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Wardek's Event/Shinies Center

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Wardek, Jun 24, 2011.

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  1. Wardek

    Wardek U & I

    The shop is now closed.
    Thank you everyone for your support.​
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2011
  2. Wardek

    Wardek U & I

    This post is under construction.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2011
  3. Shiny Porygon-Z

    Shiny Porygon-Z Hate makes me Famous

    Hey i'm interested in your Janta's Golurk, UT, Brave and Karita's Hydreigon, UT, Modest, check out my shop and see what you want :)
  4. Shreyas

    Shreyas Well-Known Member

    CMT PLEASE! (I highly doubt you will be interested in this many of my Pokemon xD)

    Cottonee ~ Timid ~ OT: Roarke ~ ID: 23883 ~ 31/31/31/31/31/31 ~ Prankster
    Foongus ~ Relaxed ~ OT: Roarke ~ ID: 23883 ~ 31/31/31/31/31/0 ~ Effect Spore
    Ferroseed ~ Relaxed ~ OT: Roarke ~ ID: 23883 ~ 31/31/31/9/31/0 ~ Iron Barbs
    Roggenrola ~ Brave ~ OT: Roarke ~ ID: 23883 ~ 31/31/31/31/31/0 ~ Sturdy
    Elgym ~ Modest ~ OT: Roarke ~ ID: 23883 ~ 31/31/31/31/31/31 ~ Telepathy
    Tepig ~ Brave ~ OT: Roarke ~ ID: 23883 ~ 31/31/31/31/31/0 ~ Blaze

    So... about redis?
  5. Matt36

    Matt36 Clone my Balls!


    Shiny Minun (M) - Naive, level.16, UT (In a Masterball & Japanese)
    Shiny Volcarona - level.100
    Shiny Rhyperior - lvl.100

    Shiny Kyurem - Timid, lvl.75, UT
    Kyurem - Lonely, lvl.78 (Pokerus)
    Kyurem - Sassy, lvl.77 (Japanese)
    Kyurem - Mild, lvl.75, UT
    Zekrom - Careful, lvl.52
    Zekrom - Jolly, lvl.76 (Pokerus)
    Reshiram - Hardy, lvl.59
    Terrakion - Brave, lvl.42 UT
    Terrakion - Bashful, lvl.42 UT
    Cobalion - Relaxed, lvl.42 UT
    Cobalion - Bashful, lvl.42 UT
    Virizion - Lax, lvl.42, UT
    Shiny Thundurus - Timid, lvl.40, UT
    Shiny Thundurus - Sassy, lvl.40, UT (Japanese)

    WIN2011 Celebi - Lax, lvl.50
    Ranger Egg Manaphy - Quiet, lvl.7

    Moltres - Docile, lvl.55 (Japanese)
    Mewtwo - Timid, lvl.74 (EV trained but unknown)(Nicknamed 'Exodus' by previous owner)
    Cresselia - Brave, lvl.50
    Rayquaza - Serious, lvl.40
    Shiny Giratina - Hasty, lvl.72
    Shiny Heatran - Hasty, lvl.70 (Pokerus)
    Shiny Darkrai - Adamant, lvl.100 (Had Pokerus)

    DW Flareon: Male - lvl.10 - OT Marco - DW Pokeball - Guts Ability
    DW Vaporeon: Male - lvl.10 - OT MATT - DW Pokeball - Hydration Ability
    DW Mamoswine (Jap): Bold - Male - lvl.34 - OT Snow - DW Pokeball - Thick Fat Ability

    DW Ponyta: Lonely - Male - lvl.10 - OT Midna - DW Pokeball - Flame Body Ability
    DW Ponyta: Relaxed - Male - lvl.10 - OT Hikari - DW Pokeball - Flame Body Ability
    DW Lickitung (Jap): Serious - Female - lvl.10 - OT Tsu - DW Pokeball - Cloud Nine Ability
    DW Tangela: Adamant - Male - lvl.10 - OT Sari - DW Pokeball - Regenerator
    DW Oddish: Jolly - Male - lvl.10 - OT Batboy - DW Pokeball - Run Away Ability
    DW Sunkern: Relaxed - Male - lvl.10 - OT Hilda - DW Pokeball - Early Bird Ability
    DW Hoppip: Jolly - Male - lvl.10 - OT Ben - DW Pokeball - Infiltrator Ability

    DW Vulpix: Bashful - Female - lvl.1 - OT Heather - Pokeball - Drought Ability - x3! - 31/31/31/31/31/31
    DW Oddish: Jolly - Male - lvl.10 - OT Buzz - Pokeball - Run Away Ability - 14/5/28/23/4/23
    DW Poochyena (Jap): - Male - lvl.10 - OT Buzz - Red Pokeball (?) - Rattled Ability - 14/25/22/23/5/22
    DW Poliwag: - Female - lvl.1 - OT Steven - Pokeball - Swift Swim Ability - 25/15/26/9/25/25

    Bit more relaxed on 'clones' now. Can't avoid them. Just don't want people to ask to clone my stuff.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2011
  6. Wardek

    Wardek U & I

    Replied in your thread.

    Fully Redis and responded in your thread.

    Good luck, and sorry , i don't see anything i like in your list.
  7. Congrats on your shop. :)
  8. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Congrats on the shop, hope you have lots of success in the future ^^.
    I'm interested in your Pokepark Whismur and Minun. I have a Space C Deoxys and a Pokesmash! Snarl Zoroark (they don't seem to be on your list).
    I also have more events I'm willing to trade you, if you're willing to give a clone of the Poke back to me (the Deoxys and Zoroark mentioned above don't need to be cloned).
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2011
  9. Wardek

    Wardek U & I

    I have forgot to put a Pending trades section. >___<
    Will update soon with new events.

    Thank you.

    I already have a deal on Snarl Zoroark (i think), but i would certainly be interested in your SPACE C Deoxys.
  10. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Ok then, any of these interest you? o:
    Pokepark Celebi
    Pokemon Jungle Celebi
    Hayley Phione
    VGC09 Milotic
    VGC10 Eevee
    Pokesmash! Cubchoo

    I need a clone of those events back if they interest you. I can pick more events from you if necessary c:.
  11. Wardek

    Wardek U & I

    I've heard a lot of Pokemon Jungle Celebi, can you give me what's the ID and OT of it?
  12. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    The ID is 60720, the OT is some Japanese name, let me see if I can get the OT name.
    EDIT: The OT is ミツリン.
  13. Wardek

    Wardek U & I

    I'm certainly interested. c:

    What Dream World events with proof of legitimacy (only) you have to offer?
  14. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Yay c:. So my Pokemon Jungle Celebi [Clone Back] and Space C Deoxys for your Pokepark Whismur and Plusle. VM me when you can trade c:
  15. Wardek

    Wardek U & I

    Is it the near flawless DW Charmander (24/31/22/31/21/31)? No thanks, it's proven as hacked already.

    @Fissuros: I'll be able to trade in few minutes.
  16. dar

    dar Event Hunter

    is that the attack and other mine is (30/19/15/18/17/21) mine isn't hack
  17. Wardek

    Wardek U & I

    Do you have proof of legitimacy in way of obtaining?

    Edit: Removing SMR2011 Karrablast and Shelmet, thanks to Phetty for telling me they have wrong levels and movesets.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2011
  18. dar

    dar Event Hunter

    i got it from A Carmine FTW he can show you but do you want the charmander i will ask him for legitimacy in way of obtaining?
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2011
  19. Wardek

    Wardek U & I

    I will only accept it if it is LEGIT after obtaining, and also has a proof.
  20. Wardek

    Wardek U & I

    But if it comes out hacked we will have to do a trade back, i can hack check whether the Dream World events were Pokesav'd or not.

    Edit: Returned Karrablast and Shelmet back to the list with proof.
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