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Wario Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Skull13, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. Skull13

    Skull13 Active Member


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    First Image

    Second Image

    After doing a lot of thinking and playing certain games, I've decided to start a club dedicated to Wario. Personally, I'm more of a Mario fan, but Wario does have a lot of moments that I really love, and I believe that a club should be made.

    Now, for the rules.

    1) This club is for discussing Wario. This will also include, but isn't limited, to Wario games, WarioWare games, and Wario series characters. If you wish to talk about Mario and all related characters, then I'll allow you to do so. However, keep it minimal. Too much, and I may ban you.
    2) There will be no bashing/flaming Wario or other characters. The same goes with other members of the club/website. No bashing each other.
    3) Follow general forum rules.
    4) Any picture posted in the club, whether it be fanart, collages, or comic strips, must have a citation (URL credit). Make sure the pictures are appropriate for this club and that the links work. This means NO X-rated pictures, whatsoever! Anyone attempting to break this rule will be immediately expelled from the club!
    5) Be aware of the amount of pictures that you post. I don't mind anyone posting just pictures and no (or very small) messages every once in a while, but don't do it too often. Otherwise, it'll be considered SPAM, and that's grounds for a ban.
    6) Do NOT advertise any sites that belong to you in your posts. Leave them in your signature.
    7) To join, just state why you like Wario, what Wario games you enjoy (This includes any games where Wario is a major character. Example: Mario Party, Mario Kart 64, etc.), or a related character that you like (WarioWare characters for example) and why. Otherwise I won't accept you. You only have three chances to apply, so if you used them up, you're denied.
    8) I'm always around the forums just about every morning, so you can be sure that I'll be keeping an eye on things in this thread periodically, even if I don't post here.
    9) Don't ask me if you want to be a Moderator of this club. I will be the one who makes those decisions.
    10) Banners that are made for the club must have the credit of the member who made it. Also, if banners do not show, right-click on the X and hit "Show Picture", or use the URL link(s) below. The same thing goes with any images posted. If a banner does not have a proper citation, then it won't be posted here. If a banner, collage, screencap, or fanart has an X or a citation that doesn't work, yet it did before, then I will notify you of this and expect you to have it fixed immediately. If it's not fixed after several warnings, and I get a message from you stating that you'll take care of it, then you will be banned from the club for a month.
    11) At any time, these rules may be modified or new rules may be added.
    12) Follow and uphold all these rules and we shouldn't have any problems whatsoever.


    (None yet.)


    (None yet.)
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2008
  2. Paddster56

    Paddster56 Banned

    I would love to join this i'm a very good fan of wario smooth moves and wario touch

    Is there room for Co-leader?
  3. Skull13

    Skull13 Active Member

    Finally, A New Post!



    Please don't ask about being a moderator or a Co-leader. I'll make that decision. Still, I thank you for getting this club back on its feet. I just need to know why you like those games so much. Still, since you've managed to revive this thread, I'll accept you as a member. Welcome aboard! Just be sure that in the next post, I get a reason why you like those games so much.



    Note: In case anyone gets confused by my signature, or didn't read the first post, this club isn't just for WarioWare games!





    I've been waiting forever to post these pictures!

    Rules updated.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2007
  4. Paddster56

    Paddster56 Banned

    I like the games so much because there not the only ones i've played out of 7 wario games the ones that i said i liked were the ones that i thought were best
  5. Skull13

    Skull13 Active Member

    Cool! Membership confirmed!



    Cool! Membership confirmed!



    Well, even though this one's big, I've decided to post it anyway. I've looked through the Club Rules & Forum Rules, and I hope that I haven't overlooked anything.

    Rules updated.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2007
  6. Metamence

    Metamence Well-Known Member


    I like wario .hes very cool because he has his very own game and motorcycle and mario doesnt have mcycle.I always play him on ssbb and i play warioware games.i wanna join
  7. Skull13

    Skull13 Active Member

    Wow! An update!


    This thread hasn't been updated in almost six months, yet someone else wants to join.

    Well, unless a Moderator, a Site Administrator, or the Owner of this website has any objections to a very late update being made in the club, then you're welcome to join.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
  8. Please can I join.

    I enjoy the games a lot

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