into fashion, and designs his own clothes to reflect his tastes. While he isn't necessarily vain, he does like to take care of his appearance. He carries around a mirror, and often consults it when he feels like he needs a confidence boost. He also doesn't particularly care for getting himself dirty either. His goal in life is to become a clothing designer, because he feels there is a lack of nice clothes for men, though he also doesn't mind making clothes for women. He also has a passion for cute and pretty things. It's the reason why he likes the Fairy type. The Pokemon under it are gorgeous. Anything he perceives to be adorable whether it be a person or a Pokemon makes him squeal excitedly. He also has several childish interests as well. He has a collection of dolls. as well as cute Pokemon plushies, and his room is decorated with posters with characters from his favorite cartoons.

    Lorenzo is adorable, and he knows it. He does use it to his advantage if he knows if it will benefit him somehow. Usually to flirt with guys, or get himself out of trouble when they get mad at him. Due to his small size, and child like appearance, he is often perceived as being weak. This has earned him both the ire of bullies who liked having an easy target, as well as the care of nicer people who felt like they had protect him. He works out regularly to compensate for this, but people still coddle him. He considers it both a blessing because it gets him attention and people think he's cute, and a curse because some people treat him like a child even though he's almost an adult. When he does get bullied, he'll usually respond with some sassy comment, but it does get to him once in a while. He doesn't understand why so many people have problems with boys liking pink?

    Regardless, Lorenzo is a cheerful optimistic person. He is often seen with a smile on his face, and acting like life is all cupcakes and rainbows. He believes it's easier to live life when you expect the best than expecting the worst. This does not mean that he is never sad. He cries openly when he's sad, but it doesn't take much to make him feel better. He is also very affectionate. He likes giving, and receiving hugs, and often gets very close to people. He devlops crushes on guys rather easily. These qualities make him a natural flirt. While he likes people in general, he is attracted to men. You can often find him staring at, and flirting with guys he finds attractive. In general he is an emotional person. While he seems childish at times, Lorenzo is a happy, fun loving young man, who just wants to be accepted for who he is.

    Battle Theme:



    Organizations Name: Amoré Inc.
    Theme: You've heard of black tie, this organization is pink tie. The members dress in colorful business attire, usually designed by Lorenzo. The company colors are pink and purple so members wear at least one thing in one or both of those colors on them. Other bright colors are also worn, but no one wears black, because black without some pop of color is so boring and uncreative. The members use Fairy types, as well as other cute, elegant, or pretty Pokemon.
    Headquarters Location:
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    Just wanted to post my WIP so I can find it easier.

    Name: Doctor Chrome Zanders
    Age: 28
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Part of the Nefarious Nine? Yes
    Hometown: Eterna City, Sinnoh

    Appearance: Chrome is surprisingly built for being a scientist. He has a runners body and stands at 6’1”. Chrome mainly works out for the ladies and purely aesthetic reasons. For a former lanky giraffe in his childhood, Chrome has blossomed into quite the looker. He has black hair that he keeps short on the sides and just long enough on the top to show that he actually has curls. He has piercing blue eyes that can make any woman or man, for that matter, drop their pants. You can’t forget to mention his perfectly groomed scruff. That’s the true panty dropper. Overall, Chrome takes his appearance very seriously and is a perfectionist when it comes to his personal grooming.

    Chrome is very fashion savvy and always dresses professionally with a little bit of flash. He tends to just wear a lab coat, but with the most fashionable and dashing dress wear underneath. This may be because of his perfectionist nature, but he says its to impress others and make them take him more seriously. He would prefer to stay in his lab coat and work on his experiments, but he is the face of a company. His body is riddled with scars from past experiments gone awry. This is one of the many reasons he prefers to wear long sleeves, as his arms are covered with scars and discolorations from burns. Chrome also wears glasses due to him losing some of his eye sight before him joining the Nefarious Nine 7 years ago. He actually also created a special battle visor that he wears during battles to better scan the enemy's weaknesses and exploit them. They also double as protective eyewear.

    Personality: Chrome grew up with OCD, specifically perfectionism. He needed everything arranged just right for him to feel secure. He used to freak out if anyone moved any of his belongings. His mother quickly learned to allow Chrome to clean his own spaces because he knew the "right way" to do it. At one point, he would destroy things he wouldn't see as perfect. Luckily, it was mostly inanimate objects. Though he did get therapy and medication to ease his symptoms, his OCD does come up every now and then if he finds himself in an emotionally stimulating environment. Usually his OCD will spike during tense or emotional times. This is why he keeps his emotions in check and thinks rationally.

    Though he doesn't pursue romantic relationships, there are few people that he sees as good enough. He doesn't see gender as a normal person would. He's pretty much a Pansexual, though he tends to be attracted to cis women more often than not. Sexual relationships come easy to Chrome. To him, its just a physical activity. Romantic relationships are very foreign for him though. He cannot wrap his head around those emotions and rather not pressure himself to understand them. The negative emotions that come with a romantic relationship can spark his OCD back.

    Chrome is filled with apathy for anything not concerning him or his goals. You can say it's selfishness, but he prefers the term "focused". On the surface, he is what you would think a scientist is at their worst. He is strictly concerned with the cold hard facts. Chrome doesn't care about emotions and see them useless. He jokingly says, 'emotions are for ugly people.' Chrome is a wildcard in a sense that he will help anyone in need, but ONLY if it benefits him or his cause in some way. If he sees a random stranger getting mugged, he'll do nothing because saving that person is useless toward his goals. It's this apathy that is truly what makes him dangerous. Chrome is extremely intelligent and witty. When a problem arises, he is able to quickly solve it. He analyzes all the details in order for him to take the best course of action. He uses his intelligence to create some of the most advanced technologies the world has seen.

    Chrome sees this world as unsatisfactory and takes it upon himself to improve it through science. This causes him to come off egotistical at times. Chrome basically sees himself as the catalyst toward perfection in the Pokemon world. Since he has such an inflated ego, he lives by his own set of morals, but doesn't impose these rules on anyone else. He's a "you do you" type of person. The only time he will ever show his disdain for people is if they get in his way. If you get in his way, you best believe it will be a long and hard fight. Chrome shows his more human traits to the people in his organization and his own Pokemon. He will kill for his associates and employees. Chrome is passionately protective of his organization and it surprises many, even his former Nefarious Nine cohorts.

    You see, Chrome doesn't set out and do the things he does for evil....quite the opposite. He sees what he does as a price to pay for the betterment of the world. Under all this cold calculation is a true compassionate person and humanitarian. He truly feels bad for the Pokemon who may die during his experiments, but he knows it's a necessary evil to bring something better to the world. Chrome sees good and evil as a never ending balance, but his technology is the weight that holds the two in place. It doesn't what happens to the world, as long as his technology is making the best version of that world...for better or for worse.

    History: (2-3 Paragraphs)
    Theme: ~*~
    Battle Theme: ~*~


    Name: (if different from species)
    Description: (If different from species)
    Personality: (Just a little blurb of how they act 2-3 sentences. I don’t expect you to spend to much time on them)
    Gender: (if applicable)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Metagross w/ Megastone






    (3-6 member pokemon teams are allowed)

    Organizations Name: Biotech Industries
    Ranks: Lowest to highest

    Scientist/ Surgeons - The "grunts" of Biotech. Their outfits are simply just a lab coat with dress clothes underneath. The female Scientists tend wear skirts rather than pants. Their actual roles differ greatly within the organization. One scientist might be gene splicing, while another might just be tech services.

    Bio-Chemist - The next step up from grunt. Though they are called "bio-chemists", they are actually the militia of Biotech Industries. They act mostly as security on the Airship. They also act as pokemon poachers for experiments. They are outfitted in all black swat gear if they are on the Airship, but camo when out in the field. They also have cloth masks they put over their mouth with a black hat that says "SWAT" on them.

    Receptionist - The Receptionists are low in numbers only 3 are employed. Don't let the 'Receptionist' title fool you. These three are Chromes confidants and closest allies. They are ranked by numbers. The highest number is the lowest rank, while the lowest number is the highest

    Receptionist Drei - Leo : Being Slightly older than Chrome, he is like his older brother. He is an intimidating foe as he stands at 6'5" and is pure muscle. He has rugged facial features with a scar across his right eye. He was given the nickname Leo because his brilliant blond hair and chin trap make him look like he has a mane. His brown eyes add to the lion-like appearance. Leo is the head of the Bio-Chemists. He doesn't wear all the riot gear, just a simple black turtle-neck with a yellow "swat" written over his right breast pocket, camouflage pants, and heavy duty boots. He isn't totally okay with Pokemon experimentation, but Chrome helped Leo by giving him a mechanic arm after a horrific Pokemon attacked Leon and ripped his right arm off. Thats right, his right arm is completely made by Biotech Industries. Being Chrome's muscle is Leo's way of paying him back for giving him his arm. Chrome noticed his brute strength and recognized that his swat team will be an invaluable asset to Biotech Industries. His team is Steelix, Arcanine, Golurk, and a Lucario.

    Receptionist Zwei - Amethyst: The most eccentric out of the Receptionists in Biotech Industries. She is the head of the Surgeons and Scientists of Biotech Industries. She definitely focuses more on the Scientists though because thats her specialty. She was hired by Chrome because she's a brilliant scientist: She is a specialist in genetics. That specialization comes in handy when your whole goal is making Bio-Weapons. Unlike Leo, she is 100% for the Pokemon experimentation and believes full heartedly in Chrome's goal. She is about 5'7" and has black hair put into a long high pony tail. Her skin is alabaster white and she has light amber eyes that almost look yellow. She has a very lithe build, almost like a cat. She wears a lavender blouse thats tucked into a black skirt. She wears nude leggings with lavender pumps. Her team is Gothitelle, Electivire, Rotom, and an Empoleon

    Receptionist Eins - Aaron/ Professor Aaron: Aaron is the head of the Receptionists and basically Second in Command. He is also known as Professor Aaron because it's said that his intelligence matches that of Chromes. Aaron has known Chrome the longest, as they went to the same therapist office. While Chrome was going to treat his OCD, Aaron was battling depression. He saw Chrome as intriguing because of his detachment and apathy from the world, but he surprisingly wasn't depressed. He only sees him as a friend, or bro rather, but an inspiring one at that. He believes that the work that Biotech industries does, though extreme, will usher a new era for the Pokemon World. He will defend Chrome from anyone and everything. Chrome doesn't have the same adoration for Aaron...and he knows this. Chrome keeps Aaron close for familiarity and as someone who has known him the longest and will not hesitant to put his plans in motion. Aaron is only slightly shorter than Chrome, standing at 6'. He has blonde hair cut into an undercut with the top gelled to the side. Aaron has deep green eyes. While he is toned, he is not muscle bound. He wears an all white three piece suit. He team consists of Espeon, Skarmory, Rotom-Wash, and a Mega-Gallade

    Doctor The overseer of everything. Orders which pokemon to be experimented on, etc.

    Goal: To make the world perfect through technology via Pokemon experimentation.

    Theme: Biotech Industries entire theme is a laboratory and in certain high security areas, a hospital. Clean, futuristic, and sci-fi is their aesthetic. The pokemon used are Psychic, Steel, or Electric. Some exceptions include Man-made pokemon like the Porygon line, Ditto, Castform, the Golett line, and the Baltoy line. Employees might also own Pokemon that were created inadvertently by Humans, such as the Grimer line or the Trubbish line.

    Headquarters: The Biotech Industries Airship is a technological marvel. After breaking up with the rest of the Nefarious Nine, Chrome ordered renovations on his airship and it took an entire year of being grounded to make them. It kept it's overall triangular shape, but that's about it. It was made much more aerodynamic and looks like it came from another world. The ship is mostly silver with blue accents. The cockpit window is a huge blue tear-drop shaped window near the front of the aircraft. On each of the wings there are identical windows for common rooms of the tech wing (the left one), and the maintenance wing (the right one.) The hospital wing has no windows and is in the deepest part of the ship. This is where the pokemon experimentation occurs. The main mode to get around the ship are warp pads. The only way to get to the hospital wings are from two very specific warp pads. One from Chrome's private quarters, which is rather hard to get to, and a warp pad labyrinth in the center of the ship, which is hard to get through. Think of a sci-fi alien aircraft and you got Biotechs airship.

    Headquarters Location: Skies of Kanto. Landing strip near Saffron City for supplies from the Silph. Co.
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    Hello Folks!

    Excuse the double post, but I just wanted to let people know life has been crazy as I've been getting more hours at work, so that's why I haven't finished my sign-up, I hope this RP does get going, as i have another character in the works as well. I'm excited to see our organizations fight for the Pokemon world! So far, everyone who's posted a WIP is looking fine :)
  15. Klizcool

    Klizcool GARBAGE DAY?!?!

    I'll throw my hat into the ring, why not?
    I know you said a preference for Chaotic but Lawful Evil just seems to be a better fit for the character and the group. After all, they're trying to conquer and conteol the world, not destroy it.
    Needless to say this is a work in progress, I just thought I'd put the idea for an air raid, Nazi-esque kind of group.
    Obviously a work in progress, I still want to flesh out the group some more since I have to really make a case for what the represent.

    Name: General Kurt Von Morrow
    Age: 42
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Part of the Nefarious Nine? Of course, we need some law and order in this chaos
    Hometown: Lavender Town, Kanto
    Appearance: Adorning a sharp gray dress uniform with black shoulder tassels and a colorful array of campaign ribbons over the left part of his chest, Kurt does his best to hold a very formal appearance. The rest of his uniform features black boots and black pants, each meticulously pressed and cleaned to give a professional appearance to any onlookers. The buttons on his shirt and cuff links are platinum, custom made to look like the Enclave logo (an E surrounded by a circle of nine stars.) He also wears a black beret also adorned with a platinum Enclave logo.
    Kurt stays clean shaven, taking time each morning to shave the stubble that is starting to go from black to gray. His graying hair is cropped low, regularly trimmed to a length of a couple inches each month. His face is slowly showing its age, yet his rough and rugged features, and his steel blue eyes, haven't given up on him yet. Despite his age, he's still managed to keep a strong and full physique, spending time each day to exercise and stay in shape. In Enclave propaganda, he is often mistaken for an action hero turned villain because of his manly man body and sharp dressed military uniform.
    Personality: Since his early years, Kurt has been obsessed with being stronger than everyone. Having grown up in a town where, as he says, "the weak are laid to rest", Kurt became obsessed with the idea of rising above death. He always held a professional manner about him, and became well versed in politics so he could be more than physically stronger; he would be better in every way. Kurt is disgusted with the way that governments lead things, claiming that they give too much to the weak and offer no incentive to be better. Despite his feelings towards outsiders, Kurt believes those that serve under him to be the best, and asks the best from them. He is more than willing to forgive any mistake that wasn't due to ones weakness, however ignorance or will lead to culling from the flock. As such, he is a perceived hard ***, and is rightfully feared by his men.
    Kurt doesn't have an outward temper, staying calm and cool at all times. He raises his voice only to make a point, not to express feelings. Kurt's only attachment is to the world that hopes to create, and is willing to dispose of anyone that stands in his way. He is, however, willing to work with any unlikely allies to dispose of an opponent so as to limit casualties to his own forces.
    History: (2-3 Paragraphs)
    Battle Theme: Spice Girls Flight of the Valkyries

    Steelix: The long time companion of Kurt's, Steelox has come to be his closest friend and confidante. Kurt spends time polishing Steelix's metal hide, so his body has a bright sheen to it that others don't. He is very defensive of Kurt, and generally likes to exert its strength on other Pokemon to prove its power.
    Magnezone: Magnezone prefers to sit off to the side to shock and stun enemies, taking its time to lock on and zap cannon its foes. Very cold and calculating, it is surprisingly quiet.
    Golem: Barbaric in nature, Golem charges into battle head on, distracting enemies while Magnezone disposes of them from a distance. The two are very friendly with each other, despite the differences in nature.
    Skarmory: The last of its breed, this headstrong Skarmory has a much darker pigmentation than most other breeds.
    Braviary: Braviary serves as Skarmory's escort, protecting the rare black bird and the General at all costs.

    I want to include a Kabutops, but I'm not exactly sure if fossils can be revived yet. Would it be tech that an evil group would develop that would eventually fond its way to less evil scientists or are we too far away from that kind of tech in general?
    If I can't have. Kabutops I'll go with an Aggron.
    Organizations Name:
    Enclave for a Unified World (E.U.W. or just the Enclave)
    Scrub: Not a rank as much as a temporary title for anyone in training to join the group. Training is grueling and harsh, as the mission statement of Enclave Boot Camp is to make the strongest men out of the weakest boys. Training includes physical exercise, Pokemon battling, and Skarmory riding.
    Private: The basic unit of the Enclave, Privates have been trained to have undying loyalty to their General and the Enclave as a whole. They make up the bulk of the Enclaves air raid groups and are some of the best Pokemon riders across the land. Most Privates come with a Skarmory and a Pawniard/Geodude, but some also sport Spearow from the Enclaves home or Kanto.
    Staff Sergeant: Staff Sergeants, or Staff for short, typically lead wings of 5 Privates into battle. Having proved themselves on numerous encounters, Staffs are ace Skarmory pilots. They are usually seen atop Skarmory over looking raids, with a Bisharp, Graveler/Golem, and a Fearow on their belts just in case.
    Commander: There are four Commanders in the Enclave, and they serve as the best flyers in the entire Enclave. Whenever one even participates in a raid, usually it is for good reason. Comdr. Nimbus usually soars into the fight with his Skarmory, Staraptor, Bisharp, and green Fearow. Comdr. Dusk accompanies his Skarmory with his Bisharp, Honchcrow, and Mandibuzz while Comdr. Fissure participates on the ground with his Steelix, Tyranitar, and Golem while his Skarmory covers them from the sky. Finally, Comdr. Arrow stays with the home airship with his Skarmory, Metagross, Steelix, and Scizor.
    General: The de facto leader of the Enclave.
    Goal: Through the history of mankind, we have fought and squabbled over petty resources and other meaningless things. We lack motivation and drive to do anything but. We need to be held together by a comprehensive glue that will connect us all in the hopes that we work to achieve peace. We need a leader.
    The Enclave for a Unified World hopes to achieve that peace, and to hold it for as long as the world keeps turning. We recognize that the world will not so easily roll over and allow us to rule them, and so we are forced to test our mettle against the best and the strongest. We come from above as a symbol of the brave new world we hope to bring raining down atop our foes. A rigid structure of class and rank is required to keep give all a goal to strive to, a structured system to adhere to that benefits the best and the brightest among us, much like the flocks of Skarmory we ride atop and the armor of the Pokemon we lead into battle.
    Sacrifice is necessary and important, and death is an inevitability of life. We are the strongest, but we welcome defeat at those with the strength to topple us. Honor and respect are given to those who deserve it, just as humility and pain go to those who fail to see the merits of strength. As such, we have little respect for the scheming poison, psychic, and fairy types, as their nature lacks the strength of true warriors. However we do see merit in the powerful Water types, as water erodes all things over time.
    Theme: Obviously there's a very third reich feel to the whole thing, so they'd look very much like WW2 era German uniforms without the whole Nazi thing going on. We have pickelhaube helmets (no point on top, that's just silly) and the sharp uniforms with black jackboots because boots. Commanders get these badass SS looking leather trench coats because we're evil.
    We usually show a lot of respect to powerful opponents, but those who surrender or retreat are treated harshly or cruelly for being weak. However attitudes are different based on who the members serve under. Those under Fissure lead ground based attacks and are the more brutish and cruel, and their Pokemon are much stronger. Those under Nimbus are the more forgiving and honorable as they attack from the sky, faster than most. The flight wings led by Dusk are more quiet, calculated, and reserved as they strike during the night, as they and their Pokemon have a knack for evasion. Lastly, the defense force under Arrow is more powerful in a more held back way, using their strength to deter than to attack.
    When the Enclave performs air raids, a group of forces containing forces from Nimbus and Fissure swoop in to disorients their opponents. Attacks from the sky and the ground leave the target unable to counter, and forces them into defeat.
    TL;DR Big Burly Manly Men In Uniforms™ marching down the streets, kicking down doors, and bombing cities.
    Headquarters: The EUW Home One is a massive carrier vessel designed to move vast Skarmory raids across the land. The Home One houses many Skarmory riders under the watchful eye of Comdr. Arrow, who captains the ship. Casting a watchful shadow on the ground below, the Home One is a force to be reckoned with.
    Headquarters Location: Typically, the EUW is parked in a location between the Rock Tunnel of Kanto and Lavender Town.
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    {Hopefully you are still taking people for this! It's my first time joining somethings like this on here.}

    Name: "Diamonds" AKA Nickolai Howler
    Age: 27
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Part of the Nefarious Nine? Yes
    Hometown: Hoenn
    Appearance: A fairly well-dressed individual. Like the members of his Crew, he wears quite a flashy getup; a long trench-coat over a suit. He usually wears a mask over his eyes, masking his true face, and most of his crew save the admins don't know who exactly he is and refer to him affectionately as Diamonds. He has short, curly red hair, and under the mask he has greenish-gray eyes. He is dexterous and a bit on the slimmer side. Despite his posh looks, it's clear that he knows what life is like on the streets, and his hands are rough and calloused.

    Personality: Nicholai is a man of many facets. Soft-spoken when he needs to be, but biting to those who he feels are weak or pursuing the wrong goals. Because of this, he's not liable to be friends with other organizations that are either all about profits or all about recreating the world or ending it; He feels that they are too wrapped up in lofty delusions of grandeur or insanity, and are to blind to realize where the real problems are. First and foremost, he is a thief; he steals from those with money or powerful pokemon to enrich his goals and to bring balance. However, he cares about his own pokemon, as he grew up with some of them and they've all saved his life in more than one occasion. He knows how living on the streets starving is like, and while he's dismissive and cruel to rich business people and privileged folks, he is kind to those down on their luck or those who are starving.

    He genuinely believes each and every one of his group to be a "family" of sorts, and makes sure that they are all doing all right and have their needs met. Why be part of a grand global power if you aren't willing to help out everyone who is making the gears turn, is his philosophy. He takes pleasure in dealing personally with threats to his family, however, killing anyone who crosses him; and those that take advantage of starving people on the streets are sure to invoke the ire of Nickolai and his group, often resulting in their doom or financial downfall.

    Nickolai Howler was abandoned as a child in Hoenn, and at a young age ran away from the orphanage where he was being taken care of. In the streets of Slateport, he met his first Pokemon partner - a Pikachu. Together, they stole food, money, and Pokemon from people in order to survive. They scraped a living that way for many years, gathering allies and making connections on the streets. All the while, Nickolai harbored his grudge against the rich of Hoenn and how they allowed people to die on the streets while they lined their pockets.

    When he was 19, he organized a small group of people and formed his organization, the Card's Crew, to strike back at those groups holding all the money in his region. Soon, it grew in number, and became one of the most influential groups both in Hoenn and in the world at large, and he and his group became one of the Nefarious Nine. For 7 years, he and his group ruled the world with the other members, and actually enjoyed the company of some of the members, if not all, and felt that at least some of them were working for the betterment of the regions. During his time in the Nefarious Nine, he siphoned money from the rich elete through heists and various other criminal activities, and while some of it went to his group to keep the lights on, he redistributed the rest to the poor of the regions. He genuinely tried to keep the Nefarious Nine together despite his distaste for some of the members; however, when it became clear that the split was to happen, he took his part of the airship and relocated it in the skies above his old home, where he and the Card's Crew work towards their goals and monitor the other organizations.

    Battle Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8sBtl3WYZo


    Species: Alolan Raichu, male
    Name: Chuster
    Description: Always seen by Nickolai's side. His fur is always immaculate as he makes sure Chuster is well groomed.
    Personality: Chuster is a trickster, taking small things from people's pockets with his psychic powers. He's playful and happy-go-lucky, though if Nickolai is threatened he is quick to shred through whatever's threatening him. He loves pancakes and sweets, and Nickolai spoils him.
    Other: Befriended as a Pikachu in Slateport. He gifted his partner with a Thunderstone during their takeover of Alola. Surprisingly, the Pikachu evolved into the Alolan variant.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Species: Blaziken, Male
    Name: Wildfire
    Personality: Wildfire normally is a very calm and collected pokemon. However, he always looks for a good fight, and gets riled up when he's found a worthy opponent.
    Description: A normal Blaziken, with a mega stone as a pendant around his neck. Has a few scars on his arms from intense battles.
    Other: Both Wildfire and the mega stone now around his neck was stolen from a wealthy trainer in Slateport when Nickolai was a young child.

    Species: Honchkrow, Male
    Name: Orion
    Description: Shiny, with beautiful pink feathers. Looks well groomed.
    Personality: Loves small and shiny things like himself, and will do things for head scratches. Pampered, and likes to groom himself when not in a battle.
    Other: Gifted by a grunt in order to try and get into Nickolai's good graces for a promotion of some sort. The grunt didn't promote up, but the Murkrow that was the gift sure did...

    Species: Scrafty, Female
    Name: Pandora
    Description: A bit taller than other Scrafty. covered in little nicks and scars from battles.
    Personality: Pandora is headstrong and stubborn, with an inclination to fight everything that slightly makes her mad.
    Other: The only pokemon Nickolai's actually captured in any sort of legal way, in Kalos.

    Species: Garchomp, Male
    Name: Chompers
    Personality: Violent towards anyone who isn't Nickolai; when out of his ball, he tends to go on a rampage, attacking trainer and Pokemon alike. Only Nickolai is safe from Chompers's wrath.
    Other: Stolen as a Gible from a would-be hero who tried to take down his organization with a gible named Chompers that disobeyed him. Nickolai made sure the trainer lived to regret crossing him, and stole the Gible to raise on his own. The Gible was violent, but saw Nickolai as a worthy trainer.

    Species: Lycanroc Midnight, Male
    Name: Bardolf
    Personality: Lazy and fond of sleeping. He guards Nickolas's office most of the time, and uses intruders as chew toys.
    Other: Stolen as an egg in Alola, and hatched on the airship. ​

    Organizations Name: Card's Crew
    Ranks: Highest to lowest, Diamonds--->Hearts---->Spades---->Clubs. Diamonds is the leader, hearts is the admins, spades are the researchers and spies, and clubs are the grunts.

    Goal: Redistribution and acquisition of money and power, and balance with chaos. Keep the balance of power to the nine, but work against any group trying to grab at more power within and without the group. Bring the Nefarious Nine back together, topple the corrupt rich who grind the poor under their heels and give their money back to the people, and rule the world once again- all within the cover of midnight. They aren't exactly an evil organization, but they aren't good either... and they are equally as likely to bring down a good-aligned organization as an evil one, if they are getting too prominent. This chaos is good for thieves to ply their trade, after all, and for all of the "good" that some of those good organizations do, they just pour money back into those who would have the poor starve!

    Theme: A deck of cards. The uniforms are typical of what you would see thieves in detective mysteries to wear, with face masks to disguise the identities of those in the group. The pokemon used by the group vary, but a lot of them favor dark types. There is no set type that is forced, however, in order to make it harder for one talented trainer with a counter to topple the organization.

    A part of the old airship, the Card's Crew airship is red and black themed, and filled with traps and secret doors and hidden rooms and all sorts of trickery so that only members know how to get around. More than one wanna-be hero trainer has died in the trap-laden halls of the airship.

    Headquarters Location: Hoenn, hidden above the clouds over Mt. Chimney.
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  17. Requiem's Eclipse

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    windwakemeup and klizcool you're both reserved :)
  18. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    Now that I think of it, I don't think I will have time to be in this RP. Think you could remove me from the reserved list? .-.
  19. windwakemeup

    windwakemeup Bee Prince

    Is this still a thing or is it cancelled?
  20. Omegagoldfish

    Omegagoldfish My will be done

    If this is starting, I'd like a reserve. Here's a WIP

    Name: Head Executioner Greg Ulysses Ilea-Tern Yarovich, also known as Head Executioner GUILTY.
    Age: 60
    Alignment: He is the Law(ful neutral)
    Part of the Nefarious Nine? No.
    Hometown: Oreburgh, Sinnoh

    Appearance: Yarovich is a monster of a man, standing 6'6 and with a build like a dump truck. He is completely bald, and his scarred face seems locked in a perpetual snarl. His head is oddly square, with a large jaw and stern features. He has gray eyes, pale skin, and wears silver body armor, black visor obscuring his face, except for his mouth and chin. He has a large, crooked nose, small ears, and perfectly straight teeth. Like everyone else in his group, he carries handcuffs, a baton, a pistol, and a law book on his belt. He also carries a spear, for some reason. He is never outside his armor.

    Personality: Yarovich is cold, calculating, ruthless, spiteful, and holds grudges for decades. He has an obsessive attention to detail and will never yield on his positions. Even when in combat, he maintains a deadly calm.

    History: Yarovich lived a rather standard life, training Pokémon whilst being a standard cop, although his zealotry and power unnerved some. After years of service, he was promoted to a desk job and forgotten. When the 9 conquered the world, looting, murder, arson, and other crimes broke out as law enforcement fell. Yarovich was forced to withdraw with the remnants of police forces. Gathering this unruly mob, Yarovich managed to organize them, counterattack their old HQ, and raid their armory, slaughtering looters with his bare hands along the way. As time went on, his group adopted ever more extreme ideals, picking up the people who tried to hide in the initial conflagration. As the 9 dissolved, he managed to force massive amounts of steel taken from his old hometown up to Mt. Coronet, establishing a base of operations.

    Afterwards, the newly minted Enforcers swept down Mt. Coronet, taking over every town nearby. Streets were swept, taxes were created, and utilities were restored, but the law became ironclad, unmoving, and utterly absolute. Sinnoh slowly fell to the Enforcers, and they seek to conquer the world in the name of safety, security, and justice. They cannot be reasoned with. They cannot be intimidated. It is either fight or flee.
    Battle Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUmq1cpcglQ&


    Unusual Features: Is silver where most Lucario are blue.
    Name: Arbitrator
    Traits: Arbitrator tends to be reserved for the later parts of battles, tearing through enemies like they were wet tissues. Cold and serious, Arbitrator is capable of speaking to humans, although only issues commands to obey his master.

    Unusual Features: Incredible size.
    Name: Enforcer
    Traits: Enforcer is uncannily silent and takes orders like a computer. Tends to be thrown out at the start of battles. He is twice the size of a normal Aggron, and has the strength to match.

    Unusual Features: Is metallic gray.
    Name: Prosecution
    Traits: Prosecution simply floats behind Yarovich, moving slowly towards its foes, firing mind melting blasts of silver energy forwards.

    Unusual Features: Shiny.
    Name: Jailor
    Traits: Jailor stares at everything with the same, disinterested look, before crushing them underneath his silver claws.

    Name: Surveillance
    Traits: Surveillance hovers above Yarovich, firing lightning with deadly accuracy at the disorderly. It is incredibly quiet.

    Unusual Features: Has a massive beard.
    Name: Councillor
    Councillor is odd. It has the same stoic demeanor of both Yarovich and his Pokémon, but everyone feels uneasy around him. Most who fight him curl into a ball and are swiftly imprisoned. He crushes everything with blasts of psychic power and freely manipulates the environment to slaughter his foes.

    Organizations Name: The Enforcers

    Ranks: From most to least important:
    Head Executioner: Yarovich, or GUILTY, is the only one. Has near total control over the organization.
    Executioners: There are ten Executioners. They are the "peacetime" coalition of governors, and advisers to Yarovich.
    Judges: These members are the bureaucratic core, the members who file the paperwork, equip the men, and train the Pokémon. One is assigned to each group of Jurors.
    Jurors: The elite patrol agents. They form in groups of four and violently disband any riots, rabble rousing, or protests with icy efficiency.
    Sheriffs: The standard grunt. They form groups of five and follow Jurors.
    Hopefuls: Grunts in training. Generally just clean and organize the base, pull the levers, carry materials, feed the Pokémon, and all the other utility jobs.

    Goal: Worldwide peace and unity through absolute obedience.

    Theme: Law and order. Generally using steel types, with the Magnemite line being especially used. Psychic and Rock types are also present. Sheriffs wear blue police uniforms and carry batons, handcuffs, and pistols. Jurors wear white robes with hoods, obscuring their faces. They carry batons made of stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish, pistols, and manacles. Judges have black robes, white wigs and red boots. They carry manacles, law books and padlocks. Executioners wear silver body armor underneath silver robes. They carry manacles, keys, pistols and batons.

    Headquarters: A massive, stainless steel fortress, the Hall of Penance menaces with spikes, chains, and manacles. Electric chairs are stationed regularly along the exterior, and dead criminals routinely are swept out from them, before they are thrown into the furnaces that power the place.

    Headquarters Location: At the very peak of Mt. Coronet, where according to legend, the laws that governed reality were set.
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